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Welcoming the light...

With the dawn of 2019, I feel the pull to attend to unfinished business from last year.  Over the years, I have wanted to write a newsletter to share my experience of yoga (i.e. LIFE) with the broader community.  It’s something that didn’t happen in 2018, so here I am - holding myself accountable and popping into your inbox today.

The intent of this newsletter is to share, from my heart, some yogic ponderings and practices that currently inspire and uplift me, as well as to keep you all in the loop on my upcoming yoga offerings (drop-in classes in Squamish, workshops and series in the Sea to Sky Corridor and retreat weekends).  My intention is NOT to send you an email you are not interested in receiving - so, please click unsubscribe at the bottom of this email if that’s you and I will not take it personally.  I will send no more than a handful a year ;)  

I hope the holiday season brought a sense of peace to your heart, and you rang in the new year with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.  Recently, I led two yoga ceremonies in Squamish - ‘Calling in 2019’ themed around bringing in the new year on purpose.  I guided participants through journalling, mantra, pranayama (conscious breathing), asana (physical movement), art and ceremony in order to guide people to their ‘alignment’ for 2019.  I wanted to share my alignment with you.  I consider this alignment (similar to a ‘word of the year’) to be like a guiding light that will keep me on track towards my highest vision of Self and continually call me to rise.  My word of the year is * l i g h t * (last year it was listen).  Here are a few words I wrote about this alignment in a recent post:

✨l i g h t ✨
This is my alignment for 2019.
May I tread more lightly on the soft belly of Mother Earth.
I am calling in laughter - and the ability to take myself WAY less seriously (like, radically less seriously).
I am calling in a light energy body, physical body and mental/emotional body. Less stagnation, and more movement/vitality/vigor.
Imagine the relief (lightness) you feel after a long day of hiking with a heavy pack and you finally take it off. That moment of freedom, relief, joy, bright fulfillment - I am calling on that.
And, what I love most about this intention, is that it is nothing I have to add to my life... it is just that I allow myself to shed and release all the ways I trick myself into believing I am anything other than 💫light💫. Because, friends, at the core of our existence we are whole and perfect beams of radiant light. This is the year to remember.
In Sanskrit ☀️ t e j a s ☀️ : aura, glow, ray, brilliance, radiance, light, fire, luster. Spiritual power. Ardor. Splendor. Lightly consider this thought "sva atma rupa” : "this is my essence” - let yourself laugh in delight. (Lorin Roche from the Radiance Sutras).
Cheers to a year of ⚡️l i g h t ⚡️

Here’s a fun creative practice - take your 2019 alignment, or word of the year, and create a vision board around it.  Here I use watercolour paint in the background and then cut out images that spoke “light” to me.  Hang it up somewhere that you will look at it everyday, as a means of keeping you on track.  This is a really fun activity to do with your kids, too!  I then wrote the word LIGHT at the centre of a big piece of paper and mind-mapped intentions and resolutions that would stem from this overarching vision of a light-filled 2019.  This is a bit of a different spin on the traditional list of New Year’s resolutions - which often involve listing all the things that you don’t like about yourself  Align yourself with what your heart desires, instead of focusing on your “shortcomings”.
I am hosting my third silent retreat this Spring.  These weekends are truly so magical and humbling - as I believe so whole-heartedly in silence as one of our greatest teachers.  In a world of busy, go-go-go, to-do-lists and hurry-ups, I think that claiming a weekend of quiet, embodied slowing down is an act of great resistance towards the dominant culture.  The theming for this weekend will be around waking up to the dormant seeds that lie within you.  You will have the space to dive deeply inwards and truly listen to your deepest heart’s desires and how you can weave them into the change you so deeply yearn to see in the world.  See below for the details - please register soon to claim your spot in our growing circle.

Sweetwater Silent Retreat :: Quiet Awakening

You are invited to a weekend of calm contemplation with Andrea Sentesy as she artfully guides you through yoga, meditation, breath work, ceremony, journaling, mantra, nature-connection and creative explorations - with the intent to remember and awaken to your deepest, highest Self. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Mt. Currie, in an idyllic farm setting with free time to roam.

Friday afternoon April 26 - Sunday afternoon April 28, 2019.

Hosted at Sweetwater Lane Farm , 20 minutes North of Pemberton (a place of immense magical Beauty!).

$495 includes full retreat package (shared double boutique style room; home cooked vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by Ayurvedic Nutrition Counsellor Jo-ani Mercier; art materials; and a weekend of guided practices) 
Inquire or Register Now!
Here is a simple practice to support you in feeling more spacious in this moment (inspired by Adyashanti).  Sit in a comfortable position with your spine tall - aligning the crown of your head over the base of your spine (pelvic diamond), or lie down.  Take a few deep breaths - breathing down into your belly on the inhale, and up and beyond the top of your head on the exhale.  Each breath becomes deeper.  Now, turn your awareness from your breath to the contents of your mind.  Begin to notice the space between each thought.  No matter how quickly your mind is racing, there is always space between each thought.  This space is rich and fertile ground that will grow with the light of your awareness.  Enjoy the space.
I will leave you with a Sankalpa (sacred vow to yourself) from a poignant book that I finished on the last day of 2018.  I am so thankful for the revealed knowledge and the ways it has radically shifted my perception of Reality.  I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Tantric Yoga philosophy.

‘In the days ahead I’ll allow myself to feel into the deepest, purest yearnings of my heart.  I will allow those yearnings to bring me into spaces of stillness; spaces of gentle, wordless inquiry; and spaces of opening to whatever lies within.  And I further resolve to explore, with loving awareness, whatever I discover within myself until it integrates and shines as one with the light of my innate being.  I will not fear.  I will not shy away from that light, whether gloriously or painfully bright.  Inspired by the teachings [of yoga], I’ll look inside and welcome what I see, opening ever deeper day after day, with gentle effort, with sweet effort, allowing the spiritual unfolding that wants to happen and is ready to occur.” Christopher Wallis - The Recognition Sutras.
If you’re on social media, please follow along for the ride by clicking the icons below (FB: Inner Yoga with Andrea // Insta:  I welcome your feedback, inquiries, and suggestions for next time!  You can email me directly by clicking my logo at the top of this newsletter.
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