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How are you on this mildly chilly December day? We’re only a week from Christmas and not a lick of snow to be seen. To be fair, I don’t remember it snowing up here this time last year either. I don’t remember it really snowing until around March. At least that’s when I remember having to shovel the most. A building in my city has its roof collapse in and there were some cases in Chicago as well. Don’t really remember much snow in December outside of maybe a light layer that melted. Looks like a white Christmas might be a thing of the past.
In less ominous news, next Friday will be my birthday! I will be turning 36. Don’t really feel all that different but perhaps it’s because there’s so much going on that I don’t really have the chance to process it. But I made it here and that’s what matters. Last year, I baked my own birthday cake and plan to do the same this year. Either a chocolate fudge or a carrot cake. We’ll see. Don’t really have any birthday wishes other than to safely make it to the next one. As always, my birthday has mainly been lowkey and time to spend with immediate family so the past two years haven’t been a big departure. I’m probably just going to relax and watch movies where people kick each other really hard. Haven’t watched The Night Comes for Us in a bit so maybe that will be one of them. Might pull out my The Raid and Raid 2 Blu-rays as well.
No matter what, it will be a fun time for me.
In (not really) Mega Centurions news, I still haven’t moved Mega Centurions to the completed folder just yet. I think there’s a part of me that is worried that something will come up the second I do. This is goofy for many reasons, the main one being in a different folder changes nothing, but it’s mainly just superstition. I’ll probably do it before the year is out, but I’m just waiting for that ALL GOOD before I do. Until then, it will sit in the limbo between in progress and finished.

In other comic news, I got my Kickstarter copy for issue #3 of Salty Roos in the mail last night. In this issue, the Roos help an author/realtor who is dealing with ghosts in a house she's trying to sell.

The story was written by Pat Shand who has done many comics including Destiny, NY and others. It was interesting to see someone else’s take writing the Roos and I found the story to be very entertaining. If you backed the campaign then it might be showing up at your door in the near future. I’ll keep an eye out for when it is widely available.

End of the Year

I was originally going to put a gif here but apparently I can't upload my own gifs so here is a link to it on my twitter.

While there’s still a couple weeks left of December, this will be the last newsletter for 2021 so I thought I’d briefly talk about the year.
For very obvious reasons, 2021 mainly just felt like a continuation of last year. Spending a lot of time at home and taking a lot of the same precautions, etc. Like a sequel no one asked for but we got anyway. It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. Luckily, there were some variations from last year. I hit the road to go help Shawn with his Kickstarter fulfillment stuff. I pitched Mega Centurions to a publisher and it got picked up. I got to see and talk to friends that I hadn’t seen in years. And, despite some draw backs, we managed to finish Mega Centurions after years of work. While things were rough, I feel like I'm ending a better place than where I was this time last year.
In some ways, 2021 feels like it was also a year of helping clear the way for bigger opportunities in 2022. Mega Centurions took up a lot of my mental space even when we weren’t actively working on it. Having it done and in place at a publisher who will be taking care of certain things will be a big weight off of my shoulders for next year. It might open up space to work on some smaller projects and open new horizons. Perhaps branch out into some non-comic writing. Who knows? Of course, some new world-altering event could be on the horizon but I’m keeping my hopes up.
Seriously, I'll be so pissed if an asteroid or the zombie apocalypse happens before Mega Centurions hits stores next summer.

How about you? How do you feel about 2021? Was it better or worse than 2020? Or was it more of the same?

That's all for now.

In Korean drama on Netflix news, I watched a show called My Name about a girl whose gangster father is killed and she goes looking for revenge. Things take a turn when she has to infiltrate the police in order to catch the killer. Based on that premise, it shouldn't be surprising that the show is pretty dark and gets violent.
But I enjoyed the action and while I could eventually figure out where it was going, I was able to enjoy the journey. It wasn't the deepest show, but it was enjoyable and entertaining. The characters were mostly likeable and the conclusion was satisfying. If you're into crime dramas with twists and turns, I'd suggest giving it a look.

I almost forgot. I started this newsletter back in December 2016. It's been five years almost to the day. Thanks to everyone who has read this over the years. Here's to at least five more.

I hope that the remainder of the year goes well for everyone. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays. Check in your people who might be spending the holidays alone for the first time (or second time in a row). Be kind to one another and I'll see you in 2022.

Stay safe.

- Jon
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