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JAA Members at NATCON
The pools are finally open, WASHINGCON is officially over, and the JAA Board of Directors is already making plans for next year... and we all know what that means... it's time for SUMMER!

Happy Summer, Friend!

A lot has happened over the past few months and this newsletter will bring you up to speed.

NOTE: We are actively seeking more participation from members!  Would you like to serve on a committee or fill one of the available Board positions?  Please reach out to our Vice President, Rhys, to indicate your interest and receive more information...

This issue's content:

Thank you for your continued support and participation - we are honored to serve you,

- Robyn Davis (Director of Public Affairs) and the JAA Board of Directors

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President (Pete Mask) -- Vice President (Rhys McCormick) -- Development Officer (Kelsey Hendrix) -- Secretary  (Emily Jolly) -- Chief Financial Officer (Shawn Anderson) -- Director of Public Affairs (Robyn Davis) -- Technology Officer (Summer Folsom)
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President's Report

by Pete Mask, JAA President

WASHINGCON is over and now we look to a new year.  The Seniors are graduating/commissioning and getting ready to start their civilian careers/Air Force journey.  We welcome you to YOUR Joint Alumni Association!  
This reminds me of my graduation/commissioning and why I joined JAA. Three years ago (eight years after graduation), I was asked by my close friend Summer Folsom to rejoin JAA and run for National Development Officer (NDO).  I remember thinking about it for a couple of weeks and coming to the understanding that hit me a few years earlier:  as you get more experience/get older, you focus less on yourself and more on giving back to those that will come after you. So I ran and became the NDO with little to no resources and the JAA picking up the pieces from "battle scars" of previous interpersonal conflicts/negativity that almost tore the organization apart.  We truly were rebuilding from scratch.  Alone, I went to Detroit, Michigan (ROCKON) -- threw some candy, met some awesome folks and had our first Jr/Sr mixer with about 85-90 people.  The next year, in Atlanta, GA (HOTLANTACON), we had three JAA Board of Directors and approx. 100-150 people.
This year, Kelsey, Rhys, Robyn, and Bill did a fantastic job in representing the JAA (see the NATCON Recap below)! I am truly proud of the steady growth and fresh new faces added to the JAA each year.
With projects such as our non-profit application (see the Financial Update below), claiming funds from the old BoD, JAA BoD objectives for the next year (see the VP's Report below), and work towards revitalizing sponsorships/scholarships -- I am excited for the upcoming year with ARCONs and everything finally culminating with NATCON in Chicago, IL.  
We are stronger than we have ever been before.  Whether you're curious about the sleek look of the newsletters, or increased chatter on Facebook, NOW is the perfect time to become active in the JAA.  I'm sure many of you give to other organizations, why not the JAA?  With budget cuts and ROTC/college becoming more competitive ever, these students need our help more than ever.  Consider giving back to the organization that gave us so many great memories in college.  I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!

Vice President's Report

by Rhys McCormick, JAA Vice President

During NATCON, the BoD and the JAA members present spent the weekend brainstorming and crafting the following JAA objectives to move the organization forward. With your feedback, BoD will focus our efforts on these objectives in the coming year. If you have comments, feedback or suggestions on these, or any area you feel we left out, please reach out to myself, or any of the other Board of Directors members. 

Objective 1: Clearer Contact Information
  • The BoD will clean up, and update the JAA Membership Database. If any of your information has recently changed, this is a perfect opportunity to do so.
  • In addition to the previous fields, we plan to include following the new fields:
    • Locations/Nearest Base
    • Career Fields
    • Are you willing for us to share your information to cadets/students?
    • Are you willing to serve as a mentor to cadets/students?
Objective #2: Fundraising/501c3
  • The JAA will be submitting the necessary paperwork to the IRS this summer for approval of 501©3 status.
  • Once the necessary paperwork is finalized, we will be soliciting donations and fundraising money to support students attending ARCONS in the fall and next year’s NATCON located in Chicago. Stay tuned for more details later this summer!
Objective #3: Mentoring/Professional Development
  • As mentioned earlier, the JAA is planning to create a database of alumni willing serve as mentors to the current SW & AAS members.
  • As part of the website update, this mentoring and professional development will become a more prominent section on the website that the students will be able more easily find. 
  • We are exploring the creation a Career Spotlights document for graduating seniors. As we move forward with this project over the summer, we will need your inputs and assistance in the development of such a document. 
Objective #4: Community Service
  • As part of the database update, we are working to create lists of alumni located near SW & AAS units across the country. We plan to use this updated list to provide the students, a list of the JAA members located near them willing to assist a unit service projects.
  • This is an opportunity for you to give back and mentor the AAS & SW students near you.

Objective #5: A Presence at NATCONs and ARCONs
  • This year at NATCON in Washington D.C. we had the highest JAA presence at NATCON that we’ve had in years. At next year’s NATCON, we’d like to see even more of you in Chicago!
  • In addition to NATCON, the JAA BoD wants to see all you at ARCONs across the country in the fall. Kelsey, our National Development Officer, will have more information for you on the dates/locations of ARCONs all across the country.
Objective #6: Website Update
  • The JAA BoD is working to update the website. We welcome any suggestions, or feedback you might have on what you would like to see updated or changed on the website.
  • One function we are hoping to add is a Google Maps Pin Board of alumni locations.


by Kelsey Hendrix, JAA National Development Officer

Over Easter weekend, 1200 students in Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings flocked to DC for NATCON 2014, this year known as WASHINGCON. We were thrilled to have several of the JAA National Staff as well as general members in attendance. Over the course of the weekend, members of JAA had the opportunity to meet and discuss things for the upcoming year. It was a successful weekend filled with business, reuniting with friends, and of course a good time.
Each year the JAA throws a social, with some sponsorship from AFA this year, for Juniors and Seniors to help introduce them to the JAA; as well as remind them we are here to help. This year the social was held at an Irish Pub across the street from the hotel. It was a HUGE success and we had over 280 people attend the event. The Juniors and Seniors had about an hour to enjoy our open bar as well as networking with many JAA and AFA members. 
As a member of the JAA National Staff I was thrilled to see members of our organization excited to get involved with such a great weekend. The JAA worked hard to network with as many students as possible and talk with them about what we can be doing to assist in both Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings. 
If you are considering attending NATCON next year (in CHICAGO!!!) as a JAA member, I strongly suggest you do. It's a great reminder of the time we spent in AAS/SW as well as an amazing opportunity to lead and share with those who are still students. As always, if you have any ideas for the JAA or questions about your JAA membership, please email me at

Pictures from NATCON

  See more pictures from NATCON in our Facebook group.
Some of our Guest Speakers
Junior-Senior Mixer

Financial Update

Information from Shawn Anderson, JAA CFO

Our organization is in the process** of filing for 501c3 status (which designates an organization as a "non profit" and allows its members and contributors to write off donations while exempting the organization from taxes).  Most recently, we have updated our Constitution/Bylaws (pending YOUR approval - visit our website to vote!) in order to meet IRS requirements regarding what would happen to our remaining funds in case of the dissolution of the JAA.

** This application process is expected to take 6-9 months; so we are hoping to have our official non profit status in place by the beginning of next year.

Reflections on WASHINGCON

by William T. Lipscomb, Jr., JAA 2-Year Trustee

My “Congratulations!” to the AAS and SW National Conclave Staffs for all the hard work and lost sleep endured to make sure this was a memorable National Conclave. “Thank you” to all who came – I’m sure you enjoyed seeing and networking with Arnies and SW members from all over the country. I am always impressed with the professionalism and dedication of everyone in attendance.
The business sessions I attended were very informative. All of the guest speakers were excellent.. and how about the social at the Air and Space Museum?!!  AWESOME!

Sunday evening, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of introducing myself to, and shaking the hand of, everyone who came to our mixer. To the seniors: Congratulations on your commissioning and graduation!  Don’t forget to continue your relationship with Arnies and SW members by officially joining the Joint Alumni Association.  Keep your information with us current, and send any changes as soon as possible, so we can keep up with you.

The highlight of the Conclave was the Awards Banquet. General Mark A. Welsh, III, USAF Chief of Staff (pictured above with two Arnies), gave a very inspirational keynote address. He gave detailed information about Arnie alumni on active duty, citing stellar accomplishments for each. He did the same for SW alumni who are excelling in the private sector. Then, General Welsh tied their legacy to that of the present Arnies and SW members. By the end of his presentation, I was ready to re-up!! THANK YOU, GENERAL WELSH.

You're Invited!

Please feel free to listen in on our upcoming Board of Directors calls** on June 8, July 13, August 10, and September 14, 2014 (all Sundays at 4pm ET/1pm PT) by calling 1-712-432-3100 and inputting access code (228865) when prompted.

** Times, dates, and access code is subject to change... Please e-mail Rhys McCormick (JAA Vice President) to verify information above before calling in.
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