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The evenings are longer, and the days
are getting sunnier...

Hi everyone and welcome to this second newsletter of the term. Its been a busy and exciting month – Interclub has started, with 21 teams entered and some exciting matches played already, we had a fantastic start to Junior Family nights despite some blustery conditions, we have the results from the Junior member survey to report back on, Tennis Hotshots is under way see and our Juniors have performed very strongly at tournaments across the region this month. More details on those stories and others below.  Well done to everyone who has dusted off the racquet and is enjoying the spring weather on court – look forward to seeing you out there. 

Best wishes - Chris

Key Dates

  • Pre Xmas junior interclub season finishes on 8th December
  • Post Xmas Interclub starts - 8th / 9th Feb 2014 - thru to 22/23 Mar with 29 / 30 Mar reserve)

Fair Play & Sportsmanship

With the season just getting underway, its timely to remind all of the importance of fair play, sportsmanship and etiquette at all age levels.  

For the Junior Club at KTSC fair play and sportsmanship is best summed up in the Junior Club Principles, which are applicable to all players and supporters: 
  1. Sportsmanship: supporting and encouraging each other and learning the importance of Team. This includes all parents who we ask to encourage the principles of fair play and acknowledge good play by the opposing side. 
  2. Respectwe will respect each team member and expect him to likewise respect fellow team members, managers, supporters, opposition and parents.
  3. Developing skills: the development of tennis specific and transportable sporting skills and confidence.
  4. Doing your best: We want to see all within the team have fun, do well and experience the enjoyment that comes through trying your best. 
  5. Winninga desire to win, but not at any cost. 
  6. Enjoyment: we are all involved for enjoyment of the sport and team environment, the development of friendships that go beyond the current season and an involvement in sport for many years to come. 
  7. Being activewe understand the importance of physical activity and how physical activity should be a habitual part of everyday life. 

Tennis Etiquette

Sit down with your children and watch this together! This short video from Tennis Central does a great job of explaining the rights & wrongs of tennis etiquette. If you or your children are new to tennis its definitely worth watching.

Family Club Nights


A new season of Friday club nights started last week. We had a great start with a good crowd and a busy BBQ despite the blustery spring conditions. If you haven't attended yet, bring the kids down and have a drink whilst the kids are hitting & playing. Club night starts at 5pm with activities for all age groups and abilities. See the KTSC website for more details on the sessions and activities.

Many thanks to the Friday night committee of Carol Storer, Sara Chester, Sam Jacobs, Susie Watson and Katrina Magee for ensuring the smooth running of club night.

Interclub has started !

The first round of the junior interclub has been completed and KTSC is again well represented in the competition.  This year we have 11 girls teams, and 10 boys teams which is 1 more than last season.

See the  KTSC web site for:
  • Full team lists
  • Team manager contact details
  • Links to draws for all grades
  • Links to the junior tennis handbook

Interclub Match Report

Khandallah Wilding, novice boys team, had a great win over Ngaio Titoki in their first outing of the interclub season.  When asked about the day, Hayz summed it up well, "Great day, as tennis was fun, especially winning with Josh".

On Sunday 20th October the boys assembled at the College of Education courts for the first match of the season and for some of the boys, their first ever “proper” game of tennis. The playing team of Josh Thompson, Hayz Davis, Tom Watson and Sam Watson, supported by reserve for the day Rory Chester, won the tie in a count back on games, 34 games to 28 games , after winning 3 matches each. Accurate serving and a determination to return any ball possible, saw the boys win some games convincingly, and lose others by very narrow margins.

Conditions were quite challenging with swirling wind making for difficult games, despite the sunny weather.  The standout feature of the day was the accurate serving by both teams and the clear, correct scoring, particularly by the new players.
Those of you who have played at the College of Education courts will recall the thick ivy growing on the fence behind the court.  Once you lose the ball in there, it’s like it has passed through to another dimension, and you have no chance of finding it. In the first 5 minutes we lost two balls to the ivy.  But, on the plus side, both of them were Ngaio’s.  Success all around!!

Final Results
  • Josh Thompson             won 7-2
  • Hayz Davis                    won 7-2
  • Tom Watson                   lost  7-4
  • Sam Watson                   lost  7-5
  • Josh and Hayz               won7-3
  • Tom and Sam                 lost  7-4
Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey – you have provided lots of great feedback and ideas to make KSTC Junior Tennis Club even better.  And that’s the focus – 81% of you are satisfied overall with junior tennis with 18% very satisfied – having nobody in the dissatisfied camp is great but we want more of you to join the very happy 18%!
In summary:
  • there were 38 responses
  • 34% of respondees are Junior members and 63% parents of members
  • 65% have been members for 3 years or more, and 26% 1-2 years
  • 60% play at the Club once a week in summer (47% in winter) and 88% play once a week or more (78% in winter)
  • 81% are overall satisfied with Junior Tennis and 18% very satisfied 
 The main findings and planned actions in response can be found on the KTSC website

Tournaments Report

Well done to Junior Khandallah members who enjoyed tournament successes this month...
  • Ivy McLean, Caitlin Kelly, Brianna Mitchell and Angus Liddell all finished in the top 4 of their sections at the Tennis Central RPC Tournament in Masterton and attended an RPC training camp the following weekend.
Dunlop Slazenger Wanganui Open:
  • Girls 10 - Ella Craig (runner up GS10),
  • Girls 12 - Caitlin Kelly (1st GS12), Caitlin Kelly (runner up GD12), Ella and Jourdan Craig (semi-finalists GD12)
  • Girls 14 - Grace and Ivy McLean (semi-finalists GS14), Grace and Ivy McLean (runners up GD14)
  • Boys 12 - Sean Kelly (semi-finalist BS 12), Satchel Benn (runner up BD12), Oliver Hall (semi-finalist BD12)
  • Boys 14 - Finley Hall (1st BS 14), Samuel Newman (runner up BS14), Angus Liddell (semi-finalist BS14),  Angus Liddell (1st BD14), Finley Hall and Milo Benn (runners up BD14),
  • Boys 16 - Paddie Mitchell (winner BD16)
Manawatu Spring Open:
  • Girls 10 - Faith Sadgrove (semi-finalist GS10), Juliet Newman and Faith Sadgrove (runners up GD10),
  • Boys 12 - Satchell Benn (semi-finalist BD12)
  • Boys 14 - Finley Hall (1st BS14), Samuel Newman (runner-up BS14), Milo Benn (semi-finalist BS14), Finley Hall and Milo Benn (1st BD14)
Tecnifibre Wellington Junior Open:
  • Girls 10 - Caitlin Kelly (1st GS10), Caitlin Kelly (1st GD10)
  • Girls 12 - Caitlin Kelly (semi-finalist GS12), Caitlin Kelly (semi-finalist GD12)
  • Girls 14 - Grace McLean (semi-finalist GS14), Grace McLean (runner up GD14), Brianna Mitchell (semi-finalist GS14)
  • Girls 16 - Grace McLean (semi-finalist GD16)
  • Boys 12 - Satchel Benn (1st BD12)
  • Boys 14 - Finley Hall (1st BS 14), Angus Liddell and Samuel Newman (semi-finalists BS14), Angus Liddell (1st BD14), Jack Warner (semi-finalist BD14), Finley Hall (semi-finalist BD14)

Tawa Labour Weekend Tournament:
  • Girls 10 - Faith Sadgrove (semi-finalist 10s GS), Ella Craig and Faith Caitlin Kelly (1st 12s GD), Jourdan Craig (runner up 12s GD), Willoughby Benn (semi-finalist 12s GD),  (semi-finalists 10s GD), 
  • Girls 12 - Jourdan Craig (1st 12s GS), Caitlin Kelly (runner up 12s GS)
  • Girls 14 - Meg Henderson (runner up 14s GS), Meg Henderson (semi-finalist 14s GD)
  • Boys 10 - Alexi Zangouropoulos (2nd= 10s BS)
  • Boys 12 - Satchell Benn (1st 14s BS plate, semi-finalist 12s BD)
  •  Boys 14 - Finley  Hall 1st 14s BS), Samuel Newman (runner up 14s BS), Milo Benn / Finley Hall (runners up 14s BD), Jack Warner and Samuel Newman (semi-finalists 14s BD
Its great to see all our Juniors performing strongly at tournaments.

Inspirational Corner


Andy Murray won Wimbledon this year in a great match against Novak Djokovic.  Read this great account of the match and how Andy Murray became the first Briton to win Wimbledon wearing shorts !  
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