Clint Brukinshaw is an amazing travel photographer and has been a long time contributor to Visual Wilderness. He has a knack of finding his way to some of the most breathtaking, remote, and adventurous locations on the planet. Between 2013 and 2014, Clint spent 15 months on the road traveling across the globe from the remote wilderness of the Denkali Depression in Africa to the architectural wonders of Bagan in Myanmar to backpacking in Patagonia.

With such diverse travel locations, one of the questions that comes up is: What equipment does Clint use to create these stunning photos on his quest for adventure?

So… when InFocus Magazine decided to approach Clint about his recommendations for photography gear for your next travel adventure, his simple answer was to go light.

Going light, with only the essentials, enables you to keep your gear on you more often. More importantly, it puts the camera in your hand at times when it may not have been before. Clint suggests that you ditch some of the luxuries… concentrate on what’s going to get you that desired shot.

Of course, the gear you take varies depending on the type and length of your holiday. Here are a few tips from Clint Burknishaw on what to take on your next travel adventure:

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