From the President
So as 2013 comes to a close, we look back on our first full year and are pleasantly surprised at the support we have received by the Australian powerlifters. If someone had told us in March 2012, that the 2013 Nationals would have 170 lifters or our membership numbers would be at 350 in such a short space of time, you would have been laughed at.
The key to this success is the people we have in key positions, from the Vice President all the way through to the state delegates, secretary, technical officers, record keeper, treasurer and so on. The work done behind the scenes by Scott Wasson and Emad Nayef is immense, and most of you will never hear about it.
2013 has been the biggest year in powerlifting ever in Australia, but its nothing compared to what 2014 will bring. I'd like to thank everyone involved in making GPC Australia such a successful federation in such a short time span.

Markos Markopoulos
President - GPC Australia
Upcoming events

January 18-19
Perth Cup
Coventry Village, WA

February 16
Victorian Equipped Lifting
PTC Headquarters, Vic 

March 1-2
QLD State Titles
PTC Brisbane, QLD

March 8-10
Victoria State Titles
PTC Headquarters, Vic

March 9
NSW State Titles
PTC Sydney, NSW

March 15-16
WA State Titles
PTC Perth, WA

March 16

ACT State Titles
PTC Canberra, ACT

March 23
NT State Titles
Powerpit Gym, NT

March 29
GPC NZ 3-lift meet
Miada Gym, Avondale, Auckland
Rule Book Update.
Rules passed at the GPC Australia & World GPC AGM's will be implemented from Jan 1.  
  • Benchpress: Start: An audible command of “Start” is given when the bar is held motionless at arms length, with the elbows locked. After receiving the bar at arm’s length, the lifter shall await the head referee's “Start” signal. The lifter shall then lower the bar to the chest and await the head referee’s signal.
  • Benchpress: The thumbless (or “suicide”) grip is not permitted. The thumb must be wrapped around the bar.
  • Deadlift: Knee length socks are required on the deadlift.
GPC New Zealand
As many people may already be aware, New Zealand has become the newest member of the Global Powerlifting Committee. This is a great opportunity for GPC Australia, as it opens doors to more international competitions. All GPC Australia members are invited to compete at GPC New Zealand's inaugural 3-lift meet in Auckland on Saturday 29th March. Entry forms will be available soon. To keep up to date with  all the news in New Zealand, head to their Facebook page

National Push/Pull competition 
On the 1st of December, 134 lifters, at seven venues around Australia, battled it out in the annual Push Pull competition. Results from across the country where collated and overall winners were calculated using the Glossbrenner formula with no age correction.
Freda Mazzon from Victoria took out the women's division with a 105kg bench (with an
incredible 112.5kg for a 4th) and 192.5kg deadlift @ 67kg. South Australian Yolandie Weir was only .6 of a point behind Freda, and Coralie Weir from QLD placed 3rd.
Another close match in the men's division with Josh Tait of QLD ( 225kg bench/ 310kg deadlift @ 117kg) narrowly beating James McNaught from WA. Les Grills, also from QLD, took out third place. 
Full results from the meet can be viewed here.
GPC Equipped Classic
PTC Brisbane hosted GPC Australia's first equipped only comp on the 7th of December. Alex Zerba went 360/242.5/282.5 @  116.6kg to take out the men's division and Taryn Madeley won the women's with 125/75/135 @ 53.6kg . Full results can be seen here. The next equipped only comp will be held at PTC Headquarters, Vic on the 16th of February.
GPC Australia 'Member of the Month'

Name: Yolandie Weir
Age: 27
Trains at: At home, SA. Coached by Daniel America
Powerlifting since : 2008
Weight class: 48kg
Best comp lifts: 110/80/150
Training background: I competed in a number of sports over the years - a bit of netball and touch through school, made the QLD cross country team, did competitive gymnastics for 10 years, as well as tumbling for a few years.
I went on to do marathon and sprint kayaking and was selected on the Australian team for marathons. Frank Manning 1st asked me to lift in 2003 when I was doing chin ups as part of my strength training for paddling. I laughed at him and said 'girls don't lift big weights'. He left it at that, but I think he secretly knew he would get me one day.
My 1st comp was bench-only in 2008, then a few equipped push pulls and the 2009 CAPO nationals.
I started back powerlifting in 2012 to get healthy and set a good example for my kids. I did a raw novice comp in February just 6 weeks after baby number 2 and I won with a 60kg squat, 60kg bench, 105kg deadlift. I competed equipped at the 2012 GPC National’s but have since moved on to do more raw lifting.
Best Powerlifting Moment of 2013: If I have to choose one I can't really go past the moment I locked out my 150kg deadlift at ProRaw. 
Training goals: My biggest and most important goal is setting a good example for my little boys that living a healthy, active life is fun! It’s the reason I started training again, I remind myself of that regularly. My personal goals are just to have fun and enjoy every second of it and appreciate the fact I have the opportunity to do something I love doing. Because I'm a little competitive I also walk into the gym every session with the goal of doing just a little better than last time as it adds to my enjoyment of training. 
December 2013

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