Thanks to the 37 Unitarian Universalists who gathered from 15 UU congregations at Augusta's Lithgow Library on Saturday, Sept. 10 for a terrific meeting to support MUUSAN's legislative ministry!

We circulated Issue Papers on MUUSAN's four endorsed ballot initiatives (Questions 5, 4, 3, and 2) and chalice lighting rituals to help us stay mindful of our UU Principles as we work to bring those measures to fruition in Maine.  All materials available at

Issue Groups (Democracy in Action, Health Care for All, and Climate Change) met and discussed their ballot-related agendas and their plans for the upcoming legislative session.

Joy and excitement filled the room as we mobilized for social justice action on behalf of our Seven UU Principles.  Thank you to all who offered financial donations to support MUUSAN's work.

A special welcome to all who were newcomers to MUUSAN at this meeting! We hope to see you again for the MUUSAN Network's next meeting on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the UU Community Church of Augusta.



"Facing the Surge" Film Screening a Success


Congratulations to MUUSAN's Climate Change Issue Group and their organizational partners for the terrific educational event they recently co-hosted at First Parish Portland UU with a screening of “Facing The Surge,” a new documentary outlining the threat of sea level rise due to climate change.

The film was followed by a panel and discussion with the director. 45 people attended.

This screening was a joint project of the Citizens Climate Lobby, First Parish’s Climate Action Community and MUUSAN’s Climate Change Issue Group, with the goal of educating the public about the danger we face without acting on climate change.

MUUSAN's Climate Change Issue Group works year-round to promote fossil energy conservation, development of solar and other renewable resources, and education of legislators and the public about the urgent call to slow climate change (with special attention to our own precious Gulf of Maine).


in our congregations

Many thanks to
Peter Lehman of the First Universalist Church in Rockland for this fabulous educational wall of information and images about MUUSAN just inside the entrance to the church.  Capturing the spirit of joy we bring to legislative ministry, the wall includes a host of UUs from many congregations participating in actions for social justice.

This has opened the way for many good questions about what MUUSAN is and what this organization does, as well as
a welcome to more UUs to join with MUUSAN in advocating for laws and policies in keeping with our UU Seven Principles.

Peter gleaned photos from MUUSAN's Facebook page and even included the backpack bag from our last spring conference.  Thank you, Peter, for this thoughtful work!




Come see us at the fair Sept. 23-25!
MUUSAN is excited about this opportunity to share with thousands of people the message of our UU faith in action through legislative ministry.  We'll be in one of the political and social action tents.

Our table will feature an interactive game, new Issue Papers and Chalice Lighting Rituals for the MUUSAN-endorsed Nov. 8 ballot initiatives, new MUUSAN brochures and bookmarks, wallet cards with our UU Principles, and more!

Many thanks to the UU Church of Brunswick's Lynn Ellis, who has organized this event for us, and to all our generous volunteers who will staff the table. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!



WELCOME to all our MUUSAN newcomers!



MUUSAN has been rapidly expanding our mailing list to Maine Unitarian Universalists and others who share our values in the public arena.  We hope you will enjoy all the opportunities that our newsletter, website and active Facebook Page provide for social justice actions in Maine, especially on our three primary issues:  1)  democracy in action, 2) health care for all, and 3) climate change.





Click here to make an online donation through our website,

or send a check to MUUSAN, PO Box 8, Augusta, ME 04330.

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