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The Theme of The New Year is Prayer

With 2019 on the horizon, it's time for us to look at how we can improve ourselves. However, the biggest improvement we can make is improving ourselves in prayer. As followers of The Promised Messiah (as), in the midst of the vices of the world, we must heed the call of our Hudhur (aba) and populate the Mosques. The MKA theme for this year is the importance of prayer, but Hudhur (aba) has expressed numerous times that this does not only last for a year. In his address at the MKA UK Ijtema with the same theme, Hudhur (aba) instructed:

"If you wish to have a blessed and prosperous life, namaz is the golden key that you must never let go of. If you want to be a true believer and to fulfill the condition of your Bai'at, you must be regular in offering your five daily prayers with sincerity. If you wish to develop a personal relationship with Allah the Almighty, you must bow down and worship before him as He has prescribed. Unless you focus your energies on prayer and worship, Allah the Almighty will not be satisfied or pleased with you. If you ignore your duty to worship Allah and focus on material interests, you may be successful in attaining worldly pleasures, but remember that the true Muslim focuses upon the permanence of the next life and not just the fleeting pleasures of this temporary, worldly existence. So, the only solution and the only way is prayer. If we are regular in namaz and we pray with sincerity, then our lives will be worthy of success."
Watch Hudhur's Address at UK Ijtema

Let's all take a moment to assess where we are spiritually this New Year's Eve, and no matter where we are, we should strive to improve further and become closer to Allah. Of course, we can still keep some resolutions like working out or being outdoors more, but we must stay focused on how to be stronger in our faith! Start off your year in the company of Allah by heading to your local Mosque or Salaat Center for congregational Tahujjad and Fajr Prayer! Hudhur (aba) told us in his address to Jalsa Salana Qadian how we should spend the final hours of the year:

“The year is coming to an end. In some countries only 24 hours remain of this year, and in other countries two days and two nights. Therefore, spend these last few days sending Durood [Salutation on the Holy Prophet (sa)] and begin the new year with Salutations and Peace so that we can attain the blessings attached to the person of the Holy Prophet (sa) as soon as possible. May Allah enable us to do so, and protect us from our opponents and cause their ill and evil deeds to recoil on them. Ameen.”

Happy New Year, and may Allah bless us all to reach higher in our spirituality in this new year! Ameen.

Hudhur's Guidance on Celebrating the New Year
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