Spirit of Life, come unto me.
Sing in my heart all the stirrings of compassion.
Blow in the wind, rise in the sea;
Move in the hand, giving life the shape of justice.

New MUUSAN Issue Papers and Chalice Lighting Rituals

supporting UU advocacy on four Ballot Questions
With the Nov. 8 election about seven weeks away, MUUSAN calls all Maine UUs, congregations and friends to witness actively to UU values during this election season. 

MUUSAN urges everyone to become fully informed about candidates and ballot questions, volunteer, vote, and encourage all your friends and family to vote!

Along with our partner the Maine Council of Churches, MUUSAN stands for civility in our state's political discourse. 


The MUUSAN Steering Committee has considered the Nov. 8 ballot questions in light of our UU Principles and endorsed a YES position on four initiatives:

     • Question 5: Ranked Choice Voting (enhances voter voice and civil discourse)

     • Question 4: Raise the Minimum Wage (to $12/hr by 2020)

     • Question 3: Background Checks for Firearms (closes legal loophole for 40%
       of Maine firearm sales or transfers not now requiring background checks)

     • Question 2: Stand Up for Students (fully funding public education through a
       3% tax on portion of household income over $200,000)

We encourage UUs to support and work for these measures for a more healthy, more just and compassionate, more equitable and more civil Maine. 


To support Maine UUs and friends in working for these initiatives from a faith-based perspective, we have developed these materials:

     • cover letter for the Issue Papers

     • packet of all four Issue Papers for MUUSAN-endorsed ballot measures,

     • five chalice lighting/ritual activities to introduce MUUSAN; to support
       faith-based work on ballot initiatives 5,4 and 3; and to lift up civil discourse in
       the fall campaign season.

The Issue Papers are also available individually, along with all the rest of this material, on our website — scroll down at this page.

A special thank you to our MUUSAN Steering Committee clergy, Rev. Carie Johnsen, Rev. Margaret Beckman, and Rev. Pam Gross, for their work to write and edit the rituals.




Come see us at the fair!
MUUSAN is excited about this opportunity to share with thousands of people the message of our UU faith in action through legislative ministry.  We'll be in one of the political tents.

Our table is now fully staffed (thank you, volunteers!) and will feature an interactive game, new Issue Papers and Chalice Lighting Rituals for the MUUSAN-endorsed Nov. 8 ballot initiatives, new MUUSAN brochures and bookmarks, wallet cards with our UU Principles, and more!

Many thank to the UU Church of Brunswick's Lynn Ellis ( who has organized this event for us. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!



WELCOME to all our MUUSAN newcomers!



MUUSAN has been rapidly expanding our mailing list to Maine Unitarian Universalists and others who share our values in the public arena.  We hope you will enjoy all the opportunities that our newsletter, website and active Facebook Page provide for social justice actions in Maine, especially on our three primary issues:  1)  democracy in action, 2) health care for all, and 3) climate change.





Click here to make an online donation through our website,

or send a check to MUUSAN, PO Box 8, Augusta, ME 04330.

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