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Two Dryer Balls
... and a partridge in a pear tree!

A Clear Place with Jane Green

If you don't already have dryer balls, put them under your tree this year. If you know anyone with a dryer - or anyone who does laundry - this is the perfect gift! Seriously. They really DO work. At what exactly? They cut drying time by at least 25% (50% if you have a small dryer) which reduces utility bills and wait time. They soften and reduce static cling so if by any chance you're still clinging to those dryer sheets or fabric softeners - goodbye. Not all balls are equal, however, so get informed before buying. Good ones last a long time. Cheaper ones won't do the job. Simply Good Stuff spells out the differences and you can order at a reduced price online. For balls that are PVC free or for wool ball options (at a premium price) check out Nellie's All Natural.

HOLIDAY READING - Take a load off while doing a load of laundry and cozy up with my pick for holiday reading. The Man Who Invented Christmas by Les Standiford, reveals the story behind a Charles Dickens classic. Welcome to England 1884. "It was a harsh and dreary age, in desperate need of spiritual renewal, ready to embrace a book that ended with blessings for one and all." After it was rejected by his publisher, the debt ridden Dickens scraped the money together to self publish A Christmas Carol and in so doing, changed his legacy and reconnected everyone to the hope in a holiday and in mankind.  Download from your library or purchase new/used hard copy or paperback online at Powells.  
Happy GREEN Holidays!

Yay! My favorite laundry soap is in season. I'm crazy for the minty pine fresh of Frosty Zum. Indigo Wild makes some of the best cleaning products out there for body and home. No synthetics, petros, parabens or other scary stuff. I also use their Sea Salt laundry, bar soap, body lotion and counter spray.  For a sensual bath bar, you'll love the Sandlewood-Citrus. Store a bar of any of the more than 30 blends in your dresser or closet for a whiff that will lift. Products last a long while. Enjoy!

DECK THE HALLS ... a deck like no other!
30 photos from nature on one side - practical ways to brighten your home & life on the other. Printed in the USA w/wind power.

Written & Photographed
by Jane Green

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