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Dear UAEMers all over Europe!

The UAEM Newsletter team is pleased to announce the first of our special conference editions (expect another one after the conference). We are also pleased to tell you that Irene Romero, from UAEM Madrid, has decided to join our team. We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to making the newsletter as useful as possible.

As ever, if you have any questions, comments, or submissions, please get in touch.

The UAEM Europe Newsletter Team
Andia, Chris, Irene, and Josefine.
Table of content


The Board

Dear UAEMers Near and Far

We welcome the special pre-conference edition of the newsletter as an opportunity to say one final announcement before the official end of our term at the GA.
Before we offer our reflections, some other news: Earlier this month, we took the opportunity to hold our final physical meeting in Berlin. This allowed us the opportunity to finalise procedures for the GA, plan for the future, and discuss questions of salary, workload, evaluation, and support with the Executive Director. In addition, we considered further fundraising plans, the potential future appointment of staff, and the future of UAEM Europe’s governance structure.
In all, this has been a tremendous year. We have seen UAEM Europe continue to grow thanks to fantastic support and commitment of our members and our funders, and thoughtful stewardship from the Executive Director and the European Co-ordinating Committee. The continued campaign successes have been a true inspiration. To name but a few highlights from the year: UCL and the University of Bergen adopted SRL policies; UAEM Denmark appeared in their national newspaper; UAEM UK submitted evidence to parliament; UAEM licensing language appeared in Horizon 2020; and new branches have sprung up in Austria, Spain, and the Netherlands.
UAEM Switzerland, the hosts of this year’s conference, are exemplary of a blossoming UAEM Europe. On the back of persistent campaigning activities, UAEM Switzerland have organised what promises to be an exciting conference and a watershed moment in UAEM Europe’s short history. We would like to thank the Organising Committee and Executive Director for their tireless work towards the organisation of the 2014 conference.
The UAEM European Board
Caroline, Chris, Clara, Kristin, Johannes, Julia


Dear UAEMers near and far

Are you as excited about the Basel conference as we are? The conference organizing committee HAVE worked incredibly hard and it is paying off with great speakers, expert-led workshops and a lot activities! The European Coordinating Committee (ECC) will present the new Project Platform and is making the final preparations for the Sunday morning workshops on the European Projects. These workshops will inform new and old UAEM members about various European Projects that are being conducted. For example, there will be an Access to Medicine Week Workshop. During this exciting workshop participants will learn how to campaign for access to medicine, but will also plan a European wide campaign: the A2M Week. Another example is the Drug Bios Workshop. This workshop will be about the European Drug Bios Project that aims to provide evidence to support UAEM’s claims about university research being a major contributor to medical research and development. Where we are looking at different drugs and writing their biographies - where do they come from and who developed them? During the workshop we will introduce you to our research, our methodology and the challenges of finding information. Next to these examples there will be many more very interesting workshops on European projects that you can join!
After the conference the ECC is staying in Basel for two more days. During their second physical meeting the ECC will evaluate the Basel conference, the 2014 Action Plan and the European Projects. We hope by then we are even more excited than we already are.
See you soon!
Your European Coordinating Committee

Conference updates
The UAEM Europe conference is moving a step closer and a lot of UAEMers, work hard to make everything ready for this big event. This section of the newsletter will provide a little warm up for the conference and inform about all the exciting things which will take place during the conference. 
How many people have been working to get this conference ready?
Initially it started with a nationwide Organizing Committee of about 7 people, all from UAEM Switzerland, in collaboration with Lukas Fendel (Executive Director UAEM Europe). But it has become a much bigger event than expected, and, fortunately, we have gotten a lot of support from outside: local friends and flatmates, external UAEMers from other countries and even family members. It’s a pleasure to work with such a well-functioning international OC!
How many people are coming?
There are a bit more than 200 people registered. Additionally, we’ll have more than 20 external speakers, 35 helpers and some special guests…
Where are they from?
We will welcome people from more than 20 countries: Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK and USA. We’re very much looking forward to a multicultural event!
Did you choose Basel, Switzerland, for a specific reason?
We had some experience with big events in Basel and knew that logistically we could manage it. But of course, another reason is that we will be close to 2 of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies: Novartis and Roche. Including Clariant, Actelion, Syngenta,…just to mention some others - Basel is a hotspot for pharmaceutical companies! Due to geographical reasons (located at the Rhine) and liberal trade politics, Basel became a centre for silk dyeing in the early 19th century. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry arose out of this early industrial basis. That’s why still today, every third person you’ll cross in the streets is working for such a multinational giant.
Please share with other UAEMers your favourite spot in Basel.
Bring your bathing suit and jump into the Rhine! You don’t need to swim, let yourself float and the Rhine will take you down to the border of France in 20 minutes.
Can you give us a quick foretaste about the workshops and external speakers?
We're gonna have more than 25 different workshops, spread over two days. Learn from Helle Aagaard (MSF Access Campaign) how lobby work in Brussel is done; get inspired by Linda Mafu (Global Fund), born in South Africa, as she tells you how Access to Medicines became a wide movement in her home country; or find out more about Open Source Drug Development (Spring Gombe / Erik von Elm) and the Medicines Patent Pool (Ethan Guillen). On Sunday, the workshop focus is specifically on our own projects with concrete action planning. Figure out how a drug biography can be done and can serve as an advocacy tool (Rosa Jahn/Benjamin Ebeling), learn how to unpack the most frequent claims against UAEM (Dizz Gotham), get specific advice to get your own chapter off the ground (Mila Johansen, Philipp Jaehn, Julia Rappenecker) or boost your own campaigning skills on the example of Act Up Campaigns against Novartis and Gilead (Pauline Londeix). And many others…you won’t get bored, that’s for sure!
Could you tell us something about the DEMO/STUNT in Basel on Sunday 27th?
Finally, this week the local police accepted our proposal! At the end of the conference on Sunday afternoon, we will all take the main messages from the conference out to the streets of Basel, get in touch with the local people and finally end up in a human chain over one of the main Rhine bridges, carrying a 50 metre banner. Be prepared! An impressive picture with Novartis in the back is expected…
And finally, in your opinion, what are the major challenges for UAEM Europe?
As a rapidly growing movement across Europe we gain more and more importance not only at our own universities, but generally on a political level and as a megaphone of civil society. But this implies that we need to take more responsibility! We currently face the big challenge of developing a clear, streamlined, Europe-wide movement alongside local university-based and individual project work. Both are relevant, but we need to merge them together. That’s why a pan-european event like the conference is crucial for our future – the rocket was launched in Copenhagen last year, let’s get it landed on Mars now!

UAEM Merchandise
The new UAEM SIGG bottle – get one at the conference!
UAEM has a new merchandise product! Produced in the country of fondue, watches and chocolate – simply Swiss made! A unique, customized, eco-friendly water bottle with the UAEM logo! Take it everywhere, and forget about plastic bottles, which are lamer than patents.
SIGG has been making high-quality, lightweight aluminium bottles since 1908. And SIGG offered a special price for UAEMers!
How can you get yours?
  • Are you coming to the conference? Bring 10€ (cash only!) to the conference and you’ll get it directly (be hip DURING the conference with your new water bottle!).
  • If you don’t come to the conference, don’t worry. Give 10€ to your friends or chapter members that are coming, and they’ll get one for you (you can also insist that you would be happy to get a souvenir since you are staying at home…).
Still not convinced? Please check this year’s spring photo shooting, starring “Bill the Pill”.
Bill the Pill
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