The best subcontractors will soon come together in Sweden. We’ll be there as well, to show off our latest projects. Will you be there too? Meanwhile, we keep innovating here in Rotterdam. And also in...Recife!

Välkommen till Jönköping...

We’re off to Sweden. From 14 to 17 November, you’ll find us at Elmia Subcontractor. This is the largest trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe. It brings together more than 1,200 exhibitors from 30 countries.
“Scandinavian manufacturers are second to none when it comes to combining high quality and reliability with efficiency and aesthetics. And this mindset is well aligned with our approach to innovation,” says Maarten Wilming.

Spark is travelling to Jönköping with a clear mission. Wilming: “Our latest projects really show what we’re capable of. We’re going to build new relationships, and we also expect to be inspired. Especially in the area of medical innovation.”

Mars: the smart friend 

Brazilian mothers will work more in the years ahead. Consequently, an increasing number of children will spend time at home alone. For our client CESAR, we worked on developing Mars. This smart robot fulfils both educational and social tasks.

Hugo Honijk explains: “This is an intelligent friend that you can talk to. He can also help with learning things like logic and reading. And when it’s time for bed, Mars can read a story and project animations on the wall.”

The Vamo is coming!

You can see them more and more in cities around the world: rental bikes. They use them in Brazil too: you can already find Serttel’s Samba Bikes in 18 cities. Now, this provider wants to expand its services with an electric car …

Serttel asked us to help them develop a new rental car, called Vamo. Hugo Honijk: “We worked on both the interior and exterior design. Carver (NL) produce a working prototype for us.”

We had to deal with a number of specific demands for this request. For example, there is more vandalism in Brazil, less well-maintained roads and dangerous traffic.

And yet, the prototype is ready and is already in Recife. What do you think about that?

A test drive in the Vamo.

New interns - fresh ideas

Welcome Laura, Stijn and Ewoud!

What else is new

The Alexia has won a German Design Award. The SAM won a Recognition of Good Industrial Design and is featured at the Dutch Design Week. And the IRIS, the Gold Award winner, can be seen at the iF design exhibition Hamburg, where we held a lecture earlier this month in honor of the ZiuZ jubilee. In turn, a delegation of the iF Awards visited our office this month. And a dozen of South African entrepreneurs also visited Spark while on a innovation tour in the Netherlands.
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