The risen Christ walks beside us -- awaiting our invitation to stay with us, break bread with us, interpret life for us, give us hope, and share in thanksgiving. May we, like the disciples before us, have our eyes opened to recognize Christ as he comes to walk beside us this day. 

- Rueben P. Job 
A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God

Copyright © 2003 by Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job. Published by The Upper Room.
Embarking on a Pilgrimage of Faith

As spiritual leaders, we often struggle to remain whole and grounded in the midst of a too-busy world. We search for the grounding of our own spiritual journeys; we sometimes feel disconnected from the passion that first accompanied our call into a pilgrimage with Christ.

We invite you to embark on a pilgrimage with other spiritual leaders who are cultivating an inner capacity for God in themselves and with the people they lead. We walk this pilgrimage together, from the center of God out to the margins, to the people who are lost and forgotten. We walk together, inviting the voices and wisdom of the vulnerable. We chart this pilgrimage together, seeking the movement of the Holy Spirit to renew us and our faith communities. 
Spiritual Exercise - Pilgrimage

Jesus went up on a mountain and called those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve and called them apostles. He appointed them to be with him, to be sent out to preach, and to have authority to throw out demons. 
-Mark 3:13-15, Common English Bible

Hidden here in these few verses is a glimpse of the pilgrimage to which Jesus invited his disciples. The process begins with Jesus going up a mountain and, then, calling to himself those people with which he wanted to share his life and work.

Reflect on your story: When did the journey of being a Christ-follower begin for you? Under what circumstances or whose influence did you hear Christ’s call or sense the holy purpose for which you were born? Where do you turn today to renew your sense of call, to rediscover your purpose?

Reflect on your faith community: How do you invite people to the pilgrimage of grace that the disciples experienced in being prayed for, known, and called to share Christ’s life and journey?

Be still for a few moments in God’s presence. Share in prayer any memories or feelings that have surfaced. Give thanks for the grace you’ve experienced through this exercise.
Tending Your Soul:
Listening to God
by Marjorie J. Thompson

Compose yourself in quiet. Relax. Breathe deeply and gently. Re-collect yourself before God.

Ponder a significant question you have about your life (not an abstract question). Pose your question to God. It may help to imagine asking Jesus. Be in silence, open to what comes. Don’t try to think up an answer.

Allow images, impressions, words, feelings, intuitions to surface. If insights arise, note them on paper. If nothing comes, don’t worry. Try one of these:
  • Go for a walk with no agenda.
  • Pick up clay, paper and crayons, or some creative medium and just play.
  • Journal a dialogue: allow an interior conversation to unfold between you and God/Jesus/Spirit.
If something comes to you as gift, give thanks! If you think you might have gotten a clue, pray to stay alert to further signs. If nothing discernible happened, ask to hear/see what you need over the next few days.

From The Way of Discernment, Leader's Guide by Marjorie J. Thompson. Copyright © 2005 Upper Room Books. Used with permission.

This exercise and others for your spiritual pilgrimage may be found in our website's resource area
Resources for Soul Care

Entering the Pilgrimage:
Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ

Guide your small group in the exploration of spiritual formation as a journey toward wholeness and holiness. This resource is the first segment of a five-volume study developed from the original Companions in Christ series. Other volumes include: Feeding on the Word (scripture), Deepening Our Prayer (prayer), Responding to Our Call (vocation), and Exploring Spiritual Guidance (spiritual companionship).
Also Available:
    •    Companions in Christ Leader's Guide.
Companions in Christ in one volume: Companions in Christ: Participant's Book.

21 Ways to Pray. Based on the book Beginning Prayer, this online course guides users in learning to pray, in adopting prayer as formational in your spiritual pilgrimage. Learn more.

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