Attend the April Raiser’s Edge NXT Product Update Briefing

Image that says Product Update Briefing

Most of those I’ve talked to recently don’t know about the Blackbaud “Product Update Briefings” coming up in two weeks. I had the opportunity to attend previews of a few last week, and here’s my advice: You should attend them, at least the PUB on Raiser’s Edge. It would be inappropriate of me to say more before the public versions, but from what I saw, the session for Raiser’s Edge is worth your time. Every database manager should watch this, whether live or afterwards in recording.

Remember, it’s a database manager’s job to be familiar with the current state and announced future plans for their product. Make time to attend.

The information and registration page will tell you more. (For those of you not in the United States, see the links above the registration box on that page.)

Register for Blackbaud Product Update Briefings here

Other items of note

While we’re on the topic of worthwhile Blackbaud events: You should seriously consider the Blackbaud Developers’ Conference, online June 7-9. Not a developer (programmer)? Neither am I. But this conference offers two items of note to those of us who aren’t: (1) Insights into what those who are developers are doing and can do that we can take advantage of for the benefit of our organizations, and (2) Information and training on the “low code and no code” tools available for use with RE. It’s really cheap, too. Check it out.

(BTW, still no word yet on bbcon — I’m told we might hear about that next month.)

Update on the removal of Microsoft programs from Blackbaud hosting: Most organizations seem to have made it through the February 28 removal by Blackbaud of the Microsoft applications from the hosting environment, most notably the loss of Word and Excel. Most folks handled this through exporting the data from RE and doing a simple or conditional mail merge with their local copy of Word. And that was likely the right initial approach. However, more products have come onto the market to make this process easier and more efficient (and more powerful, too), and you might want to explore them. I’ve updated Question 11 on my website page about this change with what I believe are all the current options and links to them.