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As we head full-speed towards the festive season, the BA crew remain busy with assignments along the eastern seaboard. Of recent note has been the activities coming out of Canberra as the coalition government bed-down the machinery of government changes.

Keep an eye on the BA website over the coming month as we have organised new profile photos on the BA team – thankfully they were taken before some of the Partners commenced their Movember efforts…

Many of you would have heard the news that Sam Higgins has been appointed as a Partner in the BA Group. Sam brings a wonderful reputation across both the corporate and government sectors, and our clients will continue to benefit from his experience and proven capabilities.

A profile for Sam is provided later in the newsletter.


Business Aspect has recently worked with a major Queensland Government department in the development of a mobility services white paper for their sector.

The rapid and effective development of mobile devices will often allow frontline services to be undertaken more efficiently, but there are significant changes needed in the associated workflows, information management practices and applications. Consumer applications can be used to validate the effectiveness of some elements of this revised model, but the mobility strategy developed covers the broader journey that a government agency must undertake to ensure that legislative requirements for data capture can be met, and that information can be appropriately secured.

The strategy also discusses the close alliance that his needed between the physical devices, the associated management tools and the partnership with an industry partner for service delivery. Sustainable progress without a harmonised approach across these elements can be difficult, and a key element in moving an agency towards a mobility-enabled future is an over-arching framework that can guide and manage the journey.

Many government agencies are now planning the adoption of mobility services within their delivery environment, and will be managing similar challenges. Business Aspect is now working with other agencies in planning for the transformative changes that mobility can bring.


There is a renewed interest across government and private sector to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  With constrained budgets and competition, both government and private sector are rapidly moving to placing the customer at the centre of business activity and streamlining their services and engagement channels based on how customers wish to engage.  The maturity of CRM platforms combined with the flexibility of on-site and cloud hosted offerings have created the opportunity for our clients to leverage these platforms in  a low risk approach, from small business to large government departments.

Business Aspect's CRM related client engagements have involved organisations across a range of sectors.  As an example from the health sector, Business Aspect has recently worked with two Medicare Local organisations to assist them in procuring a common client management system.

Medicare Locals work with many different groups and programs, across different organisations and locations in primary care. A common challenge in this domain is to effectively manage the client information and transfer of the information across the areas serviced by the health providers. The Medicare Locals were seeking to establish a common platform that could provide more effective management of these functions, and could also potentially be adopted by other Medicare Locals in the same region.  Business Aspect worked with the organisations to gather user scenarios, develop process models and detailed requirements. A robust tender process was undertaken, and a number of client management systems were assessed. The work program now moves into the delivery phase with the selected vendor. The dual streams of project management for this work will be in planning the business transformation changes needed, and working with the vendor to ensure implementation proceeds as per the contracted agreement.  The delivery of the common client management system will be of significant benefit in the complex and diverse primary health environment in which Medicare Locals work. The efficiency of services delivered will be improved, and the clients will have better interactions with the health services they are using.

Business Aspect is currently working with a range of clients on their customer management strategy, market review, CRM platform roadmaps and assisting with implementation and business transformation journey.


We are pleased to announce that Mark Watt, one of the Business Aspect Partners, has been appointed to the 43pl Board.  This is a consequence of Business Aspect's acquisition of CTG Consulting in 2010.

43pl is a consortium of small and medium sized businesses acting as a single participating in the Cooperative Research Centre of Spatial Information (CRCSI).  CRCSI is an international R&D centre set up in 2003 under the national CRC Program, an Australian Government Initiative. The initial 7 year funding period achieved $96M of cash and in-kind contributions. The current funding period 2010 to 2018 has $160M of cash and in-kind from partners that include federal and state government agencies, universities and over 50 companies. 

43pl was originally formed by the initial 43 companies in 2003. It now represents over 50 companies including Business Aspect (originally through CTG Consulting).  For more information about the CRCSI and 43pl go to: 

Membership benefits include:

  • Intellectual Property for business improvement

  • Networking

  • Funding for R&D

  • Access to experts in markets and technologies

  • R&D teams tailored to business needs

  • Early awareness of emerging technologies

  • Brokerage of public-private partnerships

  • New markets

  • Tender opportunities

  • Preferential access to expertise and contacts in grant/funding applications

  • Upskilling

Appointment to the 43pl Board of Directors provides Mark with an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationships that he has built in the industry over the past 15 years, along with access to the latest in expertise and research in spatial technologies and practices.  Business Aspect clients will continue to benefit from the knowledge of Mark and his team through our management and technology advisory services. 


Sam has over 18 years of tactical and strategic experience in the application of information and communications technology (ICT) to achieve business outcomes within large complex organisations in diverse industries such as energy resources, transport, financial services, and education.

He has extensive knowledge of as-a-service (cloud) computing, enterprise architecture (including service-orientation and information management), the open source market, enterprise applications development, and business intelligence, along with ICT management and governance practices such as ICT planning, strategic sourcing and portfolio management. He has broad experience in systems analysis, design and development, with more recent engagements in the areas of strategic ICT decision making and advisory services including global market scans for large organisations seeking commercial-off-the-shelf solutions to replace aging legacy platforms.

Sam joined Business Aspect as a Senior Consultant in 2011 with a desire to address real world problems using the knowledge gained from over 5 years as a leading ICT industry analyst.  He was appointed to the Business Aspect Board in July this year. During his time at Business Aspect, Sam has been involved in multiple client engagements aligned to his core strengths of ICT strategy and architecture, with a particular emphasis on Queensland's growing energy sector and the unique challenges of securely integrating enterprise and automation environments associated with process and safety critical systems.

As a regular and respected facilitator, panellist and speaker at both local and international conferences, Sam is widely published in industry journals and is regularly sought by the ICT industry press for his expert opinion.


There is a lot of discussion around the use of innovative technology in the context of the Queensland Government. Government 2.0 Community of Practice in Queensland is a Linkedin group very much tapped into this space.

Gov2qld members comprise professionals, drawn from both the public and private sector, who work with the Queensland Government.  All members share a passion to see government use innovative ways to share information, deliver services, collaborate across agencies and engage with stakeholders and the community. Business Aspect staff are active contributors to this group.

Below is a link to a recent article of interest.




A selection of the BA Partners are 'willing' participants in Movember this year.  Our team site will be updated with truly scary photos over the next few weeks, so feel free to have a look at

Cool Night Classic
A selection of the BA crew participated in the PWC Cool Night Classic 5 km run in October.  This is a great event that brings together huge numbers from the corporate sector on a weekday evening raising money for several charities.  This years beneficiaries were Special Olympics Australia and The Salvation Army’s Streetlevel Mission.

Festive Season
The festive season is approaching rapidly and planning for Business Aspect celebrations is underway.  This year will provide an opportunity for the BA team and their partners to celebrate our 2013 achievements and share some Christmas cheer with festivities during December for our wonderful people and their families.

The Business Aspect Partners wish you and your family a happy and relaxing holiday period and we look forward to the opportunities during 2014.

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