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Newsletter # 4 

Hi everyone and welcome to Term 1 2014!  Our family had a wonderful holiday break skiing in the French Alps – it sounds as though we might have had better weather than Wellington, although the tennis was pretty limited.  I trust you all had a restful break and are fired up for the post-Christmas season. The Committee members were really pleased to be able to deliver our interclub players with their new branded shirts, gear bags and first aid kits in time for the first matches. They look great – check out the photos below. Many thanks to The Trusts Community Foundation, which provided the money which enabled it all to happen. We have exciting news in this edition about Club Champs; team photos; some profiles of your hard working Committee, so you know who they are; some items from Thump and TransTasman and another inspirational tennis story to enjoy. 

Regards, Chris

Key Dates

  • Photos - Wed 12th March upstairs in the lounge at the club.
  • KTSC Junior Club Champs dates: Sat 29th March, Sun 30th March. Finals on Sunday 13th April. (Reserve day Sat 12th April).
  • There are no Friday Regional Boys interclub games scheduled for the 7th March due to the Renouf Centre being booked for another event.

Interclub Team Shirts Gallery

Club Champs 2014

Club Champs are coming up!  The format will be similar to last year:
  • U10 and U12 preliminary rounds on 29th March
  • U14, 16 and U18 on 30th March
  • All finals on Sunday 13th April - which will be followed by a BBQ and prize giving
  • The reserve day is Saturday 12th April
Age cut off is 23 March for all ages e.g. to play in the 10s you must be 10 or under on 23 March 2014.
** Plus this year we will be introducing a new novice section, for those who do not feel comfortable playing in the main draw. This is open to players who are 12 or under on 23 March and who play interclub in Novice or D grade, or who do not yet play interclub.
We do need volunteers to help on the three days:
  • marshall the kids
  • post the scores
  • help organise the prize giving and bar-b-que on the 13th April, please email Chris on if you can help

Team Photos

This year we will be introducing team photos for all grades.
  • Photos will be taken on Wed 16th March upstairs at the KTSC club.
  • So please keep this evening free in your diaries - we need everyone there.
  • More details will be sent out shortly

Interclub Match Report

Sat 15th Feb - Khandallah Nunneley

Khandallah Nunneley, one of the Regional 2 Girls teams had the home court advantage, looking flash in their new outfits. Emma Shepherd, Nicola Shaw, Meg Vogel and Meg Bradley had no idea what to expect from the Tawa-Lyndhurst team who had come down from Regional 1. 

Doubles was up first and what a spectacle these two matches were! Both games went down to the wire finishing in a super tiebreaker that both teams managed to win!

Junior Tennis Club Committee meeting

Your junior tennis club committee meets monthly during the tennis season.  Key tasks include organising interclub teams, arranging the club champs, liaising with TransTasman about coaching and player development and seeking funding for kit and equipment.  In response to your feedback we’re keen to generate more of club feel for the junior players and their parents.  At the most recent meeting the key items covered were:
  • Finalising arrangements for the distribution of team shirts and team bags – funded by a $5,000 grant
  • Confirming dates for and format of club champs and agreeing to seek volunteer parents and older juniors to join a sub-committee to help organise and run them.
  • Making arrangements for team photos to be presented on club champs finals day.
  • Planning newsletter no.4.
  • Discussing options for a Khandallah Junior Open – a good fundraiser for other clubs
  • Arranging for the backboard behind the club to made secure with swipe card access in order that this can be used safely by junior players.
Our next meeting is on Thursday 6th March 7.30pm – please contact any of the committee members (see below) if you would like to raise any issues for discussion.

Introducing the Junior Tennis Committee:

I am an enthusiastic amateur tennis player, and strive to keep pace with my 14 and 11 year old sons on court. Finley, plays Mens Prem 3 and Ollie plays Boys A1; both are in development programmes with Tennis Central.  My wife Rochelle plays midweek interclub and I play sometimes in Business House or sub in for weekend teams.  I am a junkie for any form of vigorous exercise, including being a veteran multi-sport racer and rugby coach. In my limited spare time I head the legal and growth businesses divisions at the Todd Corporation. My vision is to help KTSC provide the best overall Junior Tennis programme in NZ
I moved over to this beautiful country from the UK 3 years ago with my family of tennis players.  My wife Jane only rarely make an appearance these days due to a dodgy shoulder but son Tom (aged 14, at OC)  has played regional boys and daughter Anna’s  (17, at WGC) team have recently been promoted to regional 2.  I play interclub squash and tennis for KSTC so all in all we spend a lot of time down at the club -  so I thought I ought to do my bit to maintain and improve the club.
Jemma aged 11 and Rory aged 6 are the tennis players in the family.  But Dave and I have played before and often have a hit with the kids, it's a great family activity.  Both children play interclub for Khandallah; Jemma plays girls B grade and Rory started interclub in the boys novice team at the beginning of this season, and I manage his team.  There's something about playing interclub each week, against different players,  in a team environment, that really improves children's tennis.  If you're thinking about interclub for next season, make that "maybe" a "yes". 
I am the newest recruit on the tennis committee. I have two children; Nicola playing regional 2 and William playing C grade.  Both are really enjoying their tennis and thankfully also enjoy having a hit with me.  It has been great to dust off my racquet as I have not played for many years.  Needless to say the kids have great delight in beating me!
I'm a part time tennis hacker (despite the best efforts of Simon at TransTasman Tennis). I really enjoy having a hit in the summer evenings with my daughter Issy, or son Jack. I also manage Jack's interclub team. 

If you've got any questions on any aspect of junior tennis at KTSC feel free to give me a call (027) 246-0604, or email me:
We're off to a great start in term 1. We hope you enjoyed the Hot Shot Camps and the intensive holidays camps we ran during January.

A big mention to our Hot Shot winners:
Kate McDonald   /   Max Bowron
Sybella Pritchard   /   Edward Thompson
Piper Hanning

And the top performers from our invitational camps:
Callum Ogilvie   /    Sacha Thompson
Nick Renton   /    Hannah Jurke
Mady Gillard   /   Matthew Nixon
Hamish Milne   /   Digby Carroll

Follow the link to read our full report for January   
Any questions feel free to contact us on 479 -1386 !

Inspirational Corner

Aussie Open final – how to win with humility and lose with good grace

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