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December 3, 2016

Dear EU Friends,

A notable highlight of the EU2017 conference will be a special “Velikovsky Day” on Saturday, August 19.  Many speakers whose life’s work was originally inspired by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky's pioneering research will be presenting. For a balanced perspective, we will consider both supportive and critical evaluations of Velikovsky’s contributions.

In this week's Space News, "Water on Asteroid Baffles Astronomers," Dr. Anariba offers his analysis of the surprising discoveries at asteroid 16Psyche. Dr. Franklin Anariba, a specialist in electrochemistry at Singapore Universe of Technology and Design, has challenged the common interpretation. He explains how electrochemical processes can produce abundant water molecules on the surfaces and in the comas of comets. We are also pleased to announce that EU2017 will include further updates by Dr. Anariba.

Wal Thornhill’s groundbreaking talk "Stars in an Electric Universe” was presented as the John Chappell Memorial Lecture at the Natural Philosophy Alliance/Electric Universe conference in July 2011. Wal’s message is simple and direct: give up all mathematical contrivances and return to the solid ground of observation, deduction, and interdisciplinary synthesis. Since that presentation, the talk has been consistently rated as among the best.

Grab a pair of 3D glasses and explore Stephen Smith’s YouTube Channel, which takes you on  a journey across the surface of Mars. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the landscape comes alive as a planet once immersed in global electric discharge. Music throughout composed by Stephen as well.

~ Dave Talbott and Team

Water on Asteroid Baffles Astronomers | Space News 

Scientists today are expressing their astonishment over the detection of water-deposits on an asteroid that is thought to be pure metal. The asteroid is called 16 Psyche, and it’s described as the largest metallic asteroid in the solar system. 
Wal Thornhill: Stars in an Electric Universe |” NPA/EU 2011

In this John Chappell Memorial Lecture, Wal Thornhill sets forth a unified paradigm where plasma is the dominant, universal medium and the electric force rules the cosmos. Wal’s message to conventional theorists is simple and direct: give up all mathematical contrivances and return to the solid ground of observation, deduction, and interdisciplinary synthesis.  

Chicxulub by Stephen Smith
Nov 28, 2016

Did a 10-kilometer-wide asteroid strike Earth and excavate a crater? Off the coast of Mexico is what geologists believe to be an impact basin caused by the collision of an asteroid. It is a multi-ringed structure, similar to those mentioned in a previous Picture of the Day, . . . 
Wanted: Cosmo-centric Ideas by Stephen Smith
Nov 30, 2016

Currently accepted theories have evolved a long way toward catastrophics from their ancestry in uniformism. Assumptions of actualism and gradualism-that present-day processes acting over long times could explain the changing morphology of rocks and species-have been displaced.

NGC 4696 by Stephen Smith
Dec 2, 2016

Galactic filaments are known to plasma physicists as Birkeland currents. A recent press release details the enigmatic structure of Galaxy NGC 4696. What makes this galaxy so unique is that multiple strands of material extend outward in light-years-long tendrils, . . .


Want to discuss Electric Universe topics of interest with others?  The Thunderbolts Forum is the place.  Register then begin the adventure with other like-minded EU community members in discussing up-to-the-minute scientific questions. It can be a rough and tumble place so be prepared to defend your concepts with facts. Below is a small sampling of the discussion threads.

Electric Universe
Unexplained High Speed Electrons Discovered By Themis
This recent discovery seems to beg for an electrical explanation.

Electric Universe
Solar physicist finds new way to study solar neutrinos
Neutrino output is correlated to the Sun's rotation.

Electric Universe
The empirical physics error that resulted in a creation myth
Here is a fascinating attack on the underpinning of the Big Bang Theory.

Electric Universe - Planetary Science
An Alternative to Plate and Expansion Tectonics
This topic offers an intriguing geological analysis based on catastrophism.

Electric Universe
In the dark about dark matter
The gravity only paradigm fails on the galactic scale.

Electric Universe
Dark Energy is no more
Consensus cosmology finds itself to be in a state of turmoil.

Electric Universe - Planetary Science
Rock Strata Formation
This discussion concerns alternative interpretations of the geological column.

Note: The opinions expressed by forum participants do not necessarily reflect those of The Thunderbolts Project(TM) or T-Bolts Group Inc staff.


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