All financial members of GPC Australia are invited to attend the 2015 AGM, held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, 4pm Sunday May 24th.
GPC Australia Annual General Meeting
Sunday May 24th 2015

2016 GPC Australia Nationals Location & Format
Introduction of new committee position - Referee Development Officer
Introduction of the Regional Development Program

Motions Received
1. Received from John Sheridan (ACT State Rep) 
I’d like to address the Squat command and how we decide when it’s given. At the ACT qualifiers I had a few instances where the lifters knees appeared locked from the head judge position (and therefore they were given the squat command) but weren’t locked when viewed from the side. It’s especially hard to tell in wraps/sleeves. 

This situation could be avoided by implementing an IPF style squat command where the side judges have their hands raised before the lifter unracks the bar and lower them when they are satisfied the lifters knees are locked and only after this occurs can the head judge give the squat command. This would remove the need for the side judges to red light lifters whose knees weren’t locked even though they were given the start command

2. Received from Krystal Gagen (GPC Australia Cat. 3 Referee)
To assist with the management of inappropriate lifter and coach behaviour, and to ensure that meets are run effectively and safely, I propose that we implement a carding system for referees.
All three refs on the platform will have 1 Yellow and 1 Red card. A referee may give a Yellow card to any lifter or coach that is deemed to be behaving inappropriately, confrontationally, or not in the spirit of the sport, and is considered a minor offence; this will be considered a warning.

A Red card will be awarded to lifter if the offence is considered major, or the lifter has already received a Yellow card, and will result in the lift being disqualified. If the coach receives a Red card, they shall be asked to leave the competition. Should a lifter or coach receive 2 Red cards during the course of the competition, they will be asked to leave the competition.

If a card has been awarded, the Referee must stand, hold the card up, gesture to the lifter or coach to whom it was given and notify the head referee. At the end of that round, the 3 referees will get together to quickly discuss the reason for awarding the card and a note will be made. 

3. Received from Firas El Achkar (GPC Australia Record Keeper, SA State Rep) 
GPC Australia currently automatically sends out records certificates for all records broken. This is very time consuming, and some lifters don’t actually care for the certificates. I would like to propose that lifters would need to request their certificates, up to 1 week after the record is broken, via an online form on the GPC website. 

 Any matters arising during the 2015 Nationals
May 2015

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