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First off, let me say- "CONGRATULATIONS" to a few of my Bee Goddesses who gave Birth Live A BOSS over the past week. Honey, let me tell you, in the event of giving birth and the postpartum period, you don't know what to expect, but you can manage your expectations, and that alone is power.

One thing that I wanna share is little observation of what natural childbirth is. Now this is my personal philosophy, so you can agree or disagree. Thursday is the day that I ususally  send out the newsletter, but something came up... A planned homebirth mom, went in for an induction. It was imperative that I share this with you the day after because of my new found inspiration to build a SWEET beehive, I needed to feel this experience out. Not only does it come with a bitter sweetness, but I am inviting you into my own sacred intuition regarding preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.

There is a certain innate process that takes place between a mother and her baby through the journey of childbirth. Sometimes this wisdom can only come through woe. This is not ALWAYS the case, but often times the stories I hear have a deeper subconscious meaning. Let's look at the endangered bees for instance. There are so many factors that contribute to this happening. I am going to lead with the fact that environmental disturbances, preventable disease, and the loss of the Queen, as the main three factors.

Bee SMART – The perfection of the beehive takes a certain strategy, method, awareness, replication, and timing. Sounds pretty sweet right? But most of the time we as humans loose footing on the experience when we give birth in sterile environments, such as a hospital. This can divide the harmony and community, but it has become the norm. And even with the noted history it is still a place where African American women and babies, feel safe. This in my working practice is synonyms to honey bees. I told y'all I was going there. Maybe because, I keep hearing the same age old story of "the small cervix or inadequate pelvis." Buy using this scare tactic, women are discouraged to have the birth experience they want, yet to accept the experiences they are given. BIG difference. So back to the natural birth thing. The way we think about natural childbirth has to change from physiological to mental as there are too many variables and unique cirxumatances to practice the same way with every women. Meaning-- if a woman who has decided to use her informed consent and informed refusal options... If she chooses to induce, use pain medicine, or other intravenous methods to give birth- this is HER "natural path to childbirth," as much as it is for the woman who chooses otherwise. 

We Were Born This Way- We have to understand that struggling, with what is right or wrong shapes the way we understand the interconnectedness of choice, even if it risks survival. The natural mind has been set to trust authorities for so long, that many have become accustomed to the program of "traumatic submission." So while most are busy fighting to create space for homebirth and midwifery-- We are missing the necessary talk that involves the use of gentle "mother language." This is the most natural essence of birth because, it is not only the way we communicate verbally with each other, but it is a spiritual unifying language. Thus creating a buzzing vibe in our collective hive that is sacred and ran by the matriarchal power of The Bee Mother Goddess.

What do you think society tells us about "natural childbirth" today? I wanna get your feedback because, this is how we get the healing process we need.

Are You Up For Sweet Spring Healing? – So the Spring Equinox is coming up- and I want you to be there HONEY! In 30 minutes I am going to charge those who participate, with a vision to see birth in a more AUTHENTIC way.  I am NOT some woo-woo birth activist looking to change the way women and families experience childbirth. I AM a Black woman and mother of (4) who is passionate about building sustainability in families through values that feel freeing and sweet... from preconception through parenthood. 

Bee Connected – Giving birth can be a fulfilling and delicious experiences, full of nurturing behaviors and mindsets that are perfect for a Queen. Knowing that positive connection is a perfect resource that can sustain for as long as the energy is given. Did you know that science says, women conceive babies at least 3 months before the actual conception and have later discovered that they were pregnant?

A Short Story of "Perinatal Pollination" - This term is coined by me and is inspired to the "dance of the bees." There is an overarching theme that a woman dances with in her mind, and is capable of drawing the energetic force of a human child into her redar. As childbirth itself is a means for survival, so is the dance of bees a means for for a species that we all need to survive. I call this "perinatal pollination" because, it is imperitive that we learn how to connect to our innate abilities in order to direct our own paths into creating a sustainable beehive. I hope you got a buzz just reading this?!?!?
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