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April 2015

TLS Productions, Inc. News & Announcements

Empowering Creativity, And Making It Reality - our mission at TLS Productions, Inc.  We do this by offering a turnkey operation, we provide consultation and all the necessities to design, draft, rig and light productions and permanent installations of any size, including state of the art audio and video elements. We offer equipment rentals and sales encompassing most international brands and both electronic and mechanical repairs are done in house.  TLS Productions, Inc. also provides theatrical draperies for rental and sale and can fabricate drapery to meet your specific needs.  If it's lighting, rigging, staging, audio or video related, there are no limits to the products and services that we can provide.

From The Desk Of Design Services - April 2015
Contributed by Doyle Martin, VP of Show Services | Director of Design Services

The Care and Feeding of a Lighting Designer
The lighting designer is a unique creature, capable of creative genius in the right environment.  They have personalities that run the full spectrum of people you might meet.  However, they all need much the same things when it comes to giving you the best show that they can.  Some will ask for the information they need.  Some will rarely speak, but will, instead, glean their ideas from the team communications to which they are a part of.  Some will attempt to "do what they do" with little or no direction at all.  All of these methods can work quite well when the LD, client, and creative team are well matched.  However, there are some things you should know to help make sure that the lighting you get will be what you expect.
  • Communicate your vision to the extent that you can, let the LD know what it is that you want to see.  If there is an effect you have seen you want in the show, let the LD know.  If you have a favorite TV show or movie that you want to try and replicate, let the LD know that as well.  Two things to keep in mind here:  1) Keep your budget in mind - cutting edge lighting gear can come at a high price.  Your LD will always do the best they can within your budget, but you don't get "American Idol" type lighting if you aren't comfortable spending money in amounts with 6 or 7 figures before the decimal point.  2) There is never enough programming time.  Don't overspend on your lighting if your schedule is not going to allow (or you don't want to pay for) the required programming time.  Many large lighting rigs have multiple programmers, all working very long hours to get to a final version of a show.  Programming takes time.  No matter how much time you allow, your LD and/or programmer will never feel like they have enough.
  • Schedule a time with your LD to look at the specific lighting looks - assuming this is something you want to do.  Most LD's will be happy to walk you through the looks and cues they have created for your show or event.  If you see something you want changed - let the LD know.  Some LD’s prefer to take care of changes "while you wait" - whereas others prefer to take notes and make the tweaks at another time.  Keep in mind that sometimes something that seems simple, isn't all that simple to change on the fly.  So try to have some patience.  HINT:  The LD has worked long and hard to build a show that puts the product, performers and/or environment in the best light.  If there is something you don't like, make sure to tell the LD exactly what it is that you don't like so it can be fixed.  One of the most frustrating things in the world an LD can hear after hours or days of programming is "do you like that?"  If the LD didn't like it, it wouldn't be in the show.  So just tell the LD what you don't like about it and save the frustration.
  • Your LD wants to be part of the creative team.  Often the LD for a show isn't included until it's really too late for the LD to have much (if any) input into the overall creative design of the show or event.  If you will commit early to having a lighting designer as part of your creative team, you will find that the overall production will be greatly enhanced.  A good lighting designer can help with everything from blocking talent to product placement.  The sooner you make an LD a part of the creative process for your exhibit, event, or stage show, the more help the LD will be in making sure that your event is as visually stunning as possible.
Your LD can be a valuable member of your creative team.  The sooner an LD is involved in the creative process, and the more information you can convey about your show, the better off your show will be.  Every modern lighting design is a compromise based on budget and programming time.  Don't be afraid to let your LD loose with just a little direction.  Generally speaking, the more creative latitude you allow your lighting designer, the better the final product.
If there is ever anything that TLS Productions, Inc. or I can do to help you with your process, production, event or exhibit, please let us know.
Doyle Martin
VP of Show Services | Director of Design Services

In the coming months, Doyle Martin will expound upon his thoughts about the re-imagined Design Services department as well as lighting design, production industry issues, and anything else that seems relevant and interesting.  Should you ever need lighting design, direction, programming or consultation; CAD services; or should you just want someone to discuss some creative ideas with, Doyle is only an email away:

TLS Productions, Inc. News & Announcements Continued...

Did you know that TLS Productions, Inc. is an Electronic Theater Controls Factory Authorized Service Center with ETC Factory Authorized Field Service Providers on staff?  Our ETC Field Service Providers handle a variety of functions – advising contractors on proper methods for installing various products, providing phone tech support, providing onsite tech support when problems arise, updating operating software and doing new system commissioning along with owner training. And when needed, we can provide loaner equipment or acquire equipment direct from the factory, we can also facilitate factory repairs as needed.  Keep your ETC equipment operating at peak performance, and contact us today!

TLS Productions, Inc. is also a Columbus McKinnon Authorized Service Center and can provide CM Hoist Service & Certification.  Our mission, along with Columbus McKinnon's mission on this topic, is to improve the quality of hoist service and repair; contact us today to learn more about CM Hoist Service & Certification!


TLS Productions, Inc. News & Announcements Continued...

So, what have we been up to since March's newsletter?  We've wrapped up another successful auto show season - from Los Angeles to New York and every show in between, exceeding expectations all along the way.  Hats off to the entire TLS Productions, Inc. team for all of your hard work and dedication, you made our successful auto show season possible!  And many, many thanks to our clients and partners - we couldn't have done it without you!  Check out some pics from the 2015 New York International Auto Show below.

So, what else have we been up to?  As usual, we've been hard at work with local productions and installations here in Michigan, as well as various other locations.  Recently, we had the opportunity to provide gear and top notch programming by our very own, Bobby Glowacki, for an Alfio performance at the Berman Center For Performing Arts (West Bloomfield Township, MI).  The Alfio performance is scheduled to air on PBS in August.  Check out some shots below.

And that's not all!  We're proud to be part of the 2015 NFL Draft Week in Chicago, happening NOW!  Check out some images below.

Be sure to check out the Elation Road Show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre (Royal Oak, MI) - happening Thursday, May 7th, 2015 from 10am-8pm.  And as Elation dealers, be sure to let us know if you see anything there you like!  Look for some of us at the show, click on the image below to download the flyer, or contact us for more info!

For the upcoming month of May, be sure to contact our Sales and Rental Department for some great deals from the industry's leading manufacturers, such as ETC, Elation Professional, Martin, Robe, and dozens more!  And be sure to check out more great deals on our rental and sale items, as well as great prices on used equipment for sale from our rental stock, at the links below:

TLS Productions, Inc. Sales NEW

TLS Productions, Inc. Sales USED

TLS Productions, Inc. RENTAL

To find out what TLS Productions, Inc. & Design Services can do for you, contact us at any of the options below - and watch for more BIG news and BIG announcements from us during the weeks and months ahead - such as details about our 2015 Open House & New Product Showcase!  Stay tuned!

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