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Our first newsletter for 2015 marks an important milestone for Business Aspect. This month we commence celebrations for our 10th Anniversary and throughout the year we will be recognising the valuable contributions of the people, both consultants and clients, those past and present, who have helped make Business Aspect the successful strategic consultancy we are today.

Business Aspect ended 2014 with annual Christmas Charity financial contributions. The staff and clients helped to select which organisations would receive the donations - we proudly supported; MS Australia, OzHarvest, Surf Lifesaving Foundation and Variety, The Children’s Charity.

The year has started off with Business Aspect partners, Mark Watt and Sam Higgins hosting our inaugural Boardroom Breakfast series across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Attended by a select group of some of Australia’s most erudite and innovative executives, the 31 attendees shared insights on what it means for Australia to become a location enabled society.

Each discussion was opened by a guest of honour, with Drew Clarke the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Broadband Communications speaking in Sydney, Bruce Thompson the Deputy Secretary at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries in Victoria speaking in Melbourne and Ian McLeod the CEO for Ergon Energy in Brisbane, respectively sharing their views on how Australian businesses might contribute to this important societal transformation.

The insights gathered will directly contribute to Mark Watt’s speech at the Locate15 national conference and also inform government policy considerations in relation to location data management, including national address management. You can read more about the series in the article “Is Australia Ready for the Sentinel Age” below.

We have also continued our expansion across Australia with the appointment of executives in Victoria and the ACT. David Smith joined us in December as our Principal in Melbourne and more recently, Greg Field has joined as our Principal in Canberra where he will also lead our Federal Government engagements.

In this issue read our latest delivery article outlining how Business Aspect is assisting both private and public sector organisations to improve their focus in relation to service delivery efficiency.

Finally we wish you all the best for 2015 as the Lunar New Year begins and the Chinese year of the goat (or sheep) heralds a year of promise and prosperity.

Special feature: Celebrating 10 years

Delivering great outcomes since 2005, Business Aspect is pleased to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in February 2015. 

From humble beginnings in a Bayside basement, Business Aspect is now one of Australia's most trusted strategy and management consultancies.  Read more...

Is Australia prepared for the Sentinel Age? by Sam Higgins & Mark Watt

Human beings have always been aware of our position in space, whether relative to the things in our immediate vicinity or the seemingly infinite universe. Our spatial awareness has evolved, from the first prehistoric cave paintings, through to ideological obsessions with a flat earth to complex mathematics enabling geospatial representations of our planet and ultimately augmented realities.

Today we exist in a time characterised by the increasing availability of near-real time reliable location information; the rapid rise of cloud computing (with seemingly limitless access to storage and infinite computing capacity); and the maturity of devices that enables ubiquitous access to services from almost anywhere. This new reality is set to change individual and corporate behaviour alike.

In February, Business Aspect hosted a series of discussions with some of Australia’s leading corporate and government executives seeking to determine what it means to become a location-enabled society and the implications for action required by both the private and public sectors to ensure Australia is well prepared to make the transition to a location-enabled society. A key factor identified in making a national response was to establish a common understanding of the current trends bringing about the need for change; the most profound of these changes being the arrival of what Business Aspect terms “The Sentinel Age”.


Successful customer-centricity requires a focus on “why” not “what” analysis of existing services

Today’s economy is seeing both the private and public sector directing their focus to service delivery efficiency and customer-centric approaches.

Defining services and assessing their role in the market enables transparency and visibility in business decision-making, allowing clients to truly see the cost and potential value of their services that truly resonates with customers.

Business Aspect has worked with a number of major organisations across Australia to develop customer-focused service catalogues that arm executive leadership teams with real information to better manage efficient delivery of services aligned to customer outcomes. Read more...

Peter BanksAn interview with Peter Banks

This month we profile Business Aspect Senior Consultant Peter Banks.

In this interview we get a glimpse into Peter’s varied career, and hear how it has shaped his approach to business strategy and strategic consulting. Peter shares with us his observations on the impacts that some of his recent projects and other related Business Aspect work is having on the productivity and service effectiveness of the Queensland Government. Peter also reveals what keeps him grounded and motivated in his life outside of work.

Read the full interview with Peter here...

You helped us choose our Charities

Thank you to those of you who helped us decide where to allocate our 2014 Christmas Gift fund.

We proudly supported four charities including Variety, The Children’s Charity; OzHarvest; Surf Lifesaving Foundation and MS Australia.

Past Events

Business Aspect Boardroom Breakfasts

In early February, Business Aspect welcomed some of Australia’s leading executives to a series of roundtable discussions across three capital cities. The discussions focused on the implications for both business and government of what it means to be to become a location enabled society.

The findings will directly contribute to Partner, Mark Watt’s speech at Locate15 this March where he will present a paper, "Preparing Australia for a Location Enabled Society" and also inform government policy considerations in relation to location data management, including national address management.

To register your interest in receiving a copy of the resulting whitepaper "Preparing Australia for a Location Enabled Society" please email us.

Coming Soon

Locate15: The Power of Location

10-12 March - Brisbane

Business Aspect is please to support the 2015 Locate15 forum, which is being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Business Aspect Partner Mark Watt will address delegates with his paper: “Preparing Australia for a Location Enabled Society”. Locate15 is the central meeting point of industry, government and academia in one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. Register here.


18 March - Perth
15 April - Adelaide
29 April - Brisbane

Business Aspect will present "Enterprise Mobility: Opening the window to your Cloud" at the JuiceIT Data#3 event this March and April. JuiceIT initiates and fosters robust conversations between Data#3’s world leading technology partners and key customers. This concept is exclusive to Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth market places. Register here.


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