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FQC 2018 Details!

All National Amila of MKA USA, Regional Qaideen, and Local Qaideen (or representative with Sadr sahib’s permission)
Friday, December 14th to Saturday, December 15th
(National Amila Meeting starting at 9 AM on Sunday, December 16th)

Attendees are expected to arrive by Friday morning, December 14th.
1215 W Glenwood Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19133

FQC Program

Flying In?

Sohail Malik is serving as Nazim Transportation. He or his team will be contacting you if they need to verify your flight details. Otherwise, they will be relying on the information provided in the registration.
As soon as you land please telegram message Sohail Malik and inform him of your terminal. 
If you have a change in travel plans, a canceled flight, or have made your own ride arrangements, immediately contact:

Sohail Malik
Nazim Transportation
(302) 345-6972


All attendees will be accommodated at Bait-ul-Aafiyat. We will have some sleeping bags and pillows on site, however, those within driving distance or those who have free checked luggage should bring their sleeping bag. We will also have toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, shaving cream, etc. for you. If ambient light or noise is bothersome to you, we strongly recommend bringing a night mask and earplugs.

Dress Code

All Qaideen are required to be in dress code on Saturday. You should bring your MKA scarf and a black waistcoat (If you have one already; many National Amila and Qaideen have worn this dress code for events in London or Shura)
Pants: Black dress pants (ideally with a crease & no pinstripes). Should be ironed and a black-colored belt should be worn.
Shirt: Plain white (not off-white & no pinstripes) collared/full-sleeve shirt. No Polos or half-sleeve shirts. Shirts should be ironed. Shirts should be tucked inside the pants. Try JCPenney, Walmart or Target for a good quality, yet inexpensive shirt.
Waistcoat: MKA has ordered a limited supply of Waistcoats and will inshAllah sell the waistcoats and prayer caps at cost. Waistcoat should be completely buttoned up.
Socks: Should wear black socks.
Shoes: Should wear black dress shoes.
Caps: You should bring a black cap with you. (no baseball caps please). 
Scarf: You must bring an MKA scarf with you. If you don’t have one or have one which is worn out, then borrow from someone. Make sure it is not the small scarf (made for Atfal). If you have more than one scarf, bring them.

Keep an Eye on Weather

The forecast in Philadelphia during the Fazle Umar Qaideen Conference ranges from 52 degrees to 32 degrees with some rain in the forecast. We'll be inside primarily, but you'll want to come in comfortable clothing. Oh, and please don't forget your uniform.
FQC Weather

Last Minute Checklist

As you are packing for the meeting, please do remember this short list of essentials:
  • Flip-Flops
  • MKA Scarf, White Shirt, MKA Vest 
  • "work casual" clothing for Sunday
  • Black Prayer cap
  • Toiletries
  • Medications (if needed)
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Medical insurance card
  • Sleeping bag & pillow (only if driving or free luggage)
  • Towel
  • Bag for dirty clothes
  • Chargers
  • Change of clothes and a light jacket

Need a Hand?

Please take note of these very special individuals who are here to help you this coming weekend. 
Niaz Butt

Sohail Malik
Nazim Transportation
Zain Suleri
Nazim Accomodations

Aleem Chaudhry
Naib Nazim Accommodations & A/V

Pre-FQC Homework 

We look forward to hosting you at the Fazl-e-Umer Qaideen Conference (FQC)  this weekend.  Prior to coming, please complete the following tasks:
  1. Update Local Amila: If haven't done, please send to
  2. Listen to or watch Huzoor’s September 23rd, 2018 address to MKA Ijtema UK- there will be a pop quiz.
  3. Try to write a letter to Huzoor and do Tahajjud before departure.
  4. Read the MKA Constitution.
  5. Read the Qaid handbook.
Please email your Regional Qaid or assigned Naib Sadr once completed. JazakAllah!
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