5th August 2016

What's happening in Term 3:

8  Monday   Start of Science Week
10  Wednesday   School Science Expo (1.30-3.30)
10  Wednesday  Garden Market
17  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm 
23  Tuesday   Student first aid lessons (St Johns)
23  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
31  Wednesday   Kinder Environment Day

7  Wednesday   Middlies 1/2 Environment Day
7  Wednesday   Indigenous Book Swap
8  Thursday   Littlies P/1 Environment Day
10  Saturday   Working Bee
13  Tuesday   Biggies 5/6 go to Camp
14  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm
15  Thursday   Biggies 5/6 return from Camp
17  Saturday   Bush Dance @ St Marks Hall - 3.30pm
20  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
21  Wednesday   Middlies 3/4 Environment Day
22  Thursday   PE Concert
23  Friday   Last day of Term 3

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From Steve....

As I mentioned, last week I spent two days in Launceston attending the state conference for the Tasmanian Association of School Business Administrators.  It’s always a relief when you give up two working days, to find that the conference offered relevant take home information. Speakers included: a school architect, an energy efficiency expert, Work Health Safety, Risky Play, strategic long term maintenance, an economic overview of the education sector, capital expenditure planning for schools, and Mitch McPherson the founder of SPEAK UP! Stay ChaTY.  The job at hand now is to turn some of this information into practice as we continue to improve how we operate as business administrators.

By now all of you who wanted to meet with classroom teachers about reports have done so, and I hope that these meetings have provided you with extra insight as to how your children are travelling so far.  Remember this is a report for the first half of the year only and with the right approach, there is scope for improvement by everyone.  As always, teachers are always happy to make themselves available to discuss concerns as they arise.

Science Expo

Next week is Science Week.  

On Wednesday 10th August, Cottage School will hold a Science Expo from 1:30-3:00.

The expo will be introduced at the Gathering steps, where the first item will be conducted.  Following this students will move off to the four classrooms in their multi age and ability groups.  Each class will be conducting a different Science/Technology challenge.  Parents and friends are cordially invited to attend the expo and move from class to class, to not only see the students working together in science, but to look at some of the scientific displays.  As a bonus, Garden Market will follow on after the Expo.



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Biggies Print Making

Towards the end of last term, The Biggies devoted a series of art lessons to developing our printing skills and techniques.  We began with the old favourite potato prints and moved through experimentation with mono-prints, lino prints and stencil prints.  This term we have been implementing our newly learned skills and combining various techniques to create sections of printed fabric that will be sewn together to create a class tablecloth.
Meg's printing

Printing Photos
Top to Bottom:
Very top - Nathan

Biggies French & Poetry

En français this term, the Biggies are looking at famous paintings by French-speaking artists and learning how to express opinions about them. They will be comparing the content, style and size of different types of painting.  They will be saying things like “In my opinion that is awesome/horrible/magnificent/a waste of space”, expressions which can be applied to many other situations.  This sort of conversation is an important aspect of French life.  Maybe you have some favourite paintings to show your child and talk about at home;  with the internet we have the chance to view many art works from galleries and private collections.

Meanwhile in our poetry sessions, we are watching some performance poetry, mostly by grade 7 and 8 students at poetry slam events. Slam poetry can be a powerful way to get your message across and involves playing with words and building strong rhythm. We aim to write and perform a class slam poem, as well as individual pieces for presentation in class, at gatherings and maybe at the end of term concert.  I am a novice in this field, but I always try to write what I ask the kids to write, with varying success.  


Golden Handshakes:

For being an inclusive, mature, patient mentor in the classroom.

Henry M, Nick R & Arrigo:
Always, always, always, (without being reminded) helping in PE with sports equipment on and off the bus!

Tino, Federico, Stella & Daisy:
For giving their very best effort on our Environment Day bushwalk

Ashleigh & Memphis:
For showing great leadership on Environment Day

Doing extra packing away after Choosing



The Littlies & 1/2 Middlies have enjoyed doing gymnastics at the Kingborough Sports Centre over the last 2 weeks.

A lot of tumbling on the mats, swinging on bars & rings, bouncing on trampolines & balancing on beams. 

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport for children to experience new physical activities to develop their strength, balance, co-ordination & flexibility.

Some children asked about after school programs. Here are some details & website:

Gym fun (5-6 years) Mon - Sat , 45 mins sessions

Gymskills (7-8 years)  Mon - Sat, 45 min sessions

For more information :
Kingborough Sports Centre Website:

Click on the cookbook link for this week's lunch recipe:

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

Lunch Time Clubs

Chinese Club
Soma Cube
Code Club
Chess Club
Dance Club

Has anyone got the Cottage School Stamp which is used to label FAIR items? Mel is searching for it!

Working Bee Lost & Found

Did you bring a wheelbarrow to the last Working Bee (thanks by the way!)? Have you forgotten about it and left it at the school? If so, it's in the gated garden area next to Michelle's classroom.
We'd love to have it moved on soon please so the kids can access rakes and brooms more easily for Friday clean-ups.



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