Friday Notice 24 March 2017

Term 1 2017 at a glance:

27  Monday  5/6 Camp Start
31  Friday  5/6 Camp Finish

5  Wednesday  Kinder Environment Day
5  Wednesday Garden Market @ 3pm
7  Friday  Prep Bike Day
11  Tuesday  3/4 Bike Day
12  Wednesday  1/2 Environment Day
12  Wednesday Committee Meeting
13  Thursday  5/6 Bike Day
13  Thursday  Last Day Term 1

1  Monday  Staff Only at School
2  Tuesday  First Day Term 2 (K-6)
8  Monday  First Day Term 2 Pre Kinder


School Skate Day!

Come one and all for a day of Cottage School family fun at Woody's Skate and Play at 10-12 Knoll St in Glenorchy,  on Sunday, April 9th, beginning at 10:00am.  Whether you enjoy roller skates, inline skates, riding your own scooter, playing in their indoor play centre, or just hanging out as a spectator with a cuppa, Woody's has plenty of entertainment for the whole family. The cost is $9.50 entry fee ($7.50 for under 5's) and $3.50 for hire skates. There is also a small cafe with snacks and coffee. All welcome! We hope to see you there!
The Social Committee

From Steve....

Our new value, which was introduced this week is RESPECT.

  • Respect is being considerate to myself and others.
  • Respect is listening to others.
  • Respect is shown by being polite and kind. 

This week the Preps took off to Clifton Beach to explore patterns and the Middlies 3/4 went to the Bellerive Bluff area to look for evidence of a penguin rookery.
As you read this newsletter, six of us are in Melbourne attending the first of a two-day conference focusing on all things to do with children’s play.  After having spent some considerable time and energy on the academic side of things, this year our focus will be on those things that contribute to the development of the whole child.  The conference is packed with break out sessions with different speakers covering different angles of the same topic, so we’ve spread ourselves around to get the most out of what’s available and then we’ll combine our understandings and decide how it might affect some of our practice.
We have 3 of the older Mac laptops (purchased in 2008) for sale that are now surplus to our requirements in the classroom.  They work perfectly well but need to be plugged in at all times during use, as the battery is no longer reliable.  These are for sale for $50 each on a first come first in basis.  Which just shows how important it is to read the newsletter!

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Littlies Patterns Seekers

Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.
Richard P. Feynman
Life is full of patterns and children seem to be hotwired with a capacity to sort, organize, match and manipulate their world. This term, Littlies children have been focusing on patterns and their influences across the school day. Whether it’s the organisation of language or number, dance or science, the morning fruit tray or a game of dodge ball, the children’s ability to understand patterns and relationships enables them to make predictions and connections. From the microscopic to the cosmic the children have been captivated by nature’s kaleidoscope. They have also discovered that the act of hunting for a pattern often reveals more than first perceived. By exploring similarities such as those between a nautilus shell and a spiral galaxy, or the branches of a tree and the network of the brain, understanding patterns helps to frame our world.
So far our pattern studies have crossed many disciplines. The children have searched for fractals in leaves, looked at the pattern structures of seedpods, classified and arranged random collections of rubbish, enlarged fingerprints and discovered metaphors in the concentric circles of their eyes. They have studied microscopic photos of snail’s teeth and compared these to the surface of a rose petal. In numeracy we have sung, clapped, jumped, danced, beaded and constructed patterns in number sequences. We have looked at particular numbers in patterns such as ‘5’ and discovered the pentagon throughout the living world.  Five is a Littlies hallmark as early counting begins with fingers and toes. It found in the shapes of flowers, starfish, pomegranates and the paws and claws of reptiles and mammals.
Our Environment Days have had a patterned focus by combining a visit to TMAG to view the exhibition, kanalaritja - a glimpse into the shell stringing of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, and local beach visits to collect shells, fossils and rocks. As the children string shells into patterns they also celebrate the creativity and resilience of the Tasmanian Aboriginal women who have passed this tradition of shell stringing from one generation to the next. Pattern seeking in Littlies has been a very beautiful, all encompassing journey so far. Pattern formation is universal and as the children are realising sometimes it takes a microscope and sometimes a telescope to hunt them down.  Michelle

Golden Handshakes this week go to....

Abigail: for being a great friend to her classmates by looking after them when they are hurt, sharing equipment and helping them to pack up

Luka: for working with the interest and stamina of a natural philosopher in both a quiet and respectful manner towards everyone

Amy, Miro & Mahli: for being outstanding on Environment Day

Winnie the Pooh
Everyone's favourite silly old bear, Winnie the Pooh is coming to Hobart in the April school holidays.
Shows are Wednesday 19th April - Sunday 30th April at 10.30am in the gardens of Pear Ridge, Margate - only a minute past the Margate train. All tickets $15. Limited capacity so online bookings are essential. Click here for more information

Water for a Village

Today was a very very special day because we officially opened The Wishing Well. The Wishing Well is in a small village called Buyit Ras and it is a really lovely place.  Not all of the village could come because sadly someone in a neighbouring village had died and many people went to the funeral. But we still had a very lovely morning. It was a pretty blue day with lots of birds singing and lots of wild plants in flower around us.  One of the men lit a fire and we cooked food outside and talked about the well while we ate.  One of the ladies had written a poem that she read and that my friend Yalew is translating so that I can bring it home for you.  And everyone sent their many many thanks to all of you and said how wonderful it was and how happy they are.


One man that I met sent his blessings and gratitude to you and his story is extra special I think.  He is 83 years old which is an extremely old man here in Ethiopia and he had always lived in Buyit Ras.  People don’t live as long here as they do in Australia because they get sick more often and they don’t have hospitals and doctors like we do.  He told me that for 83 years he had only ever had dirty water to drink.  He said it was often green and slimey with animal poo in it.  He had always had to share his water with baboons and farm animals. But now after 83 years, he could finally drink clean water that tastes and looks so good.  He said it is just so beautiful. His wife said that now every time she drinks water she will think of you because it is so wonderful.  She said that the village couldn’t believe that people on the other side of the world who they had never met could care about them and would do such an amazing thing for her village.


Many thanks for all your kindness and efforts to raise the money.  You have all worked together to give a very special gift to people who don’t have the comforts and privileges that we enjoy and in doing so you have not only given them fresh clean water, but you have also shown them that people on the other side of the world can extend their hands in friendship and show how much they care.

Take good care, Catherine Wheatley

The Saver Plus program assists lower income families to save for education costs. The Smith Family has worked with local communities across Southern Tasmania to inform families about the benefits of Saver Plus.
Click here for more information.
Maritime Museum School Holiday Program. Click HERE

Bits and Pieces from Mel...

Craft Stall: We're after linen, felt, wool and jeans fabric please. Old clothes (eg. your old jeans, wool jumpers, linen shirts) that have holes or stains are great as we'll just use the good fabric and cut around the worn parts.


Playground: Do you have access to any wooden cable drums like the ones in the Green Box area? Our current ones are wearing out and we'd love to replace them as they are a crucial part in many an imaginary game :) Also if you are felling a large tree anytime in the next few months and would have access to a long large trunk or trunk offcuts for stepping stones we'd also love to hear from you. Please let Mel know if you do.


Queen St Nature Strip: Do you have rocks on your property that you don't want? We'd love more rocks on the Queen St nature strip - between about the size of a football and a beach ball. Not broken concrete please. Many thanks, Mel

Bellerive Junior Soccer Club:
Click here for information about the 2017 season


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