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Upcoming Events:

THIS Sunday School Skate Day - Woody's @ 10am
11  Tuesday  3/4 Bike Day
12  Wednesday  1/2 Environment Day
12  Wednesday  Drumbeat Performance @ 2.40pm
12  Wednesday Committee Meeting - All welcome!
13  Thursday  5/6 Bike Day
13  Thursday  Last Day Term 1

1  Monday  Staff Only at School
2  Tuesday  First Day Term 2 (K-6)
8  Monday  First Day Term 2 Pre Kinder

From Steve....

Week 9 and everything is humming along just nicely. Teachers and students are now starting to complete assessments on the learning that has been achieved so far this year as part of a portfolio of evidence towards the mid-year reports. The great weather has certainly helped to keep everyone happy, especially with the camps and other outdoor activities. On Wednesday the Kinder group took themselves off to Mortimer Bay and had a fabulous day. And today, the Preps cycled off into the distance as they made their way to Wentworth Park for a picnic lunch.
At Wednesday’s staff meeting, we sat and shared some of the delicious foods that were available through the Garden Market that afternoon. It was simply a perfect setting, the sun was beginning to set and a crowd of parents and children were mingling around the stall looking for quick snacks and something to take home. The chatter below us was vibrant and our ability as a staff to be able to get on with our meeting and know that everything below would be taken care of was both reassuring and confirming that our community is working well.

At the staff meeting we reviewed all of our notes and thoughts that came from the Play Conference. There are too many to share them all, but here is a very small sample of the highlighted points that were made by presenters, all supported by solid evidence.

  • Money spent on experiences lasts longer in terms of happiness than money spent on things.
  • Children don’t need to be made ready for the next age, they need to be ready for the age they are now.
  • Boys use their bodies to convey thought and emotion that language can’t.
  • Play is the only time when children control their world, we’re teachers not police officers.
  • Society’s fear of play, with its various physical and psychological risks, remains a major obstacle that needs to be overcome, or at least minimised, if children are to play freely again.
  • Children play everywhere all the time, they cannot switch that off.

Just in case you haven’t spotted it on the calendar, our very first Drumbeat performance will take place outside the Kinder area at 2:40pm next Wednesday.  Come along and listen to the rhythms.

Click on Calendar to view

Craft: Do you have any children's shoe boxes in new condition?
We'd love 5-10 if possible please.
See Mel if you can help!


The Kinders have made an admirable start to their first year of school and it has been a pleasure working with such an inquisitive and enthusiastic group of learners. Over the last few weeks the Kinders have been developing phonemic awareness through rhythm and rhyme. The children have explored a number of their favourite nursery rhymes and have looked at a variety of authors, such as Julia Donaldson, Lynley Dodd and Pamela Allen, who create texts with a strong rhyming component. We have also enjoyed having music teacher Sue Johnson visit our classroom on several occasions, enriching the children’s skills and understanding of percussion, rhythm and rhyme through dance, song and drama.

Our most recent Environment Day to Mortimer Bay was spectacular. The children are gaining great enjoyment from travelling in the school bus and have taken on the responsibility of carrying their own belongings and caring for their walking partners with gusto. The children spent their time collecting pinecones, climbing trees and playing hide and seek near the great pine forests that lie behind Gorringes Beach. On return, the children observed the Pied Oyster Catchers that nest in the bird sanctuary at the southern end of the beach. Such a wonderful day full of play and excitement that we had several children falling asleep on our journey back to school.


Hi Plant Stall Potters!

Our next potting meet will NOT be held next week on the second Tuesday!

We will reconvene potting on Tuesday May 2nd. Which is the first day of Term 2.

See you in Anne's garden, Tuesday May 2nd, 1-3pm. Children welcome!

We welcome any unwanted pots and plastic bags for the Fair.

If you need to talk, please email Jane:

Or find her or Caroline in school playground.

FAMILY JOBS: A big thankyou to those families who do their jobs regularly. A Golden Handshake to those people who go the extra mile - we DO notice!


Wow! So this is Cottage School Camp, thank you!

It's taken 7 years, but finally one of my children has said it's OK for me to come on a school camp. I've always thought the way for my kids to get the best out of camp is for me not to be there. Camps are a time for kids to be responsible for themselves and their own things. To be away from their parent's watchful eye and 'interference'. It's a time for them to grow a little. So usually I'm waving off the school bus as it bounces down Queen Street on the way to another Cottage School camp. Off on unknown adventures (or well planned co-curricular learning opportunities), but this time I was going too.


I always knew this was a big undertaking from the staff. We know they're 'on' from the moment they arrive at school in the morning to when they deliver our kids back tired, dirty and exhausted, but we parents usually only see these bookends and not the actual camp in the middle.


So I didn't fully understand the commitment our staff make when they take our kids on camp. I knew it would be hard work, but the physical effort it takes to parent and teach and live with a class of kids for 3 to 5 days, 24/7 is enormous. 

The meals, the social guidance, the questions, the nurturing, the tents, hats, sunscreen, the constant balancing of risk and benefit and of course the planning that goes into their schedule, but what I really loved seeing and appreciate is the way they integrate daily camp life into learning experiences for the whole child. The short one-on-one conversations...and the long ones. A question in response to a question (they usually know the answers), sometimes deciding providing no direction is the best direction. They encourage. They engage and at the same time provide them with the freedom to roam. They show interest, patience and respect. Did I mention patience?! And they always treat our kids as individuals (wow!) What excellent role models...


I left camp thinking two things, "Wow! How lucky is Louis?" and "I think I can improve my parenting". So thank you Cottage School staff for 7 years of wonderful camps.  

Golden Handshakes this week goes to:

The following parents:
Pete, Nick, Isabelle, Leonie & Jim: For generously giving up their Saturday morning to collect and move the new large sandstone boulders in the playground.

Vallie: For great enthusiasm with her work

Akira: Thank you for being such a kind and caring classmate

Arki: For flexible thinking in Maths and desire to complete a task

Sam: For showing an adventurous spirit, responsible risk taking and handling setbacks

Louis: For continuous improvement in Maths investigations

A Golden Wave to Sue's Biggies spelling crew: for their positive work attitude and result

Biggies around the Campfire....

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