What a great start to 2015 for GPC Australia! The last 6 weeks have been massive, with well over 400 lifters battling it out at State Titles across the country. Our membership numbers just keep growing with 669 lifters currently registered, the largest number of registered lifters of any Australian federation.  
A special mention must go to Kristos Papanotis for becoming the first Australian EVER to hold an ALL TIME WR. He achieved this at the South Australian State Championships via a 277.5kg squat, 142.5kg bench press and a 297.5kg deadlift. This also gets him the second highest raw gloss at GPC Aus, just a few points behind Odell Manuel.

After talking to Stan "The Rhino" Effering last week, he is starting to get really excited about coming out to our Nationals - He said he has only heard awesome thing about GPC Australia. 
Upcoming events

March 8
NSW Nationals Qualifier
PTC Sydney, NSW

March 22
QLD Nationals Qualifier
PTC Gold Coast, QLD

March 29
ACT Nationals Qualifier
PTC Canberra, ACT

April 5
VIC Nationals Qualifier
PTC Headquarters, VIC

May 19-24
2015 National Powerlifting & Benchpress Titles

Grand Chancellor Hotel, QLD

May 22
GPC Australia AGM
Grand Chancellor Hotel, QLD
We hope to see as many faces at the Nationals as possible, but please, try and get your forms in as soon as possible. All the info can be found on the official website - www.gpcnats.comYou must have competed at a State Titles or subsequent qualifier competition to qualify for Nationals - NSW, QLD, ACT & VIC are all running qualifying competitions in the coming weeks for those that missed out on states.

Until the next issue.

Scott Wasson
GPC Australia Vice President
GPC Australia State Titles
7 State Titles were held over the last 6 weeks, with a massive 425 competitors Australia wide. Well done to everyone who now qualifies to compete at the National Championships. State Champions and links to full results can be found below.

Northern Territory Results
For full results click here
Overall Men Raw: Stephen Stavrinos - 695kg @ 98.7kg
Overall Female Raw: Lyndall Ryan - 270kg @ 58kg

ACT Results
For full results click here
Overall Men Raw: Tony Beecham - 730kg @ 119.6kg
Overall Female Raw: Michaela Vodvarka - 400kg @ 74.2kg
Overall Male Equipped: Ray Carlisle - 702.5kg @ 77.9kg

NSW Results
For full results click here
Overall Men Raw: Alex Lowe - 845kg @ 102.7kg
Overall Female Raw: Laura Srgo - 347.5kg @ 57.1kg

Western Australia Results
For full results click here
Overall Men Raw: Yianni Magoulias  - 680kg @ 73.8kg
Overall Female Raw: Dani Pearsall - 330kg @ 51.9kg

Queensland Results
For full results click here
Overall Male Raw: Jackson Murrie - 842.5kg @ 89.4kg
Overall Female Raw: Carey Boyce - 422.5kg @ 59.8kg

Overall Male Equipped: Alex Zerba - 905kg @ 119.5kg
Overall Female Equipped: Taryn Madeley - 382.5kg @ 53.4kg
Overall Male Benchpress: Jason Semmler - 250kg @ 122.8kg
Overall Female Benchpress: Kate Holt - 105kg @ 59.4kg
Overall Male Equipped Benchpress: Shane Atta-Singh - 265kg @ 157.5kg

Victoria Results
For full results click here
Overall Male Raw: Dylan Hart - 735kg @ 89.8kg
Overall Female Raw: Joanne Greagen - 415kg @ 64.6kg

Overall Male Equipped: Adam Lam - 735kg @ 98.2kg
Overall Male Benchpress: Alex Deken - 190kg @ 102.8kg
Overall Female Benchpress: Natarsha O'Hea - 65kg @ 82.5kg

South Australian Results
For full results click here
Overall Men Raw: Kristos Papanotis - 717.5kg @67.2kg
Overall Female Raw: Leana Mulyono - 392.5kg @ 67kg
2015 GPC Australia Nationals
Event information and entry forms for the 2015 Nationals are now available at 

GPC Australia AGM
The AGM will be held on Friday 22nd May, after the days competition. Any topics you would like raised must be emailed to by 8th May. Only topics in the minutes will be discussed.
First Australian with a #1 All-Time Ranking!
Massive congratulations to Kristos Papanotis, who's 717.5kg total at the South Australian State Titles broke a 16 year old record to take him to the All-Time #1 Ranking in the 67.5kg class. At only 20 years old, we can certainly expect more in the future from Kristos!

You can check out the footage of his lifts below:
January/February 2015

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