Dear MUUSAN Friends,

As we wish you a Happy New Year and prepare for our Saturday, Jan. 14 MUUSAN Network Meeting, our eyes are on the 128th legislative session about to commence.  We ask for your support to help magnify our voice for UU values in the State House this session!

The Maine Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Network had a remarkable autumn election cycle, helping to mobilize Maine UU congregations by supplying tools and resources for wins in three of the four MUUSAN-endorsed ballot measures.  Victory on the Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative was especially historic!

Last fall, generous support enabled MUUSAN to:

    • Develop a 2016 Election Guide with Issue Papers linking our UU Principles
      to the four initiatives we endorsed;

    • Coordinate Letters to the Editor and press conferences throughout Maine
      about our UU values and the endorsed initiatives;

    • Become a visible, reliable partner for the Social Justice Committees of our
      UU Congregations and the Get Out the Vote efforts on the ground as we
      helped to mobilize UU volunteers;

    • Provide leadership and collaboration among progressive allies to leverage
      our shared values.

MUUSAN’s legislative ministry — and indeed, effective statewide advocacy in general — is needed now more than ever.

We are ready for renewed work on a solar energy bill, expansion of Medicaid for 70,000 low-income Mainers, and other critical bills, but we must have your financial support to do so. 

Please make a gift today by clicking here to make a tax-deductible donation through our website, or send your check to MUUSAN, PO Box 8, Augusta, ME 04330.

Rev. Carie Johnsen, UU Community Church of Augusta, speaks out for MUUSAN at the Oct. 26
Faith Leader Press Conference for Ranked Choice Voting (Question 5), in Portland.

Check out MUUSAN’s accomplishments and aspirations by reading our first-ever Annual Report!  Your financial support is critical, and a gift in any amount is gratefully appreciated.  Together we are stronger.

NEXT MUUSAN Network Meeting:
Saturday, January 14, 10:00-noon
UU Community Church of Augusta

Yours in Faith,
Trudy Ferland, Co-Chair            Julia Fitz-Randolph, Co-Chair
First Universalist Church,          Midcoast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,
Pittsfield                                     Damariscotta



WELCOME to all our MUUSAN newcomers!



MUUSAN has been rapidly expanding our mailing list to Maine Unitarian Universalists and others who share our values in the public arena.  We hope you will enjoy all the opportunities that our newsletter, website and active Facebook Page provide for social justice actions in Maine, especially on our three primary issues:  1)  democracy in action, 2) health care for all, and 3) climate change.



For more information about Maine Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Network, please visit or email at



Click here to make an online donation through our website,
or send a check to MUUSAN, PO Box 8, Augusta, ME 04330.
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