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MAY 2014

As the 2013-14 Financial Year draws to a close it feels as though the swinging pendulum of economic change has reached its peak and is now finding equilibrium in its ongoing shift between internal and external delivery of service.

The pendulum analogy is oft-used in both the public and private sector when referring to the accountability and delivery of front and back office services. What should be managed in-house? What is core business? What should be contested by the private sector?

As the National Commission of Audit Findings were released and the 2014-15 Federal Budget announced, the business community watched to see just how far the pendulum would swing.

Would we return to the large scale outsourcing models of the 1980s and 90s or to something more measured? Would the Federal Government adopt state-jurisdiction terminology such as “contestability” to emphasise the need for internal comparisons and market testing elements of service delivery change; or something entirely different?

Over the last eighteen months Business Aspect has assisted a number of clients in responding to these types of change, whether it is public sector agencies looking to gain efficiencies through to resources firms transitioning from construction to ongoing operations.

For these clients the epiphany has been in recognising the true sense of purpose for their organisations by undertaking a process to define a clear catalogue of services. (See Jacob Formann's article, Beyond Contestability).

In other articles this month we share our insights into the adoption of enterprise mobility across major government and private organisations; along with a mobility case study based on our work with two leading aged care and community health providers.

So as the economic pendulum of change continues to swing, take the time to prepare your business or your government department by asking yourself that most basic of all questions “Why are we here and what is my true catalogue of services and capabilities?”

Enterprise Mobility from Business AspectConceiving an Enterprise Mobility Strategy (Gil Carter)

The field of enterprise mobility has moved extremely rapidly in recent years. Previous generation devices were barely usable in an enterprise setting, however compare that to today where the current offerings of mobile hardware, software and the 4G network have transformed the mobility environment.

There is a significant journey to travel for an enterprise to conceive, develop and adopt an effective mobility strategy. In this article Business Aspect’s Gil Carter draws upon first-hand enterprise mobility strategy projects highlighting key considerations when developing a mobility strategy – whether it be public sector, private or not-for-profit. Read More. ...

ContestabilityBeyond Contestability (Jacob Formann)
Market Design, Management Information, Economic Enablement

Business Aspect has recently been engaged by a number of Queensland Government agencies, including DTESB, DETE and EHP to support their phase one response to the Commission of Audit recommendations in Queensland.

Working closely with agency stakeholders, Business Aspect has guided the agencies to define their service catalogues providing them with the information and tools necessary to understand the cost and potential value of their service portfolios. It enables them to clearly articulate what they do, what it costs and the value their services bring to the State. Read more...

Health Community Care MobilityMobility Adoption Enables Improved Aged, Health & Community Care

Business Aspect’s teams have recently delivered and are currently engaged on a string of mobility projects including adoption strategies and implementations in health care, community care, transport, law enforcement, telecommunications and public sector service delivery. A recent interview with senior consultant, Carla Scott has highlighted our recent work with two major not-for-profit aged care service  providers. Read more...

Robyn BaileyMBCI Certification for Robyn Bailey

Business Aspect’s Robyn Bailey has recently certified to MBCI level in the field of Business Continuity Management (BCM). The MBCI certification demonstrates Robyn’s significant knowledge and experience in the field. Robyn is one of only a handful Australian Practitioners certified at this prestigious level.

Robyn has a vast array of industry experience across Health, Education and Energy and has a passion for risk management and ensuring value for money solutions for business.

Since Robyn joined Business Aspect in 2007 she has delivered an Enterprise Platform Review for Brisbane Catholic Education; a Data Centre Business Case for Legal Aid Queensland; undertaken Business Impact Assessment, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery planning for Arrow Energy, Q Invest and QIC. Robyn has also worked with clients such as Blue Care, RSL Care, TAFE and Queensland Health in areas such as its telecommunications strategy, security strategy and information systems audits.

Read more about Robyn...

AusCERT 2014 - Trusting Security

Business Aspect’s Brendon Taylor, Greg Duval and Duncan Unwin attended AusCERT 2014 on the sunny Gold Coast (or not so sunny as it turned out). The event attracted delegates from the global security industry and the line-up hit on some of the hottest topics in the sector. Key themes included the rise of mobile and cloud data security; PCI and financial fraudware; changing cyber playbook rules to deceive and defend and not just react.

Also highlighted was the need to bring cyber-security to the board-room table. In fact, @AusPost CISO, Troy Braban, received the AISA award for his standout efforts to take IT security from being a “back office function” to one that makes business enablement a top priority.   Read More...

Engaging Minds, Empowering Futures (AIIA Luncheon)

The AIIA April luncheon featured David O'Hagan Queensland Government Assistant Director General and CIO along with Andrew Mills, Chief Information Officer.

Once again Business Aspect supported this industry seminar and enjoyed hearing insights including discussions regarding Big Data vs Visual Data and lessons learned over four years from the Department of Education, Training and Employment CIO. The key message being that often less is more when it comes to the ability to make sense of data.


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