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Caffeine Effects On The Body And Brain
If you are addicted to your morning brew, you need to know the caffeine effects that exist for your body, brain and also your heart. Caffeine causes acid build-up, heartburn, and increases your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There are some good upsides too so find out all the details now.
Ina Garten’s 5 Star Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe
It's the famous Ina Garten 5 Star Lemon Yogurt Cake and you will not want to miss it. This is The Barefoot Contessa's go to recipe. She has her own Food Network Program and is a legend in the kitchen. It gets excellent reviews too! If you are a lemon lover, this is a must make. Grab the recipe and watch the video now.
Ways To Substitute Eggs When You Bake
You will be surprised at the many egg substitutions that you can use in your baking. We give you 5 easy alternatives plus learn how to make a 3 ingredient Applesauce recipe for your cooking too. This information is so handy. Grab your pinnable charts now!
Handy Bloom Time Chart For Bulbs
Every garden lover will appreciate this handy bloom time chart for bulbs. By knowing when to plant your bulbs, you can enjoy a continuous parade of gorgeous colours in your garden, all year round. Grab your pinnable sheet now.
Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Water
You won't believe the unbelievable health benefits of drinking pink Himalayan salt in water each day! We have started doing this and the effects on body and mind are incredible! We have all the information and show you how to make the recipe. Clean up your health overnight using this life changing information. If you only read one post, make it this one!
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