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Greetings from Jane Green

Jane Green

Creating Bedroom Bliss
Cottage Transformation Part 2

a clear place INTENTION

NEXT in the "converted garage to cozy cottage" challenge: create sleeping quarters in a one room space. That one room also had to work as my office, kitchen, dining and living area. Whew! But I had a few ideas ... and a vision.

GREEN RULE: Work with what you have as much as you can - and have a plan.
Before you begin any transformation, study your space first to identify its good points. I knew I wanted serenity for the bed area, so I focused on the lowest traffic section of the room - the far corner. Now to create privacy. Using one of the ceiling beams as an anchor, I nailed in two curtain rod brackets. Then I hung four panels of tab curtains (IKEA sale $39) on a wooden rod ($20) and placed the rod into the brackets. Yay! A privacy wall that could easily open or close when desired and be removed for washing.

I used a push pin to suspend my beloved string of butterflies, found a portable bed frame for my queen air mattress (Craigslist $30) and hung my rice paper shade on the wall to enhance the soft green walls and tranquil theme. The "bedroom" was completed by securing my headboard to the mattress frame using twist ties. (See photo at top of right column.)

Creating a space that works for you is worth the effort.  Make sure your plan is simple and cost effective. Play with light and color. Have fun in the process. Wishing you peace and pleasant dreams!

Sweet Slumber

Your sleep space is THE most important area of your home. Why? Your health depends upon it.
During the sleep state, the brain is recharging, the digestive system is doing its thing and we are at our most vulnerable to energy including light and sound vibrations.

Bliss Ensurance:
  • make sure area is clutter free especially nightstands
  • keep electronics away from head area (ideally out of the room entirely)
  • wash linens often with scent free soap (no dryer sheets)
  • keep floors clean & vacuumed (including under the bed and behind the headboard)
  • diffuse or mist therapeutic grade essential oil of lavender (no synthetics)
Coming Up: Making One Closet Work!

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Natural help for space challenges!