Friday Notice 21 February 2020

What's happening during Term 1:

25 Tuesday: 5/6 Camp start
27 Thursday: 1/2 Middlies Environment Day
27 Thursday: 1/2 Middlies Parent Forum
28 Friday: 5/6 Camp finish

5 Thursday: 3/4 Middlies Camp (1 night)
5 Thursday: Kinder Environment Day
9 Monday: Eight Hours Day Public Holiday
12 Thursday: Prep Environment Day
12 Thursday: 5/6 Environment Day
13 Friday: Ride2School Day
19 Thursday: 3/4 Middlies Camp start
19 Thursday: Kinder Environment Day
20 Friday: 3/4 Middlies Camp finish
26 Thursday: 5/6 Bike Day
26 Thursday: 1/2 Middlies Environment Day

2 Thursday: 3/4 Middlies Bike Day
2 Thursday: Prep & 1/2 Middlies Bike Day

9 Thursday: Last Day Term 1
Photo above: The new playground progresses ...
What a great turnout
I would like to thank all families and staff for demonstrating such enthusiasm and dedication to your Working Bee job(s) and working together so beautifully. It was a great way to meet our new families. I loved catching snippets of conversations around the school as you were getting to know each other while working away. Thank you to those families who completed catch up jobs prior to Saturday ... a huge help! The classroom interiors and grounds are once again spruced and safe. I'm in awe of the commitment and positive spirit of the school community!

From Julie

Committee got off to a good start this week. I missed a few when I published names on the subcommittees last week so I will include a full list again this week just so you know who you can speak with regarding various things going on here at school. Or you are welcome to come speak with me directly if you want to raise issues, have suggestions or concerns or want to give some positive feedback.

Committee (click here to see your 2020 committee):
President: Michelle F 
Vice President: Kate C
Secretary: Shannon H
Treasurer: Judy L
Parent Committee members: Carron P, Lou K, Andrea J, Jayne M, Richard M

Finance Sub-Committee: Judy L, Julie L, Annette W, Tom B, Adam E
Work Health & Safety Sub-Committee: Julie L, Peter T, Paul C, Tom B
Policy & Procedures Sub-Committee: Julie L, Mel T, Lou K, Anthea S, Hannah S,
Playground Sub-Committee: Hana P, Steph B, Kath W, Hannah S, Carron P
Marketing & Communications Sub-Committee: Julie L, Annette W, Louise K, Kristina N, Jane P
Social Sub-committee: Caroline W, Bek V, Jane U, Marina K, Hermant K
Fair Coordinator – Georgy/Dean S and Ruth G
Manure Dig: Lesley G/Andy W with Annabel/Sandy G 
Working Bee Coordinators: Hannah S/Gavin J & Isabelle/Adam Mc

Policy and Procedures sub-committee have already been hard at work considering the following documents and processes: Hazard & Incident reporting, Risk Register, Emergency Evacuation Plan, Conflict of Interest, Counselling and Discipline and Performance Management. I hope to have these documents finalised ready for the March 11 Committee meeting.

Student Forum met this week and approved the Monday lunch menu proposed by Heather – see Term 1 menu in side bar.

Just a reminder about our School Improvement Plan priorities:
Children’s Attainment, Learning and Wellbeing:  Quality teaching and learning
School Learning Environment: Create master plan for the school’s physical space.
Marketing and Communication: Review and implement a communications and marketing plan.
Leadership and Governance: Prepare registration application.
These priorities directly relate to our Strategic Plan and were approved by Committee last year. We are working on the fine detail of this currently and hope to publish the finalised full version after our March 11 Committee meeting.

Click on Calendar icon to view

Malachy for his enthusiasm and interest during our word science lessons
Lulu for independence in her learning

Max for the enthusiasm he shows during word science and eagerly assisting his peers with their work

Remy for launching into Littlies life with gusto and a kind heart

Poppy & Shep for being great helpers in Littlies and always ready to lend a hand

Monday Lunch Menu
Term 1
17 Feb:
Creamy tomato pasta
24 Feb:
Zucchini Slice
2 March:
Jacket potatoes and backed beans
9 March:
Public holiday
16 March:
Vegetarian chilli beans and rice
23 March:
Hedgehog potatoes
30 March:
Creamy parmesan and garlic rice OR Tacos
6 April:
Pumpkin soup and scones

from Lee on Recycling...

Did you know that the Hobart City Council has a recycling unit? Located at 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.
The City of Hobart has a goal of zero waste to landfill by 2030 The key to successful recycling is ensuring that there is no ‘contamination’ from other goods, which is why sorting is so important

They accept small items such as:
  • light globes and fluorescent tubes, 
  • small household batteries (AAs and AAAs), 
  • toner cartridges, 
  • mobile phones and accessories,
  • DVDs and CDs, 
  • X-rays, 
  • cosmetic containers,
  • toothpaste tubes and brushes, 
  • mail satchels, 
  • pens, and 
  • small electronics such as remote controls.
Click HERE for more information.

We are going to collect a number of these items at school. Start saving your:
  • small household batteries (AA and AAA’s)
  • cosmetic containers
  • toothpaste tubes and
  • pens
More information about the collection point to follow.

Cottage School Fair
Plant Stall
Potting sessions 2020
We are already under way in preparation for School Fair 2020 and the stock is looking great! Though it is in need of some weeding and re-potting! 

The plant stall usually meets on 2nd Tues of the month, but if this does not fit your schedule Anne is very keen for any help -AT ANY TIME!! 

Plant stall is one of the biggest stalls at the CS Fair each year, and we would love new families to join us in 2020 to help in any number of ways on the plant stall (you really don't have to have a green thumb).

Please email Jane ( or find Caroline W (Henry & Gabi's Mum) in the school playground for more details.

Poetry by Kate

This term, the Biggies are exploring classic poems, published between 1820 and 1920.  They can already recite the powerful verse “The Eagle” by Tennyson and parts of “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll.  Here are some other lines you may recognise and may be able to quote:

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;”     

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 “I must go down to the seas again, the lonely sea and the sky,
       And all I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by.”     

by John Masefield    
“We are the music makers,
    And we are the dreamers of dreams ...
Yet we are the movers and shakers
    Of the world for ever, it seems.”       
by Arthur O’Shaughnessy
When were those lines written by O’Shaughnessy?  I think you might be as surprised as I was to find out they were written in .... ah, no, how about you look it up, and read the rest of his “Ode”.
So,what makes a classic poem?  (car?  song?  film?)  Will it remain a classic forever?
What sort of people wrote these poems?  Are they still worth learning and reciting?

Meanwhile, recently I was made aware of instapoetry.  No, I am not on Instagram, but some of the instapoets have become mega-stars and are producing books of their poetry that are selling in huge numbers.  I was introduced to a small book by a young woman called Rupi Kaur.  The examples I started with did not seem original nor profound, just a few lines on each page, with simple black and white illustrations.  However, among the mobile-dependent young, they resound like words from a guru.  Instapoets are becoming cult figures with millions of followers and they present live readings to enormous crowds.  Alongside this, they market items that feature their words, including clothing and homewares.  Ironically, many of them post their lines using old-fashioned typewriter font!  Now their lines are appearing as stencil art on walls and footpaths and then reappear on Instagram as other people take photos of them.

In the Biggies, we will be considering the debate that is raging in the media:  can we take instapoetry seriously?   Are any of these instapoems destined to become classics?  why or why not?  What will happen at the inaugural #instapoetry symposium in Glasgow?  Cont'd in the right hand column...

Poetry by Kate continued..

After much discussion, I will be challenging the Biggies to transpose a classic poem into insta-style and to transform an instapoem into a richer, extended piece.

The National Poetry Library in the UK has added instagram poetry as a genre in its catalogue and curated an exhibition of a thousand examples.  England’s Poetry Society has declared:

There is poetry in everything we say or do, and if something is presented to me as a poem by its creator, or by an observer, I accept that something as a poem.”   Do you agree?



As per last week's Fri Notice and your fees invoice, you can deduct 2% from your total invoice amount if paid within 14 days. That's free money for you! Some people have forgotten. For a small calculation on your part you save money - just please don't round the amount up or down!


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