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Greetings from Jane Green
A Clear Place

Jane Green

Light Matters

a clear place INTENTION

Expand your room by connecting it to the space outside. Create opportunities for natural light to enter your home. Keep windows clean. Clear clutter from around doorways and windows. Notice what's going on outside. Do shrubs need pruning? Is there debris to be cleaned up? Anything dead or broken laying around?

People often forget that what is going on directly outside the space definitely effects the energy inside. Take a moment to look out your doors and windows. Cleaning up and clearing away clutter from porches, yards, decks, gardens, thresholds and entry ways will work wonders in lightening your entire  space.

I was lucky to have lots of green energy that revealed itself outside this window. When challenged with electric wires/towers or brick/concrete walls, improve your view and diffuse harsh energy by adding a window box or even a small flower pot. Keep fresh flowers or greenery on the inside, too. Try hanging a sun image or light catcher in your window. Remember to keep it simple and avoid cluttering the view. Less is more.

Connecting with nature is the surest way to create a happy and nurturing space for you and your loved ones.

Keep your space clean and clear to encourage energy flow and more light coming your way.

Fresh Perspective for Loving Your Space!

Staying in the light
is the greatest aid
we can give to the world
when it is covered in darkness.

The Process

This one room cottage went from dark and dingy to warm and cozy in a short time using simple, low or no cost ideas. I'll be sharing some of that process over the next few weeks. I hope you are inspired in big and small ways to create your perfect place. Whether you are there long or short term  ... the process of transformation has lasting results.

First up - adding more light:
  • cleaned blinds w/soap and water; dried and then rolled up to the top
  • washed windows and frames inside/out
  • framed the window with softness and a touch of color by hanging a drapery scarf (used two small screw hooks at either end to hold fabric)

The picture window had now become a focal point for the room and a naturally beautiful backdrop for entertaining ... and reflection.

NEXT: Creating the Bedroom!

a clear

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