New industrial product and our vision of brand driven design.
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Just before the summer: a great new industrial product and our vision on 'brand driven design'. Because we believe that of all the touch points between company and customer, the product often has the most lasting impact!

Your product: An ambassador!

“Brand touch points” are the points where the message about the strengths, values and vision of a company are transferred. It’s not just the website, the brochure and the salesman’s tie that are touch points. The delivered physical product is the most essential and longlasting! So make sure that the relevant brand messages are communicated powerfully and consistently by your products. That way, your investment in product development strenghtens your brand to the maximum.

But how do you develop this kind of ‘Visual Design Language’ for your company? During Visual Brand Sessions and with the help of semantic codes, we translate the brand values of the enterprise into design features. This forms the basis for a targeted and efficient product development trajectory. The result: a consistent product line of products that are real ambassadors for your brand.

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"Proven Technology. Superior Performance."

Their film speaks volumes: RMG by Honeywell are delighted with their UltraSonic Gasflow Meter GT400. Due to the success of the products that we have developed for Honeywell in recent years, we were able to optimize the USM for RMG. It’s quite a challenge to find design freedom within strict global regulations and explosion safety standards.

We have improved safety during maintenance work. And, of course, the design suits the RMG brand values perfectly: robust, reliable and ‘high tech’.

Portfolio tops & tips

You are a student and you get the opportunity to present your portfolio at Spark and get feedback from experienced designers! 5 Industrial Design students from Delft and 5 from Eindhoven grabbed the chance and got inspired during the Spark Connection Day.

We are more than happy to pass on the enthusiasm for our profession to school pupils and students. During the Girlsday we demonstrated the versatility of technology. Sebastiaan (14) now knows that he wants to study Automotive Design, and Valerie (16) can’t wait to start Industrial Design in Delft. And every year we take on interns who work intensively with us for a few months. It’s an informative and enjoyable experience for them and for us.
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