Friday Notice 24 February 2017

Term 1 2017 at a glance:

26  Sunday  Strategic Plan Meeting
27  Monday  3/4 Environment Day
28  Tuesday  5/6 Grip Leaders Conference

1  Wednesday  1/2 Environment Day
2  Thursday Clean Up Australia Day - Whole School
2  Thursday  1/2 Parent Forum
6  Monday  3/4 Camp Start
9  Thursday  3/4 Camp Finish
13  Monday Eight Hour Day Public Holiday
14  Tuesday  5/6 Environment Day
15  Wednesday  Kinder Environment Day
17  Friday  1/2 Environment Day
23  Thursday  Prep Environment Day
23  Thursday  3/4 Environment Day
24  Friday Marc Armitage Conference
27  Monday  5/6 Camp Start
31  Friday  5/6 Camp Finish

5  Wednesday  Kinder Environment Day
7  Friday  Prep Bike Day
12  Wednesday  1/2 Environment Day
13  Thursday  5/6 Bike Day
13  Thursday  3/4 Bike Day
13  Thursday  Last Day Term 1

Working Bees 2017 - SAVE THE DATES:

Saturday 20 May
Saturday 9 September

FEES: Can families paying fees using the Early Bird discount, please pay the exact amount rather than rounding up to the nearest dollar? Saves lots of accounts having odd cents on them :). Thanks!
PS: All fee receipts are kept in the office.

Top photo: Our first Garden Market for 2017

Well done to all those involved in preparing the amazing Thai food.

From Steve....

I’m sure that you would agree when I say that our first Working Bee day for the year was a huge success. Not only did the weather gods smile on us, but also our little school looks and feels far more presentable, and a pleasant place to work and learn. And the way to keep it looking and feeling great is through the weekly family jobs, which by now everyone will have signed up to.

On Tuesday, St Johns as a component of our Health/PE curriculum provided all students from Prep to Year 6 with tuition of first aid. It was impressive to see how much information the older children had retained from last year and is a skill that many work places either require or prefer.
This week I had the pleasure of joining the Biggies on their overnight Environment Day at Fortescue Bay.  During our time away, the Biggies had opportunities to practice their first aid skills as well as cooking on the Trangia, which they learned about with the help of the Rosny College outdoor education centre. We walked, swam, cooked, problem solved and showcased the school to a great many other people who were in the area. Thanks to Phil, Kristina and Kathy for attending and helping at the camp, as well of course to Susanne who was a significant contributor. For any parent who wishes to get an unbiased insiders view of the 2 days, I would suggest that you talk to them directly.
Many parents will have by now taken advantage of the parent forums provided by the classroom teachers. These sessions are designed to provide a brief overview of how the classrooms intend to operate and the areas of curriculum to be covered. We hope that you have found these forums useful in providing avenues for you to support your child’s learning at home.
The voting for the Futures Options has now been completed and thanks to the significant number of people who put forward their views. The details of the voting will be released next week.
This Sunday, members of the Committee will be devoting their entire day to formulating a 5-year strategic plan.  This is a very important document that will in many ways drive the school and will provide a road map and time frame in which to achieve the objectives.


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A reminder that Pre Kinder fees are payable in full at the beginning of each term.

There is a slow cooker in the White Cottage kitchen which has been there since the fair. Is it yours?

Maybe someone who cooked for the hot food stall at the fair.....

Music News

Welcome back all Cottage School families to Music for 2017! If any parents have any concerns or questions about the Music Program PLEASE come and talk to me. A problem not aired can’t be dealt with.


May I remind 3/4  Middlies that we have Recorder lessons on Fridays. It is preferable for each student to have their own instrument. There are 2 reasons for this – the first is for hygiene and the second is that students can practise regularly at home and so entertain Cottage School families with their rapid progress! REMEMBER .…no practise = no progress! A small regular amount of practise will make a big difference to the rate of progression. It is very helpful if the recorder is named as they regularly get muddled and lost around the school.  A named folder of some kind is required to keep loose sheets of music in. (Recycled folders are good!) Please encourage your student to  look after these items and to bring them each Friday. Please do not rely on others to provide/share music and instruments! I often ask students “Would you turn up to swimming without bathers and a towel and expect to swim, or  a soccer match without your boots and uniform on and expect to play…?” Well  the same applies to a Music activity! I am looking forward to a fabulous year of music making.  Shona

Water for a Village

Hi Everybody,

I had news from the mountains last night. The Wishing Well will soon be completed.  If everything goes to plan it will be finished next week and soon after that, the people in Buyit Ras will be drinking clean fresh water.  It’s a really beautiful water supply and even at the end of the dry season, when they have not had any rain for about 9 months, there will be plenty of water for all the village.

Thank you so much for caring about other people.  They are very appreciative of all your efforts. Because you care, you have changed the way the people in this village live, in a very good way.


Student First Aid Day

Margie from St John’s joined us for the day to teach the students (P - 6) some first aid skills. She discussed what we should do if we came across a ‘little’ or ‘big’ accident. She went through the correct action plan if anyone came across an unconscious person: How to look for Danger, how to get a Response from the victim, how to check their Airway and how to check if they are Breathing.

The children learnt to put each other into the ‘recovery(or side) position’, how and when to call the ambulance, what to do for a burn, what to do if you have a bleeding nose and how to apply a bandage. 

The Biggies & Lee's class also learnt the correct technique to administer CPR and how to treat someone with a snake bite. 

All children left with a bandage to take home and practice their skills on family members, pets and their teddies! 

A couple of tips from Margie for parents to help their children:
1. Show them how to call the ambulance (000) on your home and mobile phones
2. It is good if your child knows their home address - this could be written on a sheet of paper next to the telephone or on the fridge.

Above: First Aid

Below: Garden Market



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