Join MUUSAN at the State House

with your church banner!

Saturday, Jan. 21, 10:00-noon

Plaza between State House & Cross Office Building

111 Sewall St., Augusta, ME


UU MEETING SPOT:  Look for the yellow
MUUSAN Banner, which will be there at 9:15!

Please help build a large contingent of UUs & friends together, with our congregational banners,
just as we do at the PRIDE Parade!

In solidarity with the Women's March on Washington, Maine Unitarian Universalists and friends will join the Women's March on Maine at the Maine State Capitol to have our voices heard.

This is not a march from point A to point B, but rather a march IN PLACE in the plaza between the State House and the Burton M. Cross State Office Building.

Maine Women's March Event on Facebook:
Map and directions available at that link. 
Parking:  We recommend the state parking garage at Capitol and Sewall Sts.

BRING WATER and stay hydrated!

This is a rally in support of women's rights, civil liberties and protection of the planet.  This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women's rights is welcome.

There will be a slate of speakers, music and performances, plus a chance to meet with members of many local organizations and communities working towards a better future.

Maine women are invited to wear any items in the color BLAZE ORANGE.

UUs, if you have "Standing on the Side of Love" gear, please try to wear it or make it visible.  If not, try to wear anything BRIGHT YELLOW to identify us as Standing on the Side of Love. 

And yes, of course pink knit hats are most welcome!

Finally a BLESSING on all the marches, to carry with you:


By Rev. Erika Hewitt of Midcoast UU Fellowship (Damariscotta, Maine), adaptly slightly by Rev. Myke Johnson and offered at Allen Avenue UU Church in Portland, Maine.

We shared a blessing on Sunday for all of those marching on January 21. Particularly those who are going to the Women's March on Washington, but also those who are marching in Augusta, Boston, New York, Portland and the other Maine locations as well. This blessing was created by Rev. Erika Hewitt, and adapted slightly for our worship:

May you be safe.
May you be free from all harm.
As the road or skies carry you toward your fellow justice seekers,
may you sense the presence of those who travel with you in spirit,
whose hopes and hearts are tucked into your pockets.
May you encounter strangers-as-kindred,
and may that recognition of kinship bring joy to your journey.
Whether the faces in the crowd number in the dozens, hundreds, or thousands,
may you not only recognize yourself, but may you also witness a dazzling tapestry of colors, languages, genders, ages, and bodies:
proud testament to and humbling display of our human family.
May the crowds be gentle, friendly, and patient.
If not, may the Spirit of Playfulness appoint you its momentary agent.
May you offer quiet praise for gestures of kindness.
May the sturdiest of marchers make space for those who need more time,
more help, or a different means of moving.
May those bearing snacks share generously with others.
In your hour of need, may you easily find a restroom,
and may it accommodate your body’s gender, size, and abilities.
Amid the excitement of selfies and hashtags,
may you remember the commitment that led you there,
and what will be required for the road ahead.
Gather it all up, dear marchers; let it feed you.
Allow the crowds’ electric energy to seep into you,
knitting itself into courage; into holy boldness;
into fuel for the journey back, and for the journey forward. May it be so.



WELCOME to all our MUUSAN newcomers!



MUUSAN has been rapidly expanding our mailing list to Maine Unitarian Universalists and others who share our values in the public arena.  We hope you will enjoy all the opportunities that our newsletter, website and active Facebook Page provide for social justice actions in Maine, especially on our three primary issues:  1)  democracy in action, 2) health care for all, and 3) climate change.



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