Do you know the feeling? So busy that you don't get around to telling about it. But, here it is: news from the Spark innovation frontline. Enormously busy innovating, connecting, welcoming new colleagues and inflating cushions. Enjoy the read!

Combined forces

In his daily work for Spark, design engineer Ruud Schatorjé is busy with Mechanical Design & Engineering. He describes it as follows: “We make detailed product concepts so that the final product really does work as it should.”
“I’ve always been a Beta. I get super happy in my work when, after I’ve spent a while brooding over a certain bit, I get a breakthrough. Sometimes, it means sleeping on it, but often it’s enough to think it through with a colleague. It is great how we combine the knowledge, expertise and perspective of so many professionals at Spark,” says Ruud.
Mechanical Design gets very close to the core of a product: its actual operation. That’s partly why Ruud rejects the suggestion that Spark is a ‘design club’ that only thinks about form. “In fact, with a beautiful exterior you have nothing. The basis for every product is in the functionality, manufacturability, reliability, affordability and more.”

New green

As part of the repositioning of the Murray product line, Briggs & Stratton asked us to come up with a design for a walk-behind mower. This involved translating the Murray brand DNA into the appropriate design language. Our input gave focus to the development of the ‘EQ Walk-Behind Mower’ line.

With the tagline ‘The new green thinking’, Murray focuses on the modern user who attaches importance to reliable and accessible products. We expressed these core values in our design through clear shapes and ...

Wake us up

There are two things that you can, as it were, wake us up at night for here at Spark: innovation and connection. The importance of innovation will be clear, but connection sometimes raises questions.

For us, it’s simple: innovation isn’t possible without the connection between the knowledge and expertise of one person and the drive, vision and resources of another. With genuine commitment and mutual trust from all parties, the purposeful and unbiased search for connection can lead to beautiful and even unexpected results.

Meet Petra and Gert!

We’ve had two new colleagues here for a few months now, who we haven’t yet introduced. How rude! High time for us to learn some manners and to introduce these two Sparkers, or – rather – to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. Neither of them are short of things to say, so it won’t be a problem. Here, then, are Petra en Gert!

What else is new!

We received a GIO award for care robot LEA (you have until April to admire it at the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade). We are even prouder when we see what LEA means for people. We designed a new cover for iOptics’ Cassini and with Subol from Qatar, we developed a system that automatically turns off the gas if it detects a leak. And talking of leaks: we’ve given the Ravas iForks a substantial upgrade but, dare we say it, we doubt whether even that can cope with the new lifting cushions from Holmatro. What we don’t doubt is the achievements of Project March, which won the Düsseldorf Cybathlon with March III. Insanely smart!
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