It’s February!

It’s February, and we are thinking about hearts. It’s American Heart Month and National Cat Health Month. Plus, Valentine’s Day and Love your Pet Day fall in the middle of the month. Most importantly, with a name like Hart 2 Heart, how can we NOT have hearts on our minds. So, this month we are specifically thinking about the heart health of our families – both human and furry.

To maintain a healthy heart for yourself, doctors recommend daily exercise, a nutritious diet, a healthy weight, quality sleep, not smoking, stress management and regular health screenings. While the risk factors of human heart disease are not a concern for your pet, taking care of yourself is beneficial to your pets. Not smoking is good for your pets because they can be victims of secondhand smoke. The more smokers in the home, the higher the levels of nicotine metabolites found in family pets. Exercising and following a wholesome diet are good for you and making sure your pet gets exercise and eats nutritiously is a good way to avoid pet obesity, which can have an adverse effect on your pet’s overall health.

One of the best ways to show love for your furry sweethearts is to take care of them. National Cat Health Month is a reminder to schedule a yearly checkup. Note any concerns you have about your pet’s physical wellbeing and behavior issues so you are prepared to talk about them with your vet. Cats are notorious for hiding any problems they may have, so a wellness visit is a great opportunity to identify any areas that may be impacting your pet’s health. During a wellness exam, your veterinarian can monitor your pet's overall health and check for diseases that can be difficult to spot in the early stages.

So, celebrate love throughout February! Take care of yourself and your pets too!

Featured Pets

We couldn’t choose which cat to feature this month, so we chose two!

Missy and Natalie are both at our partner pet store, PetSmart in Warminster, PA. Stop by to meet them. You’ll fall in love!

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