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December 2014

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Merry Christmas

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope that you all have a great few weeks celebrating and that you’re able to get out for a few runs in between gorging on festive food.

It’s always a tricky time of year to maintain fitness, particularly with the club’s first handicap event of the year in January. But don’t feel guilty, we’re active all year round and so you can afford to indulge a bit at Christmas.

Whatever you’re up to, myself and all the Committee hope you have a cracking time.

Best wishes


Not the Roman IX and AGM


There is still time to enter the best attended UKnr handicap event of the year on the 17th January. Entries are still being accepted online

If you are coming do not forget to register for the handicap as well on the UKnetrunner webpage (here!)


We’re now able to confirm that the 2015 AGM will be held at The Crown, Tiddington, just a short distance from the Not the Roman IX race headquarters. Thanks to those who have so far confirmed they are/are not coming. If you’ve not yet done so, please can you let know that you are going by 4th January 2015.


UKnr Committee 2015

With the AGM approaching we’ll be looking to confirm the Committee for 2015. Unfortunately we will be losing a few key Committee members and so will need to replace them. Please have a think about whether you wish to contribute to the club, it doesn’t have to be time consuming as we conduct all activity online. If you’re interested in knowing more, please contact

Runner of the Year

Amongst the prizes given out at the AGM every year, we have the award for UKnetrunner 'Runner of the Year'. A shortlist for this has been created by the commitee, but the choice of the winner is down to the members.

This years nomnations are:

Shaun Bonner, Colin Hewes, Akgun Ozsoy and Mark Willcocks.

Read why they have been nominated here.

E-mail your choice to by the 4th January.

Grand Prix

Following an annual review of the Grand Prix rules and feedback from members, a change will be made to the Grand Prix for 2015.
One of the aims of the Grand Prix is to recognise consistency and improvement (or even consistent improvement). The current system grades you on a calendar year, but in recognition of the fact that your performance doesn’t stop/start in December/January, the Grand Prix will be amended so that your band is updated on a rolling basis.
This means that before each race, your band will be set according to your best performance in the prior 12 months. So if you had an uncharacteristically good performance in January this year, you won’t be held to that for the whole of 2015.
Of course this also means that you’ll be expected to maintain any improved band you achieve in early 2015.

Good luck!

Up and Coming Events 2015

A couple of noteworthy events for 2015 are the Hope 24 in May and the Ramathon in June

Hope 24

HOPE24 was created in 2013 by Danny Slay, a fireman from Plymouth with a dream of a local ultra event and in the process raise money for charity.
Based at Newnham Park, the location offers hills, mud, streams, woodland and trail but in a peaceful location despite being 10 minutes drive from the City.

Like the Endure 24 that the club took part in last year, there are options of solo runners and teams running for 24 hours. Mark Willcocks is co-ordinating the UKnr entry and takes up the story:

'Team UKnetrunner are booked in for 2015 and after our performance at Endure24 in 2014 we have a target to chase....
The solo winner clocked over 130 miles in 2014 and I've heard the chase is on to beat that in 2015.
The event is filling up well and offers the chance for soloist and pairs and is priced very fair as once again charity is the main winner.
Watch the forum for updates and information, I can't promise rain and as much mud as Endure but mummy makes great meat patties and I'm sure I can get her to make proper janner handbags...(pasties to the grockles..) a superb, well marshalled and organised event, and good clean Devon air....'


After the NTRIX the next handicap event will be the Ramathon on the 7th June.

Based in Derby the event is a flat, yet scenic half marathon with a stadium start and finish making it ideal for spectators too. Entries are now open here

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