The MDG Times - Issue 7 - Fall/Winter 2013


Lucky number seven has arrived! It's been a terrific last couple of months filled with travel,  new partnerships and clients, and even a new members of our team.

As always, we've got lots to share with you - we look forward to your feedback!



This holiday season, the Meade Design Group studio will be closed from Monday, December 23rd 2013 through to Friday, January 3rd 2014 inclusive. We will return from the holiday break on Monday, January 6th during regular hours.

But what about our summer holidays you say? How did they go? Well, we've got some fun snapshots from our journeys for you coming up:

Ivan's photos from Mexico (above)
Echo's photos from Scotland (top), London (center) and Paris (bottom)
Ivan and Jeff also took a second holiday since our last issue, they visited France (as shown here in Versailles, where they met up for the Architect and Designer tour with fellow West-Coast designer-extraordinaire, Patricia Gray) and Spain. There's more from his European getaway below:

We've got two new employees to introduce you to, we are always excited to have new members of our team to bring in new layers of insight, style and creativity.

First off,  meet our newest graphic designer, Jordan Clarke (shown here on the right). We were first introduced to him when he worked with our neighbours at Page One Publishing. Using his 7 years of graphic design experience, he's already been a great addition to the team, his experience with working at a printshop, designing layouts and using various programs is a definite asset.

We're also thrilled to have added Jan Pingel to our team (shown here on the left), we've gotten so busy with our web-work that we now require two developers on staff! Jan is so knowledgeable in everything web-related; he has already worked with many high-profile clients and has over 10 years of experience at a young age. 

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Meade Design Group is now offering our very own line of tea! We currently have black, green, white and rooibos varieties in the line but are also working on a limited edition Christmas tea for the 2013 holiday season. We can't wait to share it with you!


We were very excited to work with Autonomous Furniture Collective on their logo, print goods and advertising, it has truly been a pleasure working with them on this project - we even made it on their facebook page when we stopped in to help them celebrate their opening!
In other news, this October 31st, our very own handsome, Mexican, principal designer, Ivan Meade celebrated his 40th birthday in style! Jetsetting off to LA to see some of his favourite Latin artists as a wonderful birthday gift from Jeff, and a day at the spa with the whole (thankful) team! Happy birthday dear Ivan, and many many mooooore!!!! (excuse the grainy group selfie, the spa's lounge was dimly lit - right to left we have Jeff, the birthday boy himself, Echo, Jordan and Jan)


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SONG: "Hold On, We're Going Home" by Drake - Degrassi star turned rapper turned... singer? We love it!

DESIGN FIND: Inspired by our European travels, we are now obsessed with all things BRASS!

PASSTIME: With the weather getting chilly, we've been finding ourselves curling up with a good book more and more - with a hot beverage (like MDG tea!), a cozy blanket and a fire going, what more could you need?

SWEET INDULGENCE: We somehow ended up with far too many halloween leftovers - but we're not complaining!

Navarrese in Mexico
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SHOWN ABOVE: Recent appearances in...

Navarrese in Mexico - February 2013 - the stories of those immigrating from Spain to Mexico and the success stories of descendants who are still alive today (where Ivan is featured)

Y.A.M. Magazine - Jul/Aug 2013 -  'Elevated Design' (our Outstanding Homes article featuring designs by Urban Core Ventures)

Y.A.M. Magazine - Sep/Oct 2013 -  'Urban Retreat' (our Outstanding Homes article featuring designs by Sandy Nygaard), and mentions in 'Wild for Wallpaper' and 'Design & Decor: Break the Rules'.

Y.A.M. Magazine - Nov/Dec 2013 - 'A Natural Beauty' (our Outstanding Homes article featuring Tamara Bush of InHabit Designs)

Tara McHugh Flora - The Blog - online here - an interview with Ivan regarding his thoughts on flowers

The Arts by Karena - online here - a feature on Meade Design Group as part of her 2013 Designer Series

Innova -  this recent logo design won a graphic design award in Mexico with the 'Proyecto Grupo Diavaz - ABS Consultor√≠a'

You can also find us in each issue of Y.A.M. and SNAP! Magazines where Ivan is a regular contributor.
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