22nd July 2016

What's happening in Term 3:

22  Friday   Mid Year Reports go home
25  Monday   Parent/Teacher meetings this week
26  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
27  Wednesday   Middlies 3/4 Environment Day
27  Wednesday   Open Staff Meeting -
                            Understanding Letters and Sounds
28  Thursday   Kinder Environment Day

3  Wednesday   Middlies 1/2 Environment Day
8  Monday   Start of Science Week
10  Wednesday   School Science Expo (1.30-3.30)
10  Wednesday  Garden Market
17  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm 
23  Tuesday   Student first aid lessons (St Johns)
23  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
31  Wednesday   Kinder Environment Day

7  Wednesday   Middlies 1/2 Environment Day
7  Wednesday   Indigenous Book Swap
8  Thursday   Littlies P/1 Environment Day
10  Saturday   Working Bee
13  Tuesday   Biggies 5/6 go to Camp
14  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm
15  Thursday   Biggies 5/6 return from Camp
17  Saturday   Bush Dance @ St Marks Hall - 3.30pm
20  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
21  Wednesday   Middlies 3/4 Environment Day
22  Thursday   PE Concert
23  Friday   Last day of Term 3
Meeting Dates
Term Three

17th August
14th September

Meetings are held in the Biggies Cottage starting at 7pm.
All are welcome.

FEES: Thanks for the quick response to the fee invoices.

Remember - a 2% discount applies to payments made before 3rd August!

From Steve....

Welcome back everyone to the start of Term 3 and what a great start to the second half of the year it has been.  After the dramatic winter holiday weather, everyone has enjoyed the unseasonal warm sunny weather.  As a result, it has been a source of joy to watch children of all ages literally frolicking around on the newly grassed area below the Littlies.
The student free Monday was utilised to bring all staff members up to speed and currency with their first aid qualifications.  I’m guessing that if enrolments ever diminish to a point where we become concerned, that we could easily open up a first aid clinic to supplement revenue!
Our focus value, which we introduced on Tuesday, is RESPECT.
  • Respect is being considerate to myself and others
  • Respect is listening to others
  • Respect is shown by being polite and kind
Today you will receive the Mid-Year Report which details how each child is progressing against the Australian Curriculum as well as their social/emotional development.  When I spoke to the children at Gathering yesterday, I congratulated each and every one of them on their wonderful achievements.  I have also thanked the teachers for the quality of their report writing and the time taken to put these documents together.  Within each report there is much to celebrate, and at the same time, there are recommendations as to how progress can be made in the second half of the year.  As parents, I would urge you to sit with your children and explain to them the contents of these reports and to decide on how you can best support them in their endeavours to meet the suggested future focus.  Cottage School actively promotes itself as a non-competitive learning environment, and to this end I have explained to students that to compare their results with others serves no good purpose.  At the end of the day, the most important criteria of success is the effort that an individual makes in order to achieve their particular rating along with the desire and drive to improve.

Calendar 2016

Calendar 2017


Fierce winds last week....

Sadly our gum tree in the vegie patch was
a victim of last week's severe winds.
An invitation for parents to join our staff meeting next Wednesday:
At our staff meeting on Wednesday 27th, we will be looking at the ‘Letters & Sounds’ program that is the synthetic phonics program used across the school.  Led by Anne Charles from Independent Schools Tasmania, this professional learning will provide parents with a valuable insight as to why a synthetic phonics program is utilised and the components involved between different year levels.  The meeting starts at 3:20 in the Biggies and all parents are warmly welcomed to share in this knowledge.


Term 2 in the Littlies

The Littlies have just finished the physical sciences strand, of sound and light, while exploring the vast world of machines as their integrated unit. The topics were of great interest to the students and some wonderful learning took place for everyone, adults and children alike. We played with reflective, absorbent and opaque surfaces and learnt about the movement of sound through space. We learnt ways to magnify and amplify sound.  Machines were explored from the simple to the complex and the students created some very imaginative alternative uses for common tools. Excellent drawings recorded their creative ideas and demonstrated the depth of their thinking and learning. Machines were made with some expert engineering help and it's easy to see who might become brilliant designers of the future. Poetry helped us explore the language of sounds and soundscapes were created after an environment day sound hunt walk. A rich and engaging term culminated in a visit to the local Sound Museum. The students were enthralled with the array of artefacts and 'olden day' history! It's a wonderful place full of gramophones, old transistor radios, movie projectors and anything that can produce sound or light. The biggest highlight for the students was the gift of a CD, tape or record from the throw out boxes. Some of the kids had never seen a tape! A big thanks to the extra helpers we've had throughout the term who've added so much to the Littlies learning. 

The Middlies 1/2  were very excited to see Hana and Fletch yesterday when they visited with their beautiful baby Ellie.

This week's Golden Handshake recipients:

Federico - for great woodwork in choosing.
Bill & Tate - for showing great sportsmanship in dodgeball.


All bandaged up with nowhere to go....
First Aid Cottage School Style!



Family Jobs

Thanks to those people who do their family job regularly - we appreciate it. Family jobs really do save the school a lot of money.

A few of the jobs seem to have 'gone by the wayside' lately. If you're not doing your job regularly, chances are it is getting done by the staff.

If you are having trouble doing your job regularly, please contact Alison Clyne (Hamish & Lachlan's mum) or Annette.


Knit for the future!

Hello parents,
Lily and Leo here, from the Biggies. We are running a French knitting fundraiser to raise money for future hope orphanage in Kenya, who we fundraised for earlier in the year. We are asking students to participate by French knitting and getting family and friends to sponsor them for every metre they knit. If a student doesn’t know how to knit, we will be free at most breaks to teach them how. The event will run from the 25th of July through to the 22nd of August. On the 22nd, we would like kids to bring in their profits; we will calculate all the money and then at the following Gathering we will announce how much we made and then send it off to Kenya. We will have sponsor sheets available from the Biggies classroom or find Leo or Lily. You can also follow the link in the brackets (sponsor sheet) to print yourself a copy. We would like to aim for a total of $100, so the more children who participate, the closer we can get to our aim. If the kids don’t want to keep the knitting afterwards, we are planning to yarn bomb the school with it!
If you have any questions, please contact Lily at or Leo at
Thank you for your support, Leo and Lily.

(and above)
John and the Littlies discussing the mechanics of a record player

Garden Market

We are mixing things up a bit this term! To enable families who have commitments on Wednesdays we are running some Garden Markets on a Tuesday. Please check the dates in the calendar and mark them in your diary.

We are also mixing up the venues a little with some markets to be held around the fire in Sally's Garden. This was suggested after the success of the Middlies great 'soup session' held as part of the fundraiser for the flood affected farmers. Gathering around the fire seemed like a great way to celebrate winter. Our first market of the term will therefore be next Tuesday in Sally's Garden.

We are also combining with a couple of events this term - the Science Expo and the Indigenous Book Swap. Maybe we can have some special science themed food for GM?? All market profits from the book swap market will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

As always, contributions are very gratefully received. Something from your garden...perhaps a few lemons or maybe a bunch of daffodils as we launch into spring flowers? Healthy, low sugar, nut free treats from your kitchens are also always very welcome! At past markets we have had  icecreams, soup, bread, papadams, popcorn, stewed fruit, biscuits, raw food treats, scones, zucchini slice, pizza, scrolls, date balls.... the list goes on and the possibilities are endless!

Thanks from the Garden Marketeers

At the Sound Museum

Enjoy the photos of the Littlies visit to the Sound Museum at the end of last term.


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