Friday Notice 2nd September 2016

Term 3 & 4 at a glance:

7  Wednesday   Middlies 1/2 Environment Day
7  Wednesday   Indigenous Book Swap (Green Space)
7  Wednesday   Garden Market
8  Thursday   Littlies P/1 Environment Day
10  Saturday   Working Bee
13  Tuesday   Biggies 5/6 go to Camp
14  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm
15  Thursday   Biggies 5/6 return from Camp
17  Saturday   Bush Dance @ St Marks Hall - 3.30pm

20  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
21  Wednesday   Middlies 3/4 Environment Day
22  Thursday   PE Concert
23  Friday   Last day of Term 3

10  Monday   Staff only at school
11  Tuesday   First Day Term 4 Students (K-6)
12  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm
17  Monday   First Day Term 4 Pre Kinder
20  Thursday   SHOW DAY
21  Friday   NO SCHOOL
24  Monday   Biggies Camp (Day 1) Canberra

9  Wednesday    Committee Meeting @ 7pm
12  Saturday   SCHOOL FAIR

15  Thursday    Last Day of Term 4 (ends at 12 NOON)

September: (Just in case you missed it above!)
17  Saturday   Bush Dance @ St Marks Hall - 3.30pm

Primary Schools Triathlon Challenge
(Grade 3 – 6) Term 4

Friday 2nd December
At Bellerive Beach.

Cost: $15/student

Entries close:
Thursday 15th September

The Triathlon Challenge  is a fun, healthy and social event, with the focus totally on participation, enjoyment, getting active and providing an individual challenge in a safe environment. Any students who would like to participate please see me for more information and an entry form.
NB: All entry forms and money need to be handed to Georgie, Simon or Suzanne. 


This word is popping up everywhere!
Get your tickets!!

From Steve....

Another wonderful week in school and the beginning of Spring has brought something of a renewed energy after much sickness and absenteeism.  It’s great to see everyone back on board again.
On Tuesday we introduced our new focus value; ENTERPRISE

  • Enterprise is being ready to act with courage.
  • Enterprise is having confidence to start something.
  • Enterprise is using motivation, initiative and drive. 

And speaking of enterprise, well done to the 3/4 Middlies who had the confidence to start a social enterprise that has seen close to 200 jackets donated for those in need.  We’ll be putting together an article for the next edition of the Eastern Shore Sun.
The good weather has also seen Kinder on their Environment Day, and the Biggies on an excursion to town where they explored parts of Hobart whilst being in role.  I wish my history lessons had been so interesting.
This week we also celebrated National Literacy & Numeracy Week in our own style.  Everyone convened in the Middlies room and for a period of time we all read quietly to ourselves from a chosen book.  This was followed by Tom sharing with the whole school a recently acquired book about numbers and words.  A great read and a great celebration of those curriculum areas.
The Futures Project is still moving forward in incremental steps, and at the next Committee meeting a report will be tabled in relation to how the current structure of: administration, governance and operational leadership is working, and what if any improvements can be made.  This particular report helps us to gauge just how sustainable in the current climate the various structures are.  Also, a financial template has been produced that will be of assistance as we look at the different models of future options, in order to ascertain their financial suitability and sustainability.



The Great Book Swap
Indigenous Literacy Foundation:

Wednesday 3pm:

It’s book swapping time again. We’ve run very successful book swaps in the past and as always, our school community has generously participated. It’s been a real pleasure to watch the children and adults swap books, find new favourites and discuss past faves!

Can you imagine going through life with the literacy skills of a six year old? Sadly, this is a reality for many Indigenous Australians living in remote communities today. Being able to read is fundamental to learning and opens doors to the future.

Our school can help buy books and literacy resources for Indigenous children living in remote communities by being involved in the 2016 Great Book Swap Challenge.

Click on the Calendars
to view what's on!

Middlies 3/4: Kids Connecting.....

Last Tuesday the class did a letter drop around the streets of Bellerive in the beautiful sunshine, The children were  running from letterbox to letterbox, desperate to deliver the message of the ‘Jackets On’ collection. It is amazing how motivated the children, our community and the local community have been. Many residents have tapped on the Green Cottage door answering the call and it has been great to meet some colourful locals. It seems many have had that ‘warm feeling on the inside by warming the outside of others’.  197 jackets/jumpers have been donated so far! We are meeting Tracey from our local ‘Salvos’ next Monday for the official handover and they have asked for a class photo and comments for their monthly newsletter.
To celebrate Numeracy and Literacy week, the 3/4 children took on tutoring roles with the 1/2 Middlies and shared their pentomino puzzles, the language of mathematics and manipulating shapes (flips, slides, rotations). Later in the week we headed off to the Biggies with some challenges which explored positional language in building towers with coloured blocks.
Exploring and reinforcing connections within the learning community and the wider community are so important in building relationships. The passion that kids have shown when there is personal action, connection and purpose behind the learning can’t be underestimated. Acting with the benefit of others in mind is what makes community and it has been clearly present in the school, kicked off by the great workshops in the Science Week.



3/4 Fashion Parade (Jackets On!)


Not long now until the school bush dance:

Sat 17th September
3:30 (4pm start) – 7pm
St Mark’s Hall, Bellerive
4 piece Band:
As the Crow Flies

Bring a plate of food
to share.
BYO cup & plate
Tea/coffee provided.

$10 per family
(no door sales – please pre-purchase your ticket) 
Invite grandparents, relatives and friends too.

Contact Skye
or Andrea
for tickets and more information.


ARRIGO: for being a great sport and a considerate person

DANIELLA: for being so thoughtful and helpful


Working Bee: SATURDAY 10 September 8am-1pm

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next Working Bee on Saturday 10 Sept. All families are expected to complete 4 hours work (1x4hrs or 2x2hrs). If this is not possible due to work or unchangable family commitments please contact Mel or Gabrielle BEFORE the Working Bee to arrange a catch up job. It's a great community event so we hope most people can make it on the day. We have many jobs for you to choose from so please read through the attached list in the right hand column, choose one that suits you and place your name next to it on Monday when the sign up list goes up on the wall outside the Littlies kitchen. Please come prepared on the day with all the (named) tools required for your chosen job. If anyone has a ute/trailer we could use on the day it would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Mel and Gabrielle
Click on the cookbook for the Kinders delicious recipe they made for lunch on Tuesday.


Garden Market:

We have had very busy and productive Garden Markets this term and the trend is set to continue for the last two markets of Term 3. The School Science Expo market was a bumper one, all that curiosity and enquiry made for hungry appetites and luckily we had heaps of yummy contributions to keep everyone well fed. At the following market Andrea, Theo and Susan took the lead and there was a wonderful selection of tasty things to feast upon. 

Recent purchases from Garden Market profits include a marble run and dolls house animal families for the Kinders.

Next week's market (Wednesday 7 September) will be run in conjunction with the Indigenous Book Swap, so come along with your books to swap and enjoy a snack while you browse. All funds raised at this Market will be donated to the book swap.

The last market of the term (Tuesday 20 September) will be a fundraiser for the Biggies trip to Canberra. There will be some extra things for sale that day made/created/cooked by the Biggies and their families and all funds raised from this market will go towards the Canberra trip.

As always, contributions from your kitchens (nut free, low sugar) and gardens are always very, very welcome (we never seem to have much left over at the end of each market!).
Thanks from the Garden Marketeers

The Kinders made spinach and sunflower seed Pesto Pasta for lunch using fresh produce from the garden. It was yummy!



What's happening in our Community:

Spring School Holiday Sports Camps:
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Clarence Little Athletics:
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Maritime Museum School Holiday Program:
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Archery School Holiday Program:
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International School of Music Holiday Program:
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What's on at Rosny LINC in September:
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Circus in the Holidays:


Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 Sep.
(7 to 12 year olds)

12 children only.
$60 first child/$57 second


Juggling, diabolo, rola bola and so much more! What are you waiting for? This will be so much fun!!!


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