GPC Australia AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM this year. Minutes from the meeting can be found here:
A reminder that anyone one who would like to represent Australia at the 2014 GPC World Championships, please email Scott -
2015 GPC Australia Nationals

We are happy to announce that the 2015 Nationals will again held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, Surfers Paradise. Dates are yet to be announced.
Please note as per the AGM, you will have to compete at a State Titles or subsequent qualifier competition to qualify for this event, unless you are a resident of Tasmania as there is currently no Tasmanian State Titles.
Upcoming events

August 31
Spring Cup
PTC Brisbane, QLD

September 6th
Bench for Bucks
Brisbane Fitness Expo, QLD

September 7th
Deadlift for Dosh
Brisbane Fitness Expo, QLD

September 28th
Wild West Shootout
PTC Perth, WA

Sept 28th - 4th Oct
GPC World Championships
Iguazu Falls, Argentina

October 5th
 Canberra Cup
PTC Canberra, ACT

October 12th
Spring Bash
PTC Sydney, NSW
2014 GPC Australia Powerlifting Nationals

The 2014 Nationals were held at the Grand Chancelor Hotel, Surfers Paradise from June 5th- 8th. With a massive 239 register lifters, including 83 women, it was an incredible 4 days of lifting. Powerlifting in Australia has captured the world's attention with 11 of our lifters now ranked top 20 in the all-time world records (the full article can be read here:

The full competition results can be viewed at:

Congratulations to our overall open winners:
Alex Zerba (925kg @ 109.5kg) - Equipped Male 
Taryn Madeley (370kg @ 51.55kg) - Equipped Female
Jason Semmler (280kg @ 134.2kg) - Male Raw Bench Only
Sally Lyndon (85kg @ 88.2kg)- Female Raw Bench Only
Ricky Goodyear (900kg @ 105.9kg)  - Raw Male 
Yolandie Weir (377.5kg @ 50.6kg) - Raw Female

Queensland won the "Markopoulos - Wasson" state trophy by a landslide after winning 11 of the 15 weight classes. 

GPC Australia Adelaide Cup

The first GPC Adelaide Cup was held on Sunday 27th of July with more history being made by 19 year old Kristos Papanotis . You can check out the interview with Kristos below. Congratulations to all the lifters and South Australian State representative Firas, who has put great effort into growing the sport in his state. We look forward to lots more quality comps from SA.

June GPC Lifter of the Month: Chris 'Critta' Stamatiou

7th June 2014 was a historic day for Australian powerlifting. Critta's 3rd squat of 257.5kg broke a 38 year old All-Time World squat record in the 67.5kg class. After injuring himself on his opening bench (which was later discovered to be a pec tear), he opened his deadlift on a token 75kg. Incredibly be came back to smash out a 266kg deadlift for his 3rd to give himself a total of 667.5kg. History was made again as he become the first Australian to total 10 times body weight raw. All of us at GPC Australia wish him all the best with his rehab and look forward to seeing him on the platform uninjured soon. 

Age: 25
Best Lifts: Squat: 257.5kg @ 66.7kg
                Bench: 160kg @ 69.9kg 
                Deadlift: 266kg @ 66.7kg 
Trains at: PTC Brisbane, QLD

Training background – I was a soccer player since I was 5 until 20. I started pursuing to be a body builder when I was 18, but training wasn't really typical bodybuilder style, I always trained heavy and squatted and deadlifted at least once a week. A couple of mates convinced me to do a powerlifting comp because I was stronger than a normal person my size. I asked around and CAPO States in 2013 was the next upcoming event, as GPC states had just passed. I competed in that at u67.5kg and won overall.

Future goals: 600lb squat @U75kg, 300kg squat @U75kg, 300kg deadlift @U75kg, 700+ total @U75kg 10xbw @U75kg, first U82.5kg to total 800kg. Obviously long long term goals lol.

Who or what inspires your lifting? Seeing fellow PTC lifters break goals, records and PRs inspires me over anything else! Re-watching comp videos of everyone at Nationals gives me goosebumps and just makes me want to do it all over again. I love being an influence in other people's lives; motivating and inspiring others to keep on chasing their dreams.  Doesn't matter how hard the cut or how injured I am just being around the PTC crew is inspiring enough in itself. It's a feeling that can't be explained, it's so overwhelming.
July GPC Lifter of the Month: Kristos Papanotis

Just 7 weeks after Critta Stamatiou broke the 38 year-old 67.5kg class squat record, 19 year old Kristos breaks it again by 7.5kg and becomes the second Australia to total 10 times body weight. He also became the lightest Australia to deadlift 300kg after an epic 4th attempt. 

Best Lifts: Squat: 265kg @ 67.5kg
                Bench: 130kg @  67.5kg
                Deadlift: 300kg @  67.5kg
Trains at: Fuzzy's Power Gym, SA

Training background: I started going to the gym around 16 and enjoyed lifting heavy and testing my strength. One of the owners of my first gym introduced me to powerlifting; an actual sport where the aim of the game is to test your strength and lift as much as you can, I was hooked.

Future goals: My goals (for now) are just to continue getting stronger in the 67.5kg class, I will eventually end up in the 75's but I'm not big/heavy enough yet to make the jump.

Who or what inspires your lifting?  I was extremely inspired by Ed Coan, he was the reason I started powerlifting. He was the image that made me start and I was fortunate enough to have him help me these past 2 years and introduce me to certain training ideas and techniques that have developed me into the lifter I am today. Ed's a long way away though, the person who also inspired/freaked me out quite a bit was Firas. As many know, we been training together for a good 2 years. His deadlift used to (and still does) freak me out. I've seen him, and handled him in Melbourne when he pulled 352.5kg raw at 109kg. A few weeks later he pulled 370kg in the gym. Not many people are able to be around that type of lifting so it certainly made me jump up and make me get stronger.
June/July 2014

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