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Product development is incredibly knowledge intensive. That’s why we’re always looking for new talent, with new expertise and fresh insights. In turn, this allows us to share our experience. With our clients, with students in an international exo-skeleton competition.

Cocktail shaker solutions

The Spark team has recently been strengthened with three new colleagues. Three talented and genuine team players: Ruud Schatorjé, engineer with a twinkle in his eye; financial spider in the web Oussama El Koubai; and visual cocktail shaker Brian Khouw. They ensure that we can successfully respond to even more challenging design issues, and the organization functions smoothly.

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Exo-skeleton Race

Paraplegic patient climbs the stairs again... In Project MARCH, 33 students from TU Delft are developing an exo-skeleton that its pilot Claudia will use during the Cybathlon 2016 in Zurich - 'The first bionic World Championship'.

We are sponsoring and supporting the Dutch team during this project with our expertise and experience.

On a track full of obstacles, Claudia will compete against teams from around the world. That’s pretty demanding on the 'fixtures': the connections between the exoskeleton and the body. A great design challenge!

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Booming Brazil

Business is booming in Brazil. And innovation is a hot topic. High time, then, for a news update from our Brazilian branch.

Hugo Honijk – Director of Spark Brazil and Honorary Consul of the Netherlands - explains:

• how we have captured and translated the brand DNA of automotive supplier Moura in the design of an oil container;
• the design challenges of the Vagalume: a high performance router that can withstand all weather conditions;
• the 4 major benefits of the smart Mabuya POD payment system.

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True Innovation™ Tips
We believe in a Think-Build-See approach: analysis and creativity (Think) make visible and tangible solutions (Build) which are subsequently assessed and evaluated (See). Prototyping is therefore essential.
5 Tips from Antony Weinbeck on prototyping:
  • The earlier in the project the better. It is never too soon! It saves a lot of time and money.
  • Consider the points you want to evaluate a prototype on and those you don’t.
  • Make a prototype to discover which aspect requires the most development attention.
  • Use prototypes to test reactions from the market and users.
  • Leverage the power of prototypes to stimulate all those involved in and around the project.
SPARK ELEMENT - Realisation & Manufacturing: involve suppliers & manufacturers early in projects to benefit from their expertise

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