CONGRESS DAILY: Chef Action on 25th of September 2016
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The founder of molecular cooking charmed the audience with his exuberant enthusiasm, and his presentation about the future of cooking – note by note cooking.

Here are some words of wisdom we have stored in our hearts.
“There is a possible energy crisis, we will have perhaps 10 billion people and we need to find enough food and sustenance to feed them.”
“10,000 trucks come to Paris everyday to transport tomatoes. Tomatoes are 95% water, so we are using gasoline to transport water. That’s crazy.”
“Chefs do not celebrate chemistry but celebrate culinary art. I want to give you something so simple it is so easy for you to create something beautiful on the plate. With charcoal and paper, you can draw, and Picasso can create an art piece. This is the same with note-by-note cooking. I want you to create art in the right direction.”


A chef never stops learning, and here’s one way you can pave your way towards education excellence:  Stop by the Worldchefs Booth to have a chat with John Clancy, our education director.  If you are a chef association President, working in a culinary & hospitality school, or run a  large culinary operation, don’t get left behind on this. We will be happy to discuss with you how we can work together to make the Worldchefs certification an effective tool to drive up culinary standards in the industry. You can also check out our new launch video and have the introductory leaflet in your congress pack. See you at our booth at the entrance of the Electrolux building (Pavillon 13)!


It was a crazy day of intense competition, with the spectator stands packed with supporters (and a strong contingent from Norway!).  We checked with some of the judges on what they thought…

This is such a well-equipped competition, with top-notch equipment. Back in the States, we don’t usually have this kind of  full-fledged, professional, top class set-up. It’s good to see everyone’s happy working with it.  I have been judging at the Global Chefs Challenge since the beginning, and you can see how much it has grown in terms of competitors and also the standards.”
- Steve Jilleba, CMC AAC

“Some of the teams may not have  performed as well as I thought they would. I think sometimes the teams give themselves so much pressure, they forget to look out for basics such as kitchen hygiene, which is something you need to be aware of in your day to day work as a chef.  I must say this is an excellent kitche with brand new equipment, and we appreciate the team from Electrolux Professional being here the entire day from early in the morning till the end. This shows commitment. “
Otto Weibel, Singapore


We applaud Nestlé Professional for their constant support for the world of chefs. During the congress, Rochelle Schaetzl from Nestlé Professional together with James Griffin CEC, shared about Pro Gastronomia, a foundation that promotes training the trainers in the hospitality industry, restaurants and hotels and in tourism world-wide, but with emphasis in developing countries. We look forward to more and salute you. 


1. Global Chefs Challenge Part 2
If you missed out on the dynamic energy at the Global Chefs Challenge lunch on Sunday, make sure you don't’ make the same mistake again tomorrow!  Guests and spectators enjoyed the cheering and excitement when the dishes were served up. As one guest summed it up, “This is an amazing experience, and I have never experienced something like this before.” Come by from 1230pm – 230pm and be part of the action.

2. Greek  & Sweet
Chefs from all around Greece have gathered at the“Thessaloniki Food Festival” booth to share some of the best-loved Greek desserts and pastries.From Trigona Panoramatos (phyllo triangle pastries with custard), bougatsa with custard cream (phyllo custard pie) to baklava…trust us, you will be in sweet paradise in no time…

3. Explore the World of Ceylon Tea
The founder of Dilmah received a standing ovation for his presentation on Sunday. You can try the range of single-origin Ceylon teas from Dilmah during your tea breaks. Enjoy!

4. Speakers Galore 
We have a line-up of exciting speakers tomorrow, so continue to expand your horizons. We have Monk Epifanios from Mount Athos,  Secrets of the  Turkish Cuisine, international Greek Cuisine by Argiro Barbarigou and more.
Check out the schedule here.

5. Check out the Countries Bidding for Congress 2020!
France, Russia and Australia are campaigning for votes –so drop by their booths to find out what they can offer as Congress Country. Choose wisely!

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