Lean Elderly Assistant, GIO 2016 and a valuable collaboration.
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We love tips. And thinking together. That’s why, 10 years ago, we chose to establish Spark in this building: the open studio invites people to spar with each other. We enthusiastically give lectures at network meetings. And we work closely with entrepreneurs around us. In Rotterdam and far beyond: because we are stronger together.

Attractive robot for the elderly

Ageing remains a hot issue. But how can we ensure that this large and growing group of old people get the care that they need? One thing is certain: by keeping them fit, active and independent. With the help of LEA, a product from Robot Care Systems.

It won’t be long before the Lean Elderly Assistant (LEA) will be giving the elderly a helping hand. For example, with their daily routine and the taking of medicine, but also by keeping in touch with the family. But LEA can do even more, she can encourage you to exercise, take a walk, even to do a little dance.

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Prize winner at
Dutch Design Week

Following previous successes, this year we are also the proud recipients of two Good Industrial Design awards (GIO). The winners: Streetplug, the electric charging point, and the NOVUM XV series of burial products. And the icing on the cake: Streetplug won the Special Award in the Functionality category! The prize-winning designs were shown during the Dutch Design Week exhibition in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.

The Streetplug is an underground charging point for electric vehicles that can be managed from your smartphone. The NOVUM XV product line from Honor is an innovation in the funeral market and consists of burial apparatus, electrical bier and a lectern.

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Together we're proud:

For many patients, working with medicine dispensing pouches is a godsend; it means they always take the right medicines at the right moment. IRIS is the newest product from ZiuZ Medical, and ensures the required control from the bags after that they’ve been filled.

During this project, we built a close bond with our client and with the product that we developed together. For this reason, the product launch is a festive moment for us too. And we wanted to celebrate it together.
And yes, we’re creative in heart and soul and so that calls for a very special gift: a bottle of champagne, festively packaged as a mini ZiuZ IRIS.

Cheers ZiuZ!

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Stronger together: we sponsored the study trip of Technical Medicine and Biomedical engineering students to China: see how they are contributing to our expertise. Interesting videos on Wikipedia: How it's made - episodes. In Hamburg before 19 February? Visit the iF Awards Exhibition. With the Honeywell Ultrasonic Meter and Maarten Wilming as 'Talking Head'. Interesting for designers: the Technotheek van UTwente.

True Innovation™ 5 Tips: Ask us!

Due to our expertise, we’re asked every day to think along. We can’t think of anything better! And not only on projects. So, here’s our invitation:

Do you need tips on a particular topic? Mail us!
Who knows, maybe we’ll use your topic in the following True Innovation™ Tips in the next Spark UPDATE.

Topic 1: User research
As a designer, you’re trained to empathize with users and what they want from a product. Our clients’ expertise is greatly valued too. But user tests deliver valuable information every time, which enhances our success.

5 Unexpected insights from our practice:
  • A carpark full of scrap cars, go ahead and cut: then you can feel what the best position for a hand grip is (Holmatro Rescue Tools).
  • Optimal grip strength, precision, suturing speed and even feedback sound; tests on meat, 'practice vessels' and real blood vessels give new insights every time (Mellon Hechttool).
  • Give it a try: Stand on a ladder and hang up emergency lighting. Apparently being able to do this one-handed is crucial for safety and installation time (ABB Pharos noodverlichting).
  • The desired spatial lay-out was apparently 90 degrees off (ClearView C digital magnifier).
  • Visually impaired people can think a product is ugly. But it’s not a question of colour, but of tactile form (Optelec Braille Controller).

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