Exams are almost over, right? So jump into UAEM Europe's Action Plan to see what we're up to! TAKE ACTION!
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Time for a year of action!

Once upon a time
There was an
action plan in line!
A grey weekend in November
The ECC came together.
Brainstormed, mapped, and discussed
why around GAL is all this fuss?
After A2M week and our conference
UAEM must make a difference;
They started to create campaigns.
To change R&D, what’s more to explain?
Access to medicines, where to fit,
when ignored by WHO & SDGs
UAEM will look for the keys
To get medicines for people, not for profit!

Dear UAEMers of Europe,

Hello again from the European Board. This year is already half over, and a lot has happened in 2015 so far. UAEMers all over Europe have been confronted with new and exciting challenges and opportunities.

The new Board has allocated some important positions: Tommi Deimel is our new Chair. Rachel Kiddell-Monroe, Max Brauner and Zavira Heinze will form the Governance board group. Max Bender, Zavira, Rachel and Tommi will work on Human Resources and communication with the Executive Director (ED). Caroline Gallant, Jonny Meldrum, Isabelle Erbacher and Tommi will be responsible for fundraising. Zavira and Max Brauner will be attending ECC and EmCom calls so that there is effective communication between all of us. 

These roles are temporary and might be subject to change at our first physical meeting on 28-30 August. If you feel that there is something specific we should discuss at this meeting, please let us know!

We are thrilled to see UAEM taking a very strategic approach with the new Action Plan! It is fantastic to see a global campaign embedded in our AP, and after the GLAM, this next year promises stronger alignment and cooperation between various international UAEM branches than ever. 

We have an eventful time ahead of us, with our ED Lukas going on paternal leave. The new Board is trying their best to prepare for this time, and we will be supported by a fantastic substitute ED who will be announced soon, so keep a look out!

Best wishes,

European UAEM Board

Why is it important to have a strategic Action Plan for UAEM-Europe?

Adi gives you the key to UAEM Europe's Action Plan. This document is basically a map and a guide for our new journey, to make sure we achieve some of our goals by 2016.

Priorities and focus - When devising the action plan, we decided on what are the most important goals we would want to achieve in the years 2015-16. This means that we will focus our efforts on these goals, instead of spreading our work in many different directions. By focusing we are increasing our chances to actually achieve them. 
Concrete goals - In our action plan we turn UAEM`s vision and mission to specific and realistic goals. We know what we would like to achieve in a given period of time and can concentrate on how to do that in the finest way, hence this will help our work become more effective. 
Coordination and impact - When we create an action plan together, we can coordinate and pull our resources together to implement it. This coordination contributes to efficiency because different chapters and working groups are adding different elements on to the action plan. Having many UAEMers give their input to advance common goals in a coordinated way will eventually result in more impact and actual change.
It is useful to note the distinction between goals and tactics or specific actions. Goals are the changes we would like to bring about in the world (for example to have a R&D treaty) while tactics or specific actions like the Report Card give us a tool or a tactic to promote change in universities.

TTIP - what's next for health care access and rights?

On Thursday June 25th, UAEM-Utrecht organized a debate on TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) in collaboration with 3 other NGOs.

After some intense last-minute promotion, we were pleased with a full venue. The theme of the evening was what impact TTIP has on health. We have invited interesting speakers, including someone from the pharmaceutical industry in favour of TTIP and someone from Corporate European Observatory on the intense lobbying practices of big corporations. There was an intense debate between Dutch politicians Fred Teeven and Bas Eickhout. During the evening, there was lot of room for the questions and input from the audience. All in all, it was a successful evening which got a lot of people thinking about this important topic.

We are getting READY for a new exciting year of UAEM action and campaigns! 
We want you to take part on these big steps!

  • Take a look at the Action Plan

  • Get involved! Want to participate in any of those campaigns (GAL in your uni? Access to medicines week? Report Card in your country? Lobby your MPs and representatives? Advocate for a new R&D system? ... There are plenty of options!). Contact Adi or the ECC!

  • What do people in your chapter think of the Action Plan? Strengths? Opportunities? Challenges? Send us an email with your thoughts!

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