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In the Name of Allah.
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Sacrifice For the Soul


Today is the last day of the MKA fiscal year. If you've been putting off that Chanda payment or are on the fence for any reason at all, consider this faith inspiring anecdote, from Huzoor's (aba) Friday Sermon dated November 6, 2011:

A new convert started paying his chanda in accordance with his income from the very first day he accepted Ahmadiyyat in 2009. He noticed various blessings of financial sacrifice during this time period. One day he was mentioning these blessings in front of some of the older members. One of these older members, who had accepted Ahmadiyyat in 2004, increased his pledge by 150% because of these incidents. He had not even started fulfilling his pledge when he noticed that his income had increased exponentially. That same older member came back to his missionary and after telling him the whole story, said that he had just increased his pledge but now he would like to double it yet again. Then, he started paying regularly in accordance with this pledge.

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