This Newsletter aims to provide information regarding the latest successes, opportunities and changes in UAEM, as well as the most important news from the intersection of intellectual property and global health.
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A2M is around the corner...what is UAEM Europe up to?!
The Newsletter team – Andia, Chris, Irene and Yu Ri
Table of contents

Upcoming events

Take the opportunity to be part of these UAEM events coming soon! Send an email to the Empowerment WG!
  • UAEM Eastern Europe conference: Warsaw, Poland, 28th-29th Nov. 2 experienced UAEMers needed!
  • UAEM event at European Parliament: Brussels, Belgium, 12 Nov, 12:30 pm - 3 pm
  • Pre-World Health Summit: Berlin, Germany, 17th - 22nd October 2014
  • ICHAMS: Dublin, Ireland, October 24th -25th 2014
  • US fall conference: Duke, North Carolina, USA, November 7th-9th
A2M week

By this point we hope you are all aware of what the A2M week is and are planning events at your local chapters.

Several “A2M week” activists got together for the A2M week physical meeting on the weekend of September 13th /14th in Berlin.

This weekend was aimed at creating coordinated actions to run across Europe during A2M week. The expectations were set high for a mere 2-day meeting and we had little time to focus on local issues.

A huge driving force of the weekend was the large number of participants from across Europe. We counted over 20 participants in the room at one point spanning 9 countries.

The combination of highly specific goals as well as a large number of experienced UAEMers allowed us to really buckle down and get some work done.
In this Newsletter we would like to take the opportunity to share what we’ve created. We hope that with our tools and ideas you’ll find it easier to partake in A2M and they’ll manage to connect all European chapters in a push for equitable access to medicines for all.

The petition:
People working very hard ;)

The petition was written by a team of 5 during the A2M week physical meeting in Berlin. A few minor wording issues remain unresolved, but will not change the petition majorly when decided upon. The petition has four paragraphs of background information, followed by three specific demands. We chose from a long list of potential demands those which have specific & measureable outcomes, are bold, address de-linkage, and cover the spectrum between university-level action and government. 

We name-drop MSF, and reinforce CEWG recommendations (of 0.01%). We also add ‘simple language’ versions of the demand as the first, bolded sentence of each bullet-point.
We will write ‘talking points’ for the petition, to support people gathering signatures. We are seeking specific endorsement of the petition by the MSF Access Campaign.
Writing this petition took about 9 hours, and I personally found it extremely educational. I was blown away by the team that worked together, especially working in a second language. I strongly encourage everyone in our organisation to explore the process of writing succinct, important statements - spending a good half-an-hour debating a single word, comma, or formatting choice. We live in a world governed by word-games. That’s terrifying, but also very fun.
Please don’t think I’m pretentious for linking Orwell.
[team: Jon Miller (UK), Ida Vikan (NO), Irene Turiel (ESP), Edwin Duijzer (NE), Philipp Jaehn (DE)]

Press release:

We’re currently working on a press release to really get the word out about A2M week. We will need your help to get the press’ attention though. Please keep your eyes open for twitter campaigns to come to reach the press.

Also if you have any tips on doing a press release or any contacts please get in touch with us anyone of these individuals: Andrea (, Friha (, Chris (, Olga (, Kamilla (, Nynne (

Reach out to other organizations:

We are currently contacting other organizations to get on board to make A2M week even bigger.

We’ve already contacted EMSA and the MSF access campaing and are contacting IPSF and ANEMF in France.

We’ve put together a handy little booklet to contact other groups and organizations. Please feel free to use it. Just let us know who you’re contacting so we can keep trak of who we’re working with.


Several chapters will be organizing a flashmob on Monday, the first day of the A2M week. Here a description of how to organize your own flashmob. Don't forget to rehearse and to take lots of pictures and film the event!!

Yohan Guichoud with an A2M week balloon

Photo competition:

There will be a really exciting photo competition running during the A2M week. We’ve distributed awesome A2M week balloons throughout Europe that you can all use to take pictures with.

All you have to do is get as many people as possible to take pictures with the balloons then post the pictures via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #A2Mweek and #UAEMchapter.
Afterwards every chapter participating can send the number of individuals they’ve reached (we’ll let you do the counting but please don’t cheat). The chapter that has the most selfies with A2M week balloons will receive the award of “Most popular UAEM chapter” (... and maybe even a small gift ... ;) ).


www.a2m-week.orgThe A2M week online:

  • We have a really really great website up and running. If you find there is any information missing or your chapter is missing (this should not be the case) please send an email to Georg Schwarzl.
  • If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook here. This is one of the best ways to keep up to date with everything going on for A2M week across Europe.

    Please post your activities here as well!
Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.55.38 PM.png

Useful resources!

- Postcards from the Drug Bios project team.
- Our
tweetbank. Our website. Our facebook page. Our twitter account
- Use our
handy booklet to 
get in touch with other organizations to make this event even bigger! 
- Are you planning to participate in the European flashmob on Monday? Use this
A message from the Board

Dear UAEMers,

It has been a real joy seeing all the selfies you've all been tweeting to the WTO at the beginning of October as part of their selfie competition which UAEMers decided to use as an opportunity to campaign against TRIPS.

In Board news we've just completed two EU funding applications for the European conference, training camp and other activities and are in the process of finalising a third application to the Open Society Foundation - and this wouldn't have been possible without the hard work put in by Caroline, Lukas, Chris and Alan.

Currently, we are developing an agenda for a European Leadership Meeting that is due to take place in Berlin, between us and the new European Co-ordinating Committee. The aims of this meeting will be to evaluate UAEM’s recent progress from a strategic point of view, and to begin planning for 2015.
Lukas got back to Berlin after his summer break in September and was welcomed back to work by our two new interns who will be each taking on a special project. Jagoda is already hard at work organising an Eastern Europe Regional Event, while Luciana is spearheading a European Essay Contest.

We assigned ourselves internal roles back at our physical meeting in Summer, and would like to communicate this with you.  If you ever need to get in touch about something specific please contact the relevant board member, or if you're unsure who in particular to speak to or would like to speak to us all with any questions/comments/suggestions email,

  • Legal/Association work: Johannes, Max (    

  • Fundraising: Caroline, Alan, Chris, Kush, Tommi (    

  • Human ressources: Johannes, Max, Clara (    

  • Alumni: Clara, Alan, Chris, Max, Caroline (    

  • Strategic Oversight: Clara, Alan, Tommi (

  • ECC contact person: Chris, Tommi (

  • Members contact person: Kush (

  • Treasurer: Alan, Kush (

  • Secretary: Chris, Tommi (

  • Chair: Clara (


We hope you've enjoyed your summer breaks and are now back and looking forward to the upcoming Access 2 Medicines Week taking place 1st-7th November.


Finally, our next regular board skype call shall be on Monday 20th October at 9pm Central European Time (8pm UK), drop us a line if you’d like to join, they’re open to everyone!



UAEM European Board

Tommi, Alan, Kush, Chris, Clara, Johannes, Max & Caroline

European Working groups

Greetings from the Drug Bios family!

Do you remember Drug Bios? Playing Sherlock and doing some research on the latest drugs in the pipeline and make the whole procedure of their development more transparent? The Drug Bios Project had a physical meeting. Over an entire weekend we explored the rooms of the Grimm library in Berlin and created a lot. We did a poster on Sofosbuvir for the Humanitarian Congress in Berlin, October 10th-11th, as well as started setting up a tool kit how to make making Drug Bios a whole lot easier. We discussed about goals for the future and improve especially our methodology. Furthermore, we also invented some postcards as a neat tool for A2M week... YAY! So, we hope lots of you will use them, of course. 


It is amazing how much you can achieve working intensely and concentrated on one weekend. Besides, we got to know each other and even invited a guest from UAEM Bangladesh, Nishraj to have some delicious falafels!

Моето пътуване до България

??? … that was the same thing I thought when I arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria in September. I was invited to present UAEM again at an European Medical Student’s Association meeting and my first challenge was to find my way to the 200km farther Plovdiv. Kiki from Berlin went last year to Tbilisi in Georgia to the spring leadership meeting and probably had similar experiences with foreign letters.

For me it was the GA this time. EMSA was so kind to offer us a presentation in their plenum, a workshop and a stand on their project fair. I had motivating talks to their members from all over Europe. From the Eastern part, especially. Open-minded people impressed me, so I hope EMSA will allow us to join their conference in the future again. Maybe a UAEMer will be able to attend the whole conference and foster the European spirit. Next time in … ?

Philipp Jaehn (Empowerment Working group)

UAEMers all over the world

Meet Eva, from Porto!

Last summer, during the 60th IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation) world congress that took place in Porto, Portugal, I had the incredible luck to attend a very particular workshop – one that would definitely change my life. It was actually the last day of the congress and somehow, the title sparked my curiosity ...  

Up until that point, I had no idea that UAEM existed, yet alone what the work of the organization was. I had always been interested in changing the reality of those that live in low income countries, but somehow, not being able to be physically present there seemed to limit that. Also, I wasn’t aware of the reality of the access to medicines in those countries. You always think it’s bad, but you never know how really bad it is until you come across the numbers, the facts.
As a future healthcare professional, I couldn’t let this opportunity go away, especially because the speakers in the workshop, Merel Philippart and Dizz Gotham, had been so inspiring. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! So I started working within UAEM in late August, establishing a great partnership with UAEM Brasil, working to strengthen the lusophone connection.
However, not only is it crucial to spread the word about the health panorama in Portugal to the rest of the world, but in my eyes it seems important also to increase awareness within the Portuguese population about the problem of access to medicines worldwide. And is there a better way to do it than to promote this knowledge in students? After all, they’re the pilars of any society and the health systems’s future depends on them. Taking this into account, I planned a workshop about UAEM for my faculty (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto) with the aim to encourage the students to fight for fairness of health opportunities, particularly in Africa and Asia - and potentially form the first UAEM Portugal group.
I’m excited to be able to share UAEM’s ideas with my fellow colleagues and I’m also looking forward to having Portuguese students more involved in changing the health reality.
Eva Fernandes

Wherever a possibility opens up to make a move and open some people's eyes to the difficulties of international health politics, UAEM is there. In September this year, the European Students Conference (ESC) in Berlin created such a platform and made some space for UAEM to design a workshop, which this year was a little out of the ordinary.

Annually the ESC brings together the smartest young heads from all over the world to present their current research projects to a medical jury (and of course experience Berlin). This year, over 400 students met in the capital city to learn, discuss and exchange. 

Given that opportunity the Berlin Chapter put their heads together and came up with the idea of something that has never been there before in the European area ...

A Model World Health Assembly!!! 

We wanted to simulate one of the major conferences of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and make those students understand how health politics works and why it often takes a hell of a lot of time to pass new regulations even though they are desperately needed.

It took us half a year to come up with a concept, a topic and the rules of procedures which where neccessary for the assembly beeing hold in a structured manner. And eventhough some of it took a lot of time and effort, the desicion for a subject to discuss in the course of the Assembly was an easy one:


Universal Health Coverage 

Being one of the currently most discussed topics during many health conferences, it just had to be the subject matter of this first Model World Health Assembly. It would give us enough room to come up with new ideas and plans. At least that´s what we hoped for.

In the end we had about 20 participants which represented countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Sweden, India, Ecuador and many more. Everyone dressed up and represented their own country or had one assigned to them. However, all of them prepared themselves well and never tired of defending their country´s position.

Our representatives debated, argued and even scolded but always with as much dignity and charme as possible.

So in the course of this two-day workshop, the participants finally came up with a final resolution – a written set of rules on how to implement Universal Health Coverage everywhere in the world. 

The feedback was a great one. Everyone enjoyed feeling like the big actors in Global Health. The exchange between the students who made up our small group was fruity and everyone went home knowing just a little bit more of how it all works together.


We are looking forward to our Second Model World Health Assembly next year! ;-)

Basel Workshop Report #3
If the advent of a new fresh uni year has motivated you and you’d like to set up your own chapter, but need some advice on how to get started – well then this is the perfect workshop report you. This is the third report of our Basel workshop series and we hope that they will be push some young UAEM spirits forwards! You can also use the material for your future workshops of course.

Golden Rule: Keep the UAEM spirit burning!
Golden answer: Use your international contacts to your MENTOR in UAEM over mailing lists, ask your friends from Basel, look on homepages and find out how they did it.

1) How to find members?
• Use your personal contacts at the university like IFMSA, Medecins Sans Fontieres, local clubs with similar topics (social justice, global health) ...
• Do little introductions on UAEM in your classes at university
• Expand to other faculties in your university like Law, Political Science, Pharmacology ...
• Organise workshops at conferences, summer schools
• Print posters and flyers
• Focus on first year students (it’s the time now!!!)
• Use social media (Facebook, Twitter ...)

2) First projects:
• Fire in the Blood screening
• Neglected disease of the month – poster
• Evaluate and implement Neglected Tropical Diseases in your curriculum
• Understand your university (who is responsible, who is the TTO? ...)
• Make NTD week ... OR get involved in A2M week in November!!!
• Find out what your university is doing research in
• Do speeches with researchers at WHO days

3) How to organize your chapter?
• Inform yourselves (do one little presentation each at the beginning of a meeting)
• Get an ally / mentor (e.g. Global Health Professor)
• Teach new members in their first UAEM meeting more about UAEM
• How many fixed positions do we need? One responsible for communication to UAEM Europe, for time and place of regular meetings.
• Distribute tasks equally to your chapter members!

4) How to contact your university, how to implement SRL?
• Meet with TTO in person. DON’T FORGET TO COLLECT THE MAIL ADDRESSES OF INTERESTED PEOPLE. Evaluate whether if it is better to wait until you are perfect or just go there – take into account that TTOs often want to be seen in a positive light, so they will support you most probably. Provide them with good knowledge and the most important information. Contact European UAEMers for help!
• Meet with researchers at your university, ask them what they know about licensing, educate them about SRL
• Contact Anders Haugan (TTO of Bergen University, Norway, with implemented SRL policy)
• Which licensing project makes sense? (SRL, GALF, ...)

Important addresses:
UAEM members facebook group:
Find out in the facebook group when to join which Skype Calls, you can be a complete newbie but listen to the issues tackled by UAEMers at different places and express any ideas you have!
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