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Please help protect voting rights in Maine!

TAKE ACTION Wed. Feb. 15, 9:00 AM!

Urge your legislators to reject LDs 121 and 155.


On Wednesday, February 15, beginning at 9:00 AM, the Maine Legislature's Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee will consider two bills to make it harder for people to vote in Maine.

LD 121 would require Mainers to present photo ID at the polls in order to vote.  21 million Americans do not have government-issued photo identification; many of these Americans cannot afford to pay for the required documents needed to secure one.  Voter ID laws disproportionately affect poor people, elderly people, people in rural communities and people of color

LD 155 would require increased scrutiny of voters who list a college dorm as their residence. Many college students are participating in their first elections. This bill is designed to confuse them and scare them away from voting in Maine.

Both of these bills manipulate the rules to make it harder for some people to vote - which amounts to voter suppression.

Join us to pack the hearing room, honor our Fifth UU Principle on democracy, and send the message to Maine's legislators that we won't let them roll back voting rights.  PLEASE WEAR BLUE.


You may bring written testimony to submit to the committee if you wish. This should include:

     * Your name and town
     * The LD number of the bill
     * A statement asking legislators to OPPOSE the bill
     * Any information you want to include about why they should oppose the
       bill. This can include why you, personally, oppose the bill based on your
       own life experience. You can also find suggested messaging on both
       bills here:

If possible, bring 20 copies of your testimony and hand them to the committee clerk when you arrive.


Can't make it to Augusta this Wed. morning?

Contact your state legislators and urge them to reject LDs 121 and 155.

Find your legislators here:

Find talking points here:

Co-hosted by: ACLU of Maine, Equality Maine, League of Women Voters of Maine, Maine People’s Alliance, Maine Voices Network, Maine Women's Lobby and NAACP-Maine


***  As an interesting side note, LD 156 on the National Popular Vote Compact will also receive a hearing on the same day.  If you wish to comment but are unable to attend, send written comments to Karen Morrell, committee clerk.

On Saturday, March 11, immediately following the MUUSAN Network meeting, we will host a National Popular Vote Compact Information Session from noon-1:00 PM.  Bring a brown bag lunch.  More details coming soon.



WELCOME to all our MUUSAN newcomers!



MUUSAN has been rapidly expanding our mailing list to Maine Unitarian Universalists and others who share our values in the public arena.  We hope you will enjoy all the opportunities that our newsletter, website and active Facebook Page provide for social justice actions in Maine, especially on our three primary issues:  1)  democracy in action, 2) health care for all, and 3) climate change.



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