There is a revolution under way in the world of espresso and Spark is complicit. And we’re proud of it too! And we will keep being proud because we’ve won a Red Dot Design Award! This and much more in this newsletter. Happy reading.

Lea’s Red Dot Design Award: We told you so!

Care robot Lea recently won a Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious awards that an agency like Spark can win. Extra special is that we won it (and other prizes) with a project that incorporates all our core values: collaboration, health, innovation, and integrated design.

Collaboration and care

From the outset, Lea has been a model of collaboration in which unilateral considerations were subordinated to the shared goal between Spark and our client Robot Care Systems (RCS). And...

Revolution in Espresso land

Florence-based La Marzocco produce top quality equipment for the artisan barista. Despite the history of the company being steeped in tradition, it is at the forefront of technological development. A good example of this is their idea for the Straight-In Portafilter, which they asked us to develop with them.

For the uninitiated: the portafilter is a...

Medicines on the road

If your life depends on medicines that become unusable when they have been below 2°C or above 8°C, this is enough for many people to avoid long journeys. The cooling container developed by Meds2Go and Spark changes that.

When Meds2Go knocked on Spark’s door, the company had already done a lot of work and completed a proof-of-concept model. Their cooling container...  

Inside out

In our series about the seven elements of Spark, we have arrived at Industrial Design & Styling. “In the process of industrial design, you have to deal with multiple forces working together, such as brand value, functionality, user aspects, how the product works… The challenge is getting them all in balance by constantly searching for the right considerations.” Anke Kempen, designer at Spark, explains.

Good design

“Early in my youth, I realised that much in this world is producible, manageable, and adaptable. And, for me, that’s what makes the profession so interesting: that you can enrich the life around you with good design. The moment that you deliver something is the most exciting. From then on, you’re no longer in control. The user and the rest of the world have your work in their hands, get to use it, and have an opinion about it. That is, in the end, the only test that counts. If everything really works as intended, then you have a good design.”


To guarantee this result, an integral approach to the design process is essential, explains Anke: “it is important to choose a direction. We work from inside out and take all relevant facets into account throughout the whole process. Both the details and the broad lines are ultimately relevant: the whole spectrum has to be right.”

What else is new?

We’re looking for an experienced electronics developer. Help us to find a good match! And there is lots of good news from Brazil, where baby’s are getting a better thermometer, where a robot is helping children, and where lung patients and athletes can train their breathing. Talking of athletes: we participated in the Rotterdam marathon and it was pretty tough. Following the death of industrial designer Friso Kramer, we were interviewed on NPO radio. And in order not to end this newsletter on a low note, we’ve saved our two newest acquisitions for last.
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